New Guilford County Schools ‘Transfer Rule’ calling on parents and students to “Do the Right Thing”

The the Guilford County Schools are calling on all parents and students to, “Do the Right Thing”, when it comes to the new rule relating to student transfers in Guilford County…The rule gives you one transfer if you have a valid reason and you still can not be switching schools due to ‘Athletic Purposes’/’Athletic Reasons’…..

In the past you could transfer only if you had one of these four valid reasons in your corner:
1)You had a verified change of address…..And this has always been the reason most often stated….Pack up and move if you don’t like the school your child is attending….If there was a change of address, you could NOT legally stop that move….
2)You could roll or leave your school to enroll in a special program such as a magnet or early or middle college……..Early college, Middle College, The Academy, just like in football, you had some key options….
3)You could change schools if the school board changed your child’s/student’s attendance zone….Does not happen very often, sometimes to down-size one school, or with the opening of a new school, attendance zones will be altered/changed…..
and 4)Students would move if there was an administrative placement at a different school for special services…..Don’t have a good read on this move, but with the new rule, you now have one “Grace Move”….It is sort of like the chess or checkers board game where you have one “Free” move before the game begins, or like in outdoor basketball, let’s shoot to see who gets the ball, and this all becomes predetermined transformation/transferring…..

from Joe Sirera at the News and Record:
Guilford County Schools’ new athletics transfer procedure announced today counts on students and parents to do the “honorable” thing and puts the onus on county athletics director Leigh Hebbard to determine when they don’t.

Read more from Joe Sirera and his full take on the ‘Transfer Rule’, when you CLICK HERE….


  1. I have seen on social media many players and parents complaining from Northern. Apparently they have lost 4-5 players in the last few weeks, with all of them transferring to Page.

  2. Dudley has an academy. Sorry. Page does not have 5 northern players. They must be hiding if they do. Maybe someone should investigate why players would leave such a notable program with huge community support. I envision open enrollment soon.

  3. 3 Northern starters have transferred to Page. 1 to NW Guilford and 1 to Dudley. It’s like the NBA now.

  4. Page is going to be ridiculous Alan tisdale and Stephen Scott #5 transfer from northern

  5. So, if a family moves attendance zones 2 times then the student still has to sit out?

  6. Page has many players from different school districts. Two are supposed to attend Northeast, two more should attend Eastern Guilford, and another one at Dudley. I do know that some players have been denied transferring to Dudley. I wish the school board would lock coaches into contracts, but they get to do what’s best for their families. The hypocrisy of GUILTY County Schools never fails.

    If any father thinks it’s best to transfer his child, then I suggest moving his son to wherever he thinks is best. Let these MAGAs in New Irving Park make their comments behind their fake names.

  7. This all needs to stop. People complain about a team not winning so they move there kid to ( ie. Dudley, Page or whoever ) A new coach comes in and he has no chance of winning because any talent that lives in his district jumps to another school that supposedly has the best coach. Its easy to win when you have all the talent. Why have districts at all if you are not going to enforce them.

  8. In the end it will be like in the NBA where the player did not play/DNP due to coach’s decision and will be whether the transfer gets approved and whether the player plays or not based on Guilford County Athletic Director Leigh Hebbard’s decision….

  9. Eagles: Who has the talent? Page has the largest district in the city. Page could’ve won more than 1 state championship in the last eleven years, but the coaching staff prefers a certain type of athlete, preferably a docile young man. I do not know why you mentioned Dudley and Page exclusively when other teams do not have adequate coaches to guide their athletes.

    The transfer rule has enabled teams to keep up with other schools. This reminds me of the Tiger Woods situation. Residential communities redesigned their courses in order to disable Tiger Woods from winning.

    Tired of the excuses. Get adept coaches for the athletes. Stop blaming Dudley for greatness. I see why people dislike Trump. He emphasizes greatness; Americans prefer “equality.” LOL

  10. Hiring an athletics director from a GCS high school to govern athletics of all GCS schools should have been a conflict of interest. The Good Ole Boy network pervasive in NC appears to burgeon in GUILTY County. Northern, Western, and Dudley players have left their schools for Page. Where is the noise from the MAGA community?

