Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialist Scoreboard – November 3, 2017

Game of the Week Stream 1: Page vs Ragsdale with Andy Durham and Dennis White.
Game of the Week Stream 2: Dudley vs Mount Tabor with Kris Walser and Coach Steele.
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UPDATE #8 – 10:30 PM

Page (10-1) – 51
Ragsdale (7-4) – 7

Dudley (9-2) – 14
Mount Tabor (9-2) – 17

Grimsley (4-7) – 28
Northwest Guilford (3-8) – 21

Eastern Guilford (9-2) – 42
Southern Guilford (3-8) – 10

Southeast Guilford (9-2) – 51
Southwestern Randolph (4-7) – 14

Smith (5-6) – 42
Western Guilford (0-11) – 6

Southwest Guilford (8-3) – 48
North Forsyth (1-10) – 3

Person County (2-9) – 3
Northeast Guilford (7-4) – 41

Northern Guilford (6-5) – 0
Western Alamance (11-0) – 33

Wheatmore (9-2) – 6
High Point Andrews (4-7) – 20

High Point Christian Academy (9-2) – 14
Providence Day (9-2) – 48

Bishop McGuinness (4-7) – 21
Winston-Salem Prep (2-8) – 12

West Forsyth (11-0) – 17
Glenn (10-1) – 14

Heritage (10-1) – 14
Wake Forest (11-0) – 38

Reidsville – 50
Graham – 0

4 Q
Morehead – 14
Rockingham County – 38

Off This Week
High Point Central (5-6/1-3)

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  1. Im done. Left after half time. Kids tried. They did. New coaching Staff at Northwest NEEDS TO GO. NOW !!!

  2. NW just lost to Grimsley. They were nuch better than Grimsley as well. Vert tough to swallow this pill

  3. Northwest fans and parents need to relax. Give the new coach a chance, injuries have hurt y’all season don’t blame it all on the coach.

  4. Page destroyed Ragsdale tonight, and it wasn’t even close.. The Tigers needed help from the refs to score and Maness was a non factor

  5. You NW fans used to complain about coach Rolfes too, meanwhile he left and went to actual football school and look at him now.

  6. Why in the world did NW not expand their search. They only interviewed one person. I know they could have had Woodruff back. People used to complain about his offense too but it won, and he built the program from nothing and its been going down ever since. His kids always played hard and were fun to watch. I used to laugh when the arm chair Quarterbacks got on here, but their defense was always tough. Oh well typical Northwest

  7. Maness for Ragsdale was injured tonight, he was not expected to play but I think he talked the coaches into letting him try it…Was not able to go…Hurt his ankle bad vs. HP Central last week…Not sure if a healthy Maness would have made a huge difference, but it would have been better for him and his team if would have been 100%….

    Malachi wanted to help his team and he even took a shot at playing some defense but it was evident that he could not stay in the game…

    He came in at RB and helped some with the blocking for Devan Boykin, but by the end of the night and in the 3rd Quarter he was over on the sidelines with his jersey off and it was over….Hope he can be ready for the players and that was part of the plan, maybe try and rest him tonight, but he wanted to go on Senior Night and in the big game vs. Page….

    Excellent ball game by Page, but the Pirates must work on their discipline and cut down on useless penalties…Too many late hits, holdings, and other assorted penalties by Page, they must get all of that mess cleaned up….

    The kids at Northwest that want to play need to play and the others need to hang it up….NWG fans need to back their coaches….Baseball has seen some struggles in the past couple of years, but they are rebuilding, the boys basketball will have to rebuild, they lost everything, they don’t have hardly anybody back that has any experience at all….

    NWG will get better, but I have been following them for nearly 50 years and they never have been all that good in football….They were terrible until Coach Groves came in and made them competitive and he had Rusty Larue and that sure helps….Coach Woodruff had them competing, but he found a way to make the most out of who he had and he had some good raw bone kids but they still weren’t great….

    Coach Rolfes was blessed with Thomas Hennigan, Tre Turner and some other very good athletes, but they deck was not stacked and those good athletes had to run out….

    NWG has some very good youth football teams that cover their area, but I can tell, just because you have good youth football does not mean you will have great high school teams….It does not always translate that way….

    NWG will be competitive again but if don’t respect your coach and your coaching staff, how do you expect your kids to respect their coaches and if the kids don’t respect the coaches then the kids don’t deserve to play….There is a lot more teaching going out here than just wins and losses…

    I have seen NWG for almost forever and they have never been great, a good community with some good people, but they have not been a football school and when they got close it got broken up by change in coaching staffs and that is how high school sports works…

    NWG has a good head and his staff is a good group of men too….Coach Pat Neal has poured his heart into his time at NWG and all of the schools he has served….Coach Bare, although I don’t really know him, has dedicated his life toward NWG athletics….

    NWG has some growing to do now and it will interesting to see how they respond to this season….

