New News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with Reidsville #1, Page #2 and Dudley #3

We have the new News and Record Top Ten High School Football Poll with Reidsville #1, Page #2 and Dudley #3 for this week, and it is coming loud and clear and strong, from the HSXtra site at the N&R and you see this week’s full Top Ten Poll for yourself, when you CLICK HERE.

The Top Ten is compiled by News and Record staff writers Joe Sirera and Spencer D. Turkin, with input from area high school coaches….Check it out each Monday at……


  1. How Page is not ranked #1 is beyond me!! Who does Reidville play? They beat Rock High by 50!! Come on, Let’s face it Jared Rolfes, from mighty Celina, Ohio, has those Pirates rolling!! If you don’t understand this, you don’t understand football #20MPACER

  2. @Larry R Well, Page just beat a Northwest team that was without Tre’ Turner by 43 points. Reidsville beat a Northwest team that had Turner for 1 1/2 quarters before he got hurt by 44.

    Not Reidsville’s fault that no one from Guilford County but Northwest and Andrews will play them anymore since Northern and Dudley both dropped the Rams.

    Yes, Page has played a tougher schedule, but Reidsville can’t help being a 2-A school in a bad conference they were placed in by the NCHSAA.

  3. And then there’s the fact that Page is ranked ahead of Dudley even though Dudley beat Page and they have the same record. That one makes less sense to me.

  4. Check….reality check. Your facts are off just a bit. Northern did not drop Reidsville it was the other way around. But in today‚Äôs world…..who cares about the facts right?

  5. Both of you do have an argument; the reality is when it’s all said and done, rankings are just somebody’s opinion. #tabata

  6. I think Reidsvills is right where they should be in the rankings. I’ve been saying that they might be the best team in the area for a minute. When they play teams that they are “supposed to beat” they beat them in a fashion that one would expect from an excellent team. Also, as mentioned before the rankings are someone’s opinion. The real test for all of these teams will be the playoffs.

  7. Isn’t Reidsville the current 2A state champions? Reidsville is a winning culture and attitude more than any team in the area. The championships, the coaches that have been developed and moved on to have success at other schools. You can say what you want about their regular schedule, but they seem to prove it in the playoffs as well.

  8. Used to coach at Reidsville and the community culture is important, no doubt. Big difference is parents and community support the team and coaches. Jimmy Teague is rarely questioned on who he plays or what he calls. If you don’t like it go to Morehead or Rockingham. Guilford County folks whine about coaches too much.

    Support the kids. Cheer for your team. Enjoy HS football.

  9. Reidsville deserves to be ranked where they are. No one at Page is sweating where we are ranked. The Rams deserve everything they have gotten so far and we have the utmost respect for that program.

  10. I have heard Reidsville referred to as the Football Capital of North Carolina, because of all of their high school football titles from over the years…

    I know they have had a ton of success under Coach Teague and his staff over the years, but I don’t see them being any more of a powerhouse than say, Page, Dudley and even to some degree Northern Guilford from over the years in the more recent modern football era…

    Page with like four titles, Dudley 4 titles and Northern four titles and I am sure Reidsville has just about the same number, but did theIR prowess develop and hit a hot level back in the 50’s and early 60’s too, because I don’t remember them being a household name in football back in the late 60’s, 70′ or even in the 80’s….

    Seems like they hit their modern-day run in within the last 20 years and for history’s sake, did they have a huge run back in the 40’s and the 50’s and is that where some of their football claim to fame came from???

    I seem to remember them being a basketball powerhouse back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when Hoy Isaacs was the basketball coach and he had Nelson Isley, C.C. Harrison, the kid that played on the Four Team at UNC-Charlotte, and that might have been Melvin Watkins and others from Reidsville back in that basketball day…

    The time is now for Reidsville Football, but was the other time, a long time ago when they began the evolution of today’s bi-product…..

    I have always been curious and thought I would lay some of this out here, since this seems to be a good sounding board area for this topic of when Reidsville became, “The High School Football Capital of North Carolina”……

    PLAY ON!!!!!

  11. Reidsville has 19 State titles dating back to the 1930’s and have 6 since 2002 and been to 7 in that timeframe. Page has been to 8 and gone 4-3, Dudley is 4-2, and Northern 4-0. Reidsville has been the top dog.

  12. Page has 5, Dudley 4, NG 4..

    According to the NCHSAA Record book, Reidsville has 15, since 1930. If we are talking about the modern football era, Reidsville has 9.

  13. One of those Page titles was a tie game with 71st. They didn’t included that as a win on the State Titles table.

  14. I miss the days of those powerhouse teams..Ragsdale, Western Guilford, Andrews, Cummings, NEG, Eastern Randolph just to name a few. Those were some good games back in the 80’s and 90’s. Nobody wanted to play Cummings or Andrews. Good memories for sure!

  15. Past & future powerhouse programs Reidsville, Page, Ragsdale, Western Guilford, Andrews, Cummings, NEG, Eastern Randolph, Dudley – Wow!
    What is the opposite of a powerhouse program? It is called Northwest Guilford football. If you don’t believe me, come to Ragsdale this Friday. It must be great to feel like you have a chance to win every week. Those days are gone just above the airport in Greensboro. No hope!

  16. @opposite of a powerhouse, thank you for the update on the Powerhouse list. I had no idea there was such a list. Good luck to the Vikings and Tigers tomorrow night.

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