    Hope Dudley wins by 28 in September. I will say this: New Irving Park buys the local cops sausage biscuits and coffee. LOL…

  11. I think we should just due away with Magnet programs and just make kids go to their district school. Ted Roe if you think Page get more help than Dudley then you’re lost my friend.

  12. I would be in favor of doing the following:
    1) Students who attend magnet programs must return to their home school attendance zone for athletics.
    2) The problem with that is that the NCHSAA(aka The Peoples Republic of Chapel Hill) would not endorse it.

  13. Kids and parents should have the right to make the best decision for their families. This rule change has been needed for years.

  14. I advocate for allowing parents to choose where their children attend school. “Coach” Page doesn’t get help. Your level of discernment shows your subjectivity. Page has received five to six transfer students that play football. Please follow the logic, good grief. Students trying to transfer to Dudley have been denied. Since coaches are doing what’s best for their families by leaving programs, it’s best students have the ability to OPEN ENROLL into ANY PROGRAM they seem fit.

    Coach: Page has gone to back to back 4AA state titles only to lose twice. Only a certain kind of athlete wants to attend Page. Many want to attend Dudley, but some prefer Page. Many clamor to send their sons to Dudley for football. Open enrollment would hurt Page, but I know three players for Page that LIVE in Eastern’s district, 4 in Northern’s, 3 in Dudley’s, 3 in Northeast’s…

  15. Lots of differing opinions on the enrollment issue and they may have to eventually draw a line and say Open Enrollment or you have to attend the school in your district and you can not attend any other school…

    With all of the ‘Wiggle Room’ this topic and issue will never be clear…

    Open Enrollment or Stay in Your District….

    What would be wrong with bringing back the community schools….So much change these days, back in the day you grew up in your community and you stayed local and it was an honor to represent the community you grew up in….

    Times have changed, we can’t dismiss that point, but what would be so wrong with bringing back the old neighborhood schools and re-inventing the ‘Community Pride’…..

    Build unity from within the community and bring back the old neighborhoods….Without that, we have no real union….Comm(Unity)….

    The bottom line might be we need better training at the lower and younger levels so kids we all be more ready when they get to high school and don’t see so much of the dominate talent levels and at the end of the day, all the major talent levels just want to get together as a group on the same teams…

    In the future we may not even be seeing football as a sport like it is currently, with all of the concussion issues and the like and how are they going to change how the kids and older players hit?????

    You have always only known one way and that was full force hitting with the helmet and it being on your head, being used as a blunt object and weapon….

    The CTE issues and brain destruction in football are another major issue we are facing because with the hitting there is only one way, 100%. They say if you don’t go all out, and you go in for a tackle or block at 50% you might get hurt worse than when you go in there on the Suicide Hitting Mission….

    I feel you mess your head head and brain just as bad in blocking as you do in tackling…The head and neck just get blasted when you are blocking and for change there, I don’t know how you would approach…They always told you, “Get your head in there on that block and lead with the head”…..”Stick a head in there”, I know you have heard that many times….

    Lots on the plate the there is no doubt the Dudley Panthers enter this season heads and shoulders above the rest of the county teams in talent that will hit the field on Monday…

    The only team that could beat Dudley this year from Guilford County, would be Dudley themselves….They had a very smart kid, Hendon Hooker, running that team last year and Dudley will have to be smart this year and not let all of this pub go to their heads…

    Hooker was one of those kids that had the smarts and the athletic ability rolled into one tremendous package and I don’t think we will begin to appreciate what he meant to his team and this city until say maybe he has been gone and away for a few years…

    That made Dudley what they were and the others rolled in/bought in and rallied right around him….

    If you look at the Top 10 to 20 programs around the state in the last 10-15 years, Dudley and Page have to be right there in that conversation and we need to proud and thankful that we have two schools out here in Guilford County representing us in football like they have been doing…

    All differences aside, the current layout of the football in Guilford County is what is and we will have to go with that until GCS makes a bold move….