    NWG needs to get to .500 and they have always been a .500 type team in the good years and before the good years say back in the 60’d and 70’s NWG was basically a (3-7) and (2-8) type team….In recent years, say the past 7 or so years prior to this year, NWG has some success, but I don’t think the fans really realized how lucky they were and they did not appreciate it….

    NWG has a few good years but the coaches do move on…Coach Groves, Coach Woodruff and even though it was brief, Coach Rolfes, those men had a good run, but it is hard to make it last….

    Coach Rolfes has found a gold mine over at Page and he has possibly a better receiving corp than Page had back in 2015 with Diondre Overton, Ronald Polite and James Ellis III…

    When NWG is having those good football seasons they better appreciate them while they can, and it is not the norm….

    Page has been a powerhouse, Dudley has been a powerhouse over the years and it is probably going to stay that way….

  8. We are going to put the brakes on this one for a while and we will stick/stay in the coaches corner….Somebody needs to….

  9. You NWG parents are idiots. You got the best offensive minded coach in the area and he needs to go??? Only thing that needs to go is you! Sorry but NW but it’s going to take a few years to fix what Rolfes destroyed. The fact is your team is not very good this year and you don’t have any real good asst coaches. When you add the injuries it’s too much for any coach to overcome.

    Your problem is you all bitched about the Wing T for years while winning 9 and 10 games. Facts are that offense is built for your skill set. You would rather look like Page and Northern in the spread and lose than line up in the Wing T like Charlotte Catholic and pound on teams and Win. Why because you heard for someone that little 5’9″ Johnny wouldn’t get a D1 offer from Florida State if he played in a Wing T? GTFOH!!! You don’t have linemen like Page, West Forsyth, and East Forsyth FACTS!!!. You guys have ZERO defense FACTS. The best way to help your Zero defense is to have an offensive system to keep them off the field. More facts are that maybe you cancer parents and kids need to transfer! Get out now! Then the Head Coach will have kids/Parents that really want to be there and will start to build it his way. The last HC let your guys complain to get your way. What’s the matter this new HC doesn’t care what your have to say? Sorry NW parents but your entitled ass can’t buy a winning record or playing time

    More fun facts are and you will really love this one….Word is you had a chance to bring Woodruff back!!! You did!!! He was ready to come take the job when Jared left but your BIG TIME players threatened the AD to transfer if they brought the Wing T back??? If anyone had any balls over there they would have said get out brought Woody back and start building with the Wing T again. Oh well you guys will never be happy. Bring the Spread they said. Well you guys got it and now you see it’s not that easy and maybe the most successful coach in school history wasn’t as crazy as you all thought he was.

  10. Rolfes is winning with Coach G’s guys. Someone send Coach G a Conference title shirt cause this one is his. Give that guy a few years and Page will be .500 Only thing saving him is that sorry conference.

  11. That’s the problem with NWG right now. The Parents think they know more about Football than the coaches. They go right behind the coaches back and bitch about everything. Now the kids who may have trusted the coach come back in complaining. In years past our best players bought into the system. Under Woodruff all those great RB’s and linemen understood their roles and loved running for 400 yards on Page and East Forsyth.

    Even Hennigan bought into Rolfes system. I don’t think the system was as good as Woodruffs but the kids trusted the coaches for the most part.

    Now the best players (Wont name any names you know who you are) and their parents do nothing but talk junk and destroy. Some of those kids should have stayed playing basketball or transferred to Dudley like they said they were going to do. All they did all year was complain and sit up in the stands and complain. If you are the man you go make plays. You don’t need the perfect offense and the perfect play. Get the ball and make people miss then take it to the house. Baxter did it, Dalton Dillon did it, Pawlowski did it, Thomas Hennigan did it. Hennigan was the only one to go big time our of all of those guys. Now you have more guys with bigger offers and all they do is cry and complain. If you are the man show everyone. If you do nothing but complain about the system maybe you aren’t as good as you want everyone to think you are?????

  12. The problem with NW is not the parents OR what offense they run. They lost ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE COUNTRY to injury. That will really hurt a team……..also, I have no idea why someone would say “the wing-t is the solution for NW going forward because of their skill set”. That is ridiculous for the simple fact that “skill sets” of a team change. From what I saw of NW, the offense wasn’t the biggest problem, and I saw the varsity and JV teams play.

    People said the same about SE. “Go ahead and get your spread offense, we are going yo laugh when you lose every game”. Well our Varsity team was as good as they have been while learning a new system and our JV was probably better than they have been in some time with a mostly Freshmen team.

  13. Congrats to the Whirlies! Ran the ball consistently, avoided turnovers and won a conference game on the road to stay in the playoff hunt. Defense has been solid all year. Grimsley has been beset by injuries as well, but have perservered.

    As the players buy in to his passion and preparation, the Whirlies will only get better under Darryl Brown.

