Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly back in Concussion Protocol, but did he suffer a Concussion in last Thursday night’s game

Info was coming in this weekend from Joseph Person at the Charlotte Observer, and this may give some hope to the Carolina Panthers’ outstanding linebacker Luke Kuechly, and maybe things will work out where he can play again in this NFL Season of ’17….Was it an injury to his neck or his lower head, or did he actually suffer another concussion?????

from Joseph Person at the Charlotte Observer/
Confusion on whether Panthers LB Luke Kuechly sustained concussion vs. Eagles

*****Did he or didn’t he?*****

That’s the question Panthers fans and NFL followers were asking Sunday after confusion emerged as to whether middle linebacker Luke Kuechly actually had a concussion Thursday night in Carolina’s loss to Philadelphia.

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  1. A comment from over at the Charlotte Observer site and this sums it up pretty well…..

    Jeff Pickard · Owner at Self employed
    It looks like the Panthers are more than likely being over cautious given Kuechly’s concussion history. If you go back & watch the game replay when Kuechly was walking off the field to the sidelines he was rotating his arm around as if his shoulder or neck area was bothering him……my initial thought was that he may have injured his collarbone. That’s not to say that a concussion did not occur but if league sources are saying he cleared all the tests & did not have a concussion it does make you wonder if the Panthers are being over cautious & given the history of Kuechly I couldn’t blame them.

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