    Plenty to look at and it is not all just on the field, as we hit the end of the Summer of ’17 and lean toward high school football for the Fall of 2017….

    No lack of fan interest, that is for sure…..

  16. In the article, the county AD said – “Historically, we’ve only had a handful of those (that didn’t meet one of the four requirements) that have been brought to my attention,”

    If you really know of kids playing at one school and living out of district, send Hebbard an email and bring it to his attention. If true, page better hope someone doesn’t wait until they play a bunch of games with ineligible players only to have someone bring it to Hebbard’s attention.

    IMO – the only fair thing would be open enrollment (like Forsyth county) or ro make kids play sports in your home district, regardless of where you go to school. The academy’s give certain schools an unfair advantage.

  17. You guys have it easy there.

    Here in the great state of Florida State Legislation passed a bill allowing for free-agency as long as you are able to provide transportation. You can live in Miami and travel
    to Jacksonville, as long as you can get to school and the school has room. Please understand, our HS Federation had nothing to do with this decision. This was a state level decision.

    Also, a player can transfer during their season as long as there is a good cause policy on hand and room on the roster. I can play football
    at a school and bball at another.

    It could have been worse here. The state almost passed that you could educate at one school and play at another.

    Best of Luck to all the teams in Guilford County.

  18. The new rule solves nothing. People will be allowed to do whatever in Guilford County Schools. All of us have neighbors in our communities that have kids who attend schools other than their assigned high school. We have kids that attend five schools in our neighborhood other than their home school. I’m sure others have similar situations. However, power to the people. Go and do what makes you happy. That way you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  19. I would bet that many of the people complaining don’t even go back to their high school on a regular basis to see the teams play once their sons and daughters have graduated. 90% of my neighbors did not grow up in Greensboro. Only 1 of them actually went to our district school. I grew up in the Raleigh area. I have zero fan appreciation for my district school because I don’t have a vested interest. I want to put my kid in the best situation as it relates to academics, sports, coaching and cultural setting. Families know what is best for their kids – you don’t.

  20. One piece that I have not heard anyone speak to is coaching. If you have played sports at any level from high school, college or even at the pro level. You truly understand that not all coaches are made equally. A great coach has a buzz and level of organization that runs thru the team from top to bottom. Their level of communication is clear and players are drawn to that experience. However there is also the opposite coaches in our area. Programs that you know you should avoid with all your efforts. Players (current & past) that are actually “good” understand what I am saying. No one wants to waste their time with a coach that can’t develop skill sets, plays players in improper positions, makes poor decisions under pressure or can’t make good game time adjustments. Players run to programs such as Dudley and Page because they have proven coaches and they have shown a willingness to get the best coaches available for football. Players run to GDS and some other private schools for basketball because they have proven they will get the best coaches and a level of commitment to develop players that you won’t find at most public schools. The bottom line is that Dudley, Page and Northern have shown a historical commitment to football success and getting players to college than anyone else in this county. The football culture at these schools is light years above places such as Western, Northwest or Northeast.

  21. Many people have said that parents know what is best for their families. I would like to change that statement to parents THINK they know what is best for their children. I have seen many parents make ridiculous decisions based on perceived injustices. Some parents have lost objectivity with their children and have created their own little world where their children should always be playing. It is always the coaches, the school, politics, etc.. It should be obvious that I am referring to some parents. Remember, less than 1 percent of high school athletes play in college and less than 1 percent of them make it further. Do what is best for your children based on creating a well rounded adult, not a star athlete.

  22. why does the district allow kids to transfer to other schools, (i.e. Page, Northern) but not to Dudley? What is so wrong with wanting what’s best for your child? If a school has strong science program, we can go there, if they have theater that my kid is interested in, we can go there…but because they can play a sport that may get them free college tuition..THAT IS NOT ALLOWED?!! That’s STUPID. Everyone reading this would go to another job that would benefit them more. Every single time. Let the parents decide where they want their child. People sure won’t be doing anything to help them once they graduate.

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