Update on High School Football Stats as we hit Week #7 of the ’17 season:Names like John Saunders Jr.(HP Central) and Ederick Purnell(WG) may surprise you with their #’s/Page #’s are in the house

Guilford County High School Football Stats Update after Week Six of the 2017 Season:We are always looking for more Updates/#’s!!!

Here’s what we have Stats-wise after Week #6 of the 2017 high school football season….Updates will be added in, as we receive them….
Lots of the schools still need to get on the ‘Stats Bandwagon’…..Dudley and HP Christian both had OPEN dates last week…..We are learning a lot of new names and numbers, by studying these stats…..

John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central HS) 62-103/914 yards/60.2%/152.3 yards per game/9 TD’s/3 INT’s
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 62-101/851 yards/61.4%/141.8 yards per game/7 TD’s/5 INT’s
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 59-104/760 yards/56.7%/126.7 yards per game/7 TD’s/5 INT’s
Jakob Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) 38-88/725 yards/43.2%/241.7 per game/9 TD’s/1 INT’s
Caleb Homol(High Point Christian) 53-104/710 yards/51.0%/142.0 per game/13 TD’s/3 INT’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) 67-118/706 yards/56.8%/117.7 yards per game/3 TD’s/2 INT’s
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 51-106/699 yards/48.1%/1116.5 yards per game/9 TD’s/4 INT’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 33-45/641 yards/73.3%/128.2 yards per game/9 TD’s/O INT’s
Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) 21-32/488 yards/65.6%/162.7 yards per game/3 TD’s/2 INT’s
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 48-75/405 yards/64.0%/101.3 yards per game/4 TD’s/1 INT….SEG has not updated Stats…
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford HS) 21-41/354 yards/51.2%/70.8 yards per game/5 TD’s/1 INT…
Tyler Flippin(Northern Guilford HS) with 340 yards and 3 TD’s…
Devin Flowers(Southwest Guilford HS) 19-28 for 281 yards 3 TD’s 2 INT’s and his long is 40 yards……..
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) going 11-30 for 132 yards and 1 TD…

Monterious Godfrey(HP Central) 727 yards/105 carries/2 TD…
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 709 yards/102 carries/9 TD’s….18 Total TD’s for Purnell with 1,408 Total Yards….
Malachi Manness(Ragsdale HS) 583 yards and 8 TD’s…We need his total carries…
Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS) 539 rush/111 carries/1 TD
Zareik Rush(Dudley HS) 508 yards/45 carries/8 TD’s
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) 458 yards/83 carries/8 TD’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 390 yards/74 carries/8 TD’s…11 Total TD’s for D. Graves and 1,096 Total Yards…
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 366 yards/68 carries/4 TD’s….13 Total TD’s and 1,007 Total Yards for Simpson…
Chance Clency(HPCA) 375 yards/49 carries/5 TD’s
Sincere Davis(Page HS) 368 yards/77 carries/2 TD’s
Tyree Graham(Southwest Guilford HS) 328 yards/78 carries/6 TD’s
Javondre Paige(Page) 320 yards/55 carries/6 TD’s…Paige with 13 Total TD’s and 1,171 Total Yards….
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 305 yards/42 carries/3 TD’s
Davion Swaim(Northeast Guilford) 279 yards/65 carries/3 TD’s…
Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford) 254 yards/39 carries/3 TD’s
C.J. Thacker(Smith HS) 248 yards/60 carries/1 TD
Krystopher Coleman(High Point Andrews) 239 yards/32 carries
Stephon Hart(Smith) 220 yards/42 carries
Darrell Roberts(Eastern Guilford) 208 yards/52 carries/5 TD’s…
Caleb Andrews(Northwest Guilford) 202 yards/54 carries/3 TD’s
Christian McMullen(Eastern Guilford) 199 yards/32 carries/3 TD’s
Curt Ervin(High Point Central) 192 yards/26 carries/3 TD’s…
Chad Stephens(Southeast Guilford) 187 yards/19 carries/2 TD’s…SEG has not updated Stats…
Braxton King(Southeast Guilford) 165 yards/24 carries/1 TD….Out with Injury…
Jacob Hardy(Northwest Guilford) 192 yards/32 carries/1 TD…
Cam Smith(Southwest Guilford) 192 yards/26 carries/2 TD’s
Kobe Dillard(Northeast Guilford) 184 yards/56 carries/1 TD…
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central) 151 yards/20 carries…1,065 Total Yards for Saunders Jr.
Barry Ford(Smith) 148 yards/16 carries
Caleb Homol(HPCA) 142 yards/25 carries/2 TD’s…
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford) 137 yards/36 carries/2 TD’s…SEG has not updated Stats…
Ehpraim Koonce(Northern Guilford) 126 yards on 47 carries

Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) 559 yards/23 receptions/6 TD’s….Injured and Out for the Season…
Christian Cheeks(Smith) 378 yards on 21 receptions and 4 TD’s
DeAndre McBride(HP Central) 358 yards/22 catch/3 TD’s
Justin Julian(Northern Guilford) 345 yards/14 receptions/6 TD’s
Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) 334 yards/19 catch/2 TD’s
Barry Ford(Smith) 327 yards/25 catch/2 TD
Michael Bowens(Western Guilford) 324 yards/16 catch/4 TD’s
Nigel Fitzgerald(Dudley) 304 yards/15 catch/5 TD’s
Nick Baker(Page) 288 yards/20 catches/3 TD’s
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 286 yards/16 catch/6 TD’s
Nic Cheeley(Eastern Guilford) 273 yards/25 catch/2 TD’s
Curt Ervin(High Point Central) 252 yards/16 receptions…
Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford) 198 yards/22 catch/2 TD’s….SEG has not updated Stats…
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford) 183 yards/11 catch/2 TD’s
Ladarius Morris(HP Central) 185 yards/15 catches /2 TD’s
Cody King(Page) 178 yards/12 receptions/1 TD
Niles Wright(Western Guilford) 178/13 catch/3 TD…
Adam Akins(Eastern Guilford) 172 yards/15 receptions/
Michael Wayman(Dudley) 172 yards/7 catch/2 TD’s
Assad Alston(Page) 167 yards/10 catch/1 TD
Chad Turner(Northern Guilford) 163 yards/11 catch/1 TD…
Brycen Thomas(HPCA) 160 yards/14 catch/2 TD’s…


  1. Are we ever going to get any numbers on Flowers at Southwest? He’s not even on their MaxPreps roster at this point, but he’s clearly their guy now at QB.

    Would be nice if schools/coaches provided basic information.

  2. We stayed with last week’s numbers for Dudley since they were off last Friday night…

    Will double-check back that way…


  3. Coach Vogel from over around Southwest Guilford sent us some rushing numbers last week and hopefully he will send us some more updated numbers this week…


  4. Have updated several teams, players and #’s…..

    Thanks to those who sent info our way and more on the way….


  5. Northern Guilford MaxPreps not updated yet….some updated numbers:

    JJ Julian with 15 catches 366 yards 6 TDs
    Ford Moser with 24 catches 422 yards 3 TDs
    Chad Turner with 12 catches 182 yards 1 TD
    Ephraim Koontz with 58 rushes for 208 yards

  6. @housemoney:
    Statistics and data do not truly exemplify an athlete’s worth and contributions to his/her team. Coaches can dictate who gets what in order to create a narrative that players are better than what they are. Certain athletes’ benefactions are testaments to what they had and possessed before coaches arrived at the schools. Stats do not predicate an athletes’ worth.

  7. You’ve got to have something to go by and believe me, when you are tracking players, these stats are helpful….

    Hillside had a QB that came to Dudley back earlier this month and his name was Randy Trice Jr. and to honest with you, I had never heard of him…

    Hillside had Jamal Elliot, who has committed to attend and play at Oregon as a running back and we had all heard of him…

    Trice Jr. got our attention in the pre-game studies when we saw he was averaging 326 yards a game over three game coming into Greensboro and Dudley HS…

    Trice had thrown for right 1,000 over his first three games of the season and the MaxPreps numbers/stats provided us with this info…

    I said that night at Dudley, that Trice Jr. may have been the best QB on the field in Guilford County that night and he might have been and we are talking about every field in Guilford County on that evening…

    The kid could play and the stats told at least part of the story….

    The Bullins kid at East Forsyth is very good and Page can not sleep on him this Friday night…He may not have the best numbers ever, but that kid knows how to run his team’s offense and knows who to get the ball to…

    With the No-huddle offense that East employs, Bullins is able to stand back there and check off plays all night long and he has the game within his grasp and if you let him get into his groove/rhythm he can be a very tough operator….

    Looks like he is running a college offense back there as the high school QB for East Forsyth….East has very good receivers in the Halls and Maxie can run the ball….

    Up front defense by Page will crucial and first-hit defense must bring the East runners/ball carriers down, you can not let them get past/beyond the first hit and hit your second and third levels of defense….

    The East Forsyth defensive line plays like DB’s they are so quick and they will live in your offensive backfield if you let them….

    East is loaded with talent and if you them get untracked, you are in trouble…

    The kicker Lischtkie is a weapon too and Page can match them per man, but if you give East any type of edge, they are going to get you in trouble….

    Just a few thoughts and beyond, sort of in the break down mood/mode today…..

  8. I agree with you Anwar they do not exemplify the overall worth of an athlete to his or her team. What it does show in most cases is who has the hot hand and/or is playing well from week to week. They also allow us arm chair QBs to question what and/or why coaches do what they do. Do they favor one player over another even though the other is producing better numbers.

    Numbers don’t lie isn’t that were Moneyball came from.

  9. Andy, MaxPreps is showing Manness from Ragsdale with 551 yards on 64 carries with 9 TDs. Numbers are only through 4 games as stats from the games vs. NEG and SWG have not been added.

  10. Yes we could use an update on Malachi Manness, from Ragsdale HS…

    We may have been able to add in one game of his rushing from the game report in the paper and on-line….

  11. Andy, also regarding stats and the athletes, it depends on the school. Take Dudley for example, no matter how strong their QB’s arm is or how accurate, they throw more than 50% less than the other top QB’s, so the QBs and WRs there will never have the numbers of most other schools. Where as the RB would have great numbers. I think that it depends on the scheme that each school uses as to how it affects the stats of the athletes, which could help or hurt the skill position guys as they try to get noticed/scholarships.

  12. I had some updated stats/#’s on Northern Guilford but they got lost in my E-mail….

    If the Nighthawk fan that sent them my way could re-send those my way that would be great….


    Sorry for the mix up, but the E-mail did me in that time….

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