2017 High School Football Stats/#’s as we roll into Week 12 of the Season of ’17(Updated Version):Starting to Create our Top Ten Tier for this Year in the County

Looking to take this Set of Stats into a Top Ten Tier for Passing, Rushing and Receiving as go into the final weeks of our 2017 season…Hopefully the interest will remain as the race for the Top Ten culminates with the conclusion of the HS Football Campaign for this year…
Time to make this a full-fledged battle to finish in the Top Ten and win the Titles……..

*****Still waiting on some updates for this week….*****

Jakob Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) 109-240/1,895 yards/45.4%/210.6 yards per game/23 TD’s/7 INT’s….
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central HS) 105-179/1,539 yards/58.7%/139.9 yards per game/13 TD’s/9 INT’s
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 104-184/1,518 yards/56.5%/151.8 yards per game/18 TD’s/9 INT’s…Javondre Paige(Page) rushing 468 yards/94 carries/10 TD’s…Paige with 28 Total TD’s and 1,986 Total Yards….
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) 106-173/1,305 yards/61.3%/116.6 yards per game/12 TD’s/3 INT’s….Graves with 1,938 Total Yards and 24 TD’s…
Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) 86-171/1,299 yards/50.3%/162.4 yards per game/8 TD’s/2 INT’s
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 109-194/1,176 yards/56.2%/137.0 yards per game/10 TD’s/9 INT’s….
Devan Boykin(Ragsdale HS) 80-143 with 1,070 yards/55.9%/11 TD’s/3 INT’s…107.0 yards per game….Boykin 1,409 Total Yards and 14 TD’s…
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 83-162/1,020 yards/51.2%/113.3 yards per game/9 TD’s/7 INT’s
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 51-74/991 yards/68.9%/99.1 yards per game/16 TD’s/O INT’s….Simpson with 1,375 Total Yards and 23 TD’s…
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 70-152/974 yards/46.1%/108.2 yards per game/9 TD’s/6 INT’s

Malachi Manness(Ragsdale HS) 1,393 yards and 18 TD’s/201 carries and 139.3 yards rushing per game….6.9 yards per carry
Zareik Rush(Dudley HS) 1,138 yards/113 carries/13 TD’s….126.4 yards per game…10.1 yards per carry
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 949 yards/167 carries/12 TD’s….21 Total TD’s for Purnell with 1,923 Total Yards….108.2 yards passing per game for Purnell/105.4 rushing yards per game for Purnell….
Monterious Godfrey(HP Central) 906 yards/136 carries/100.7 yards rushing per game/2 TD’s….
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) 772 yards/146 carries/10 TD’s
Chance Clency(High Point Christian Academy) 703 yards/102 carries/7 TD’s
Sincere Davis(Page HS) 684 yards/118 carries/4 TD’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 633 yards/119 carries/12 TD’s…24 Total TD’s for D. Graves and 1,938 Total Yards…
Nate Johnson(Western Guilford HS) 564 rush/127 carries/2 TD’s
Davion Swain(Northeast Guilford HS) 522 yards/120 carries/6 TD’s

Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) 1,095 yards/65 receptions/11 TD’s…
Justin Julian(Northern Guilford) 676 yards/33 receptions/11 TD’s
Treveyon Pratt(Ragsdale) 610 yards/39 receptions/5 TD’s
DeAndre McBride(HP Central) 577 yards/35 catch/4 TD’s
Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) 559 yards/23 receptions/6 TD’s….Injured and Out for the Season…
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford) 514 yards/31 catch/8 TD’s
Nick Baker(Page) 487 yards/32 catches/5 TD’s
Curt Ervin(High Point Central) 485 yards/32 receptions/4 TD’s
Michael Bowens(Western Guilford) 482 yards/25 catch/4 TD’s
Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford) 450 yards/45 catch/5 TD’s…


  1. Some really good performances across teams and positions this year. Any thoughts on all county and POY candidates?

  2. To me POY is Malachi Manness. That guy is running all over everyone. Great speed, great vision, and just a beast. Will be interesting to see how he does against Page. I think he will do quite well…

  3. Since he is a senior and depending on how far he can take his team, Dominique Graves down at Eastern Guilford High School should get some major consideration and there is no lack of candidates, again on how far their teams go in the playoffs, with Malachi Manness at Ragsdale, Zareik Rush and Gerald Simpson at Dudley, Jaren Rainey, from Southwest Guilford was a prime candidate of mine coming into the year and he has not played a ton at QB, but has had a very good year at DB….Nick Mackovic, the center over at Page, has really led that offensive line and if you were giving out the POY ot a unit, the Page linebackers would be in line to grab that award….

    For leading his team and for taking them to where they are today, Graves from EG, still has to be one of your favorites…..

    As far as the as the whole All-County group goes we have mentioned a few of them up top already and you should probably add in Tre Love and Jax Hackett from SEG to your list and it will be hard to keep Landen Johnson and maybe even too Juriente Davis from Dudley’s ‘D’ off of the All-County squad….Western Guilford has not won one game, but Edrick Purnell, the QB/ATH from WG has to have a spot someplace on the list along with Curt Ervin from HP Central, Ty’rique Ridges from NEG, Ford Moser, JJ Julian and maybe even Jakob Lenard from Northern Guilford, since Lenard has been getting them the ball….Clency, Boykin, Wistar and another player or two from High Point Christian Academy will get looks for All-County along with Woods and Rouseau from Ragsdale, Overton, Clagon and others from NEG and Cloud from NWG has had a very solid year and from Grimsley, Zach Harrison, Jack Hassard, Nile Harris and Lance McMillan will get shots at the All-County team and from Southern Guilford there may be another Hedrick(Matthew) we have to look at and get a good read on(also Hakeem Knight and Breyon Harrison from SG) and we could go on all day and if we don’t stop, we probably will….

    That’s all for now, but we sure could use some input on this topic/topics…..

  4. Very curious who you guys view as some of the top oline men in the county? We all know its about that oline pride!

  5. I feel like you guys are over looking trey Pratt from Ragsdale high school #13 because that boy is one of the best WR in Guilford County like four instances the one hand spectacular catch he had against east surry that was one of the best catches this year in my opinion but you guys are really over looking this guy he should get more props

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