Middle School Football Scores from Guilford County(9/27/17):With Finals from the Football Fields(SWG, SG, NEG, SEG, NG(3 OT), Swann, Ferndale and Mendenhall with Wednesday Wins)

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Games on tap for TODAY in Guilford County and we had one game back on Tuesday and that showed up as, Southwest Guilford 34, Kernodle 0, on the last check-in we had….(Got it on the Wednesday board, but game actually was played on Tuesday.)

Finals from Wednesday and you can see the rest of the games going for TODAY below….
Ferndale 28 Allen Jay 6
Jacob Pitt with 2 50+ yard TD’s for Ferndale(1-1)
Southeast Guilford 26, Eastern Guilford Middle 22
Northeast Guilford 22, Western Guilford Middle 14
Northern Guilford 6, Jamestown Middle 0 3 Overtimes
NG(2-0)….NG TD in OT by Jo’el McCoy…..
Mendenhall Middle 6, Northwest Guilford 0
Southern Guilford 40, The Academy at Lincoln 6
For SG you had Trevon McKinnon with two TD’s on the ground, 52 and 21 yards runs, plus a 29-yard reception for a TD and Zayvion DeJesus rushed for a 34-yard TD, also Zymir German ran for 3 PAT’a and he threw 2 TD passes(29 and 5) and two PAT passes to Tyler Clyburn and Weston Schaal…..Jeremiah Evans caught a 5-yard TD pass….Torry Ferguson, Jamier Ferrera and Treveon McKinnon all forced a fumble….Zayvion DeJesus recovered two fumbles, while Dakota Locklear and Jamier Ferrera recovered one each…Complete team effort for Southern Guilford…..
Swann(formerly Aycock) 30, Kiser Middle 20
Swann(2-0)/Kiser(0-1)….#15 and #5 for Swann were running like run men possessed today and they ran into the end zone like there was a Tap Money tape waiting on them when they got there….Kiser had the biggest QB in town on the field(Varsity, JV, Middle School, Men’s REC Ball, it don’t matter, Shaw is BIG) at Jamieson Stadium today, with Big Man Travis Shaw, back there running the offense for the Kiser Tigers….
Swann made what they did stick in this game, and Swann led at the end of the First Quarter, 8-7….Crazy game though, with Kiser jumping in front 13-8 at Halftime, after a TD pass from Travis Shaw to Jackson Noble and the pass play covered about 50 yards, going right-to-left, there at Jamieson Stadium….In the 3rd Quarter, Swann moves back in front 16-13 after the Lions QB ran the ball in for the TD score and #15 for the Swann Lions carried for the two-point conversion making the score:
Swann 16, Kiser 13, with 6:41 left in the 3rd Q….
Swann flies down the field and the Lions find the end zone again, taking a 24-13 lead over Kiser with 1:02 remaining in the 3rd Q on a run by the Lions’ QB…
Swann 24, Kiser 13
Kiser would not die and the Tigers would not be willing to go home early, as they saw their Big QB Travis Shaw run for a 20 TD off of left tackle with 7:50 to go in the game and now you have yourself a football game, as Bowman’s kick goes through the uprights and now we have,
Swann 24, Kiser 20….
But you just knew the Swann Lions had one more big play left in them and they salted this game with another TD run of about 25 yards, by #15 and this game was on ice, as the Swann Lions go on to victory over the Kiser Tigers with your,
Final Score:Swann Middle School 30, Kiser Middle School 20
*****We were on top of the action again today and we apologize for not having the names for the Swann Lions players, but the PA man only had the Kiser lineups up in the Press Box on this afternoon….*****
+++++We look to be at another Guilford County Middle School Game next Tuesday, with a lot of next week’s games rolling on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, due to the Early Dismissal on Wednesday of next week….We are covering these football games from Middle School, to High School JV’s, then High School Varsity, College and then on to when the Guilford County kids hit the pros/NFL…..++++++More on our plate as we get deeper into the week and looking ahead to Thursday(JV), Friday(Varsity), Saturday(College) and then Sunday(NFL)…..Keep on GreensboroSports.com for more details and updates……+++++

We see if we can get some more scores on these games listed below……

Middle School Football for TODAY(9/27/17):
Allen vs. Jackson 5pm at Claude Manzi Stadium on the Smith HS campus
Penn-Griffin vs. Welborn 5pm at AJ Simeon Stadium in High Point


  1. Andy from what i saw in middle school football yesterday the high school football seen seems bright for years to vome. Big Travis Shaw omg what a beast he is and going to be. Swann has athletes galpre as well as southern guilford as they pummeled a unhealthy uncoached group of kids at Lincoln just my thoughts

  2. Congratulations to the Northern Guilford Football Team for their 6 to 0 victory, in triple overtime, against Jamestown yesterday. The Nighthawk defense carried the game allowing no 1st downs after making some adjustments in the 2nd quarter. Running back Jo’el McCoy won the game by powering into the end zone.

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