  14. When did i ever call myself reasonably? Drunk this early? Maybe two or three times in my life. Not right now.

  15. Rusty only played 3 sports in HS and college then went on to play in the NBA with me. No big deal though. Plus he’s coached locally for years and also runs a successful restaurant locally. But it’s all good cause you know bout some football!

  16. When did NWG become an institution of victimization? Former HC told some players to remain even though he knew his heart was not in the program. Why do parents trust coaches with their children? What do I know? I just spent a weekend in a Marriot Marquis…lol

    Guilford County football is poor. Frequented some middle school games. Line players up in shotgun then run the QB and the RB the entire game. DBs cannot cover; players do not know packages/coverages. The game requires football IQ. Players are not getting much of it. Reidsville does not count. Teague does not place any players in HBCUs or community colleges. LOL

    Round 3 will show how great these local coaches are. These so-called great play callers have abundance of talent. Round 3…

  17. I think we need an investigation into why all these NWG parents think it’s ok to kill innocent deer!!! DLM

  18. Well let’s not lose sight of what is next and that is the playoffs….The playoffs and the payoffs are coming up and that needs to become the center of our focus now…

    NWG good people but time for them now to sit back and root for Northern and maybe Grimsley, who knows?????

    Got to give Grimsley some props too on last night’s game, NWG lost the game, but you to remember, Grimsley won that game last night….

    Some days off and then time to begin work on next year for our teams that lost last night, and for the teams that won, on to Round One of the playoffs….

  19. Dear TedRoe, go stick your head in a toilet please asap…..You are clueless. That’s why you Coach from your bathroom commode then do us all a favor and flush!

  20. If there was one player that I saw play this year that was not overrated it was Tre Turner. That kid is serious business as a receiver and playmaker on offense.

  21. Question: why don’t they just bring Woodruff and his staff back. I heard he build another program that had not made the playoffs since the early 2000 and just went through Districts. Let’s win again. If every community member tells Hughs and Kitley maybe they will get it through there skulls.

  22. Woodruff is not coming back people. He has a great thing going from what I hear and makes double the money he would make in NC. Plus all of those old assistant coaches have moved on to different programs and careers. It was a great time in NW Football history. The program they said could never win won a lot of games in the 7 years Woodruff was there. Even if Woody came back it wouldn’t be the same. What needs to happen is the players, parents, and fans need to give the same respect to Coach Wallace that they gave to Woody in the early going. If they fully buy in they will be beating teams like Page and East Forsyth in the next 3-5 years. We have a lot of work to do this off-season.

  23. What NW should have done was got Coach Beal back from East Forsyth this off-season. It’s obvious we don’t need anymore offensive “masterminds”. We need a dang ball coach that knows how to keep other teams off the score board! Rolfes made a dumb decision by bringing his buddy in over Beal at DC that guy lasted 2 years and ran off to Western. MComb made it one year and ran off to Winston Salem State. Then we get a coach who’s a great guy but has only won enough games to count on his hands.

    Coach Beal come from the NW area was at NW for almost 10 years won 3 conf titles as a coach then went to East Forsyth and since then East has had 3 years of dominate defense. Even at 7-3 this year East defense is keeping them in every game. Somebody tell the powers to be who cares what offense we run just as long as we score. Bring in someone that knows how to keep the other teams from scoring.

  24. Look people Coach Beal was in the running for the HC job at NW this off-season. He turned it down to stay the DC at East Forsyth and can you blame him. He knew how bad Rolfes ran the program into the ground.

    Question for Andy now?
    Do you think Coach Aaron Beal at East Forsyth is going to be coming back to GC and take a Head Coaching job at one of our Guilford County HS this off-season? He is one hell of a Defensive Coordinator and his players love playing for him. (I know my son did and still talks about how great he is) I think if he gets the right job like a HP Central or a Ragsdale and the fans give him a chance he could turn one of those teams into a top program in the area. What’s your thoughts Andy?

  25. The times I have spoken to Coach Beal he seems like he is fine with the way things are right now at East Forsyth and there is not a job for the time being that could get him to leave East…

    He really loves it there and he will tell anyone that might ask, that the situation at East is right for him right now…

    He is a very good communicator and he really does a good job of “coaching-up’ his players and he gives them a lot of encouragement and positive feedback on how they play for him….

    A good man and right now he is a happy man, but all of that could change if the situation presented itself to his liking…

    Coaching positions seem to always come open in the off-season in both Forsyth and Guilford counties, we all know that and there might be a time in the future when Coach Beal would be willing to look at one of those jobs, but for now, I don’t think so….

    We also all know there is a big difference in being the assistant coach and being the head coach….As the assistant coach there are certain things you can walk away from, but as the head coach it is ALL on you, 24/7…..

    The goal for some is to be a head coach, but for others they enjoy being the assistant in charge….

  26. Now, I’ve got a message for all you so called fans out there…. If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the game, it’s not your DB’s who just got torched by our WR’s. It’s just a little Shake….& Bake!

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