Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Scores with Smith boys over Grimsley in a hard fought game over at Smith HS/GDS and WES winners(Coach Johnson at #996)/Smith girls, NEG girls, CA boys, SG boys and more

Smith girls 61, Grimsley 55
Caldwell Academy boys 78, Oak Level 32
Northeast Guilford girls 48, Bartlett Yancey 41…NEG(1-0)/BY(0-1)
Southern Guilford boys 70, Western Guilford 54…SG(1-0)/WG(0-1)
Greensboro Day School boys 82, Calvary Day School 44….GDS(4-0) and Coach Freddy Johnson with win #996 in his 40-year career……
GDS girls 44, Burlington School 38..GDS(2-0)
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 86, Anson 34…Jaylen Hoard(Wake Forest) with 15 points for WES…

First game of the night over at Ben L. Smith High School…..
JV Boys:
Grimsley 64, Smith 40

Varsity Boys:
Smith 81, Grimsley 73
End of 3rd Quarter:Smith 51, Grimsley 49
Halftime:Smith 37, Grimsley 31
End of 1st Quarter:Smith 13, Grimsley 12

Grimsley gave Smith all they wanted tonight and Grimsley looked better than I thought they would and Smith did not look quite as good, as they felt they would be and Smith should get better as they work on and learn to play better team basketball….Smith had Jacob Crutchfield hit some key three’s in the second half and Crutchfield also canned some key free throws down the stretch…Smith got a good effort from senior Isaiah Bigelow, Jaylen Gainey played well, even though he is going to continue to have get stronger and the timing on Gainey’s shot-blocking was on tonight and he got some of his shots blocked too, but he will have to continue to get stronger and he will, Jordan Williams was able to shake off most of his football rust and he will be able to offer more and more help to the Golden Eagles, as he gets in more minutes and keeps building up his game situation reps….No PA tonight so we don’t have all of the names and principal parties, but we MaxPreps on the scene and on the table we can tell you that Smith also got a steady effort from Jaylin Gamble inside, backing up Gainey and it will be fun and interesting to see if Smith runs some of their sets with Gainey and Gamble both on the floor at the same time this season….With Crutchfield, Cameron Hayes and Malik Puryear, Smith likes to go with that smaller and quicker lineup and Bigelow can run with the fast group and he might just be the glue to this team, along with Crutchfield right now, at this stage of the early season….We don’t have any roster info on Grimsley and they are empty right now at MaxPreps and with no PA tonight we will just tell you that #14 for Grimsley was their standout…He posterized Smith inside with a huge dunk that brought the crowd out of their seats and he fans screaming for more of that where that came from, the kid has talent and so does #1 for Grimsley and I think his name is Devin and he used to be over at Vandalia Christian School, if my sources are right and that little guard for Grimsley, Devin, must have hit at least 5 deep three’s for Grimsley in this game…The kid can shoot it and he has range….Also #12 for Grimsley had a steady game and this Grimsley team has some talent and it would be something interesting if Grimsley still had Aaron Wiggins(WES) and Austin Inge(GDS), but we have to keep a moving on and that is what Coach Thomas Griffis will do, he will keep the Whirlies coming at you….

Coach Partee and assistant coach Waddell have Smith in a position to do some big things this season, but it will become a crazy and competitive one when they get into conference action in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference….

More coming later and we hope to have a final on the Smith-Grimsley girls game and it looked like Grimsley had good numbers as they were warming up tonight and we saw former Smith girls head coach Ed Johnson in the house tonight at Smith, checking out the games and he is now the head man over at Page, working with the Page Pirate girls…..

More coming later…….


  1. #14 for Whirlies is soph Ahmil Flowers and #1 is junior Devin Resper. Whirlies are going to be A tough out this year.

  2. Grimsley girls fell just short in their comeback. Down by 22 at half, they got within 3 before losing 61-55.

  3. Smith has 7 or 8 players that will or should be playing college ball. They should be a lot better than they looked, but we will see as the season continues. Grimsley also has one of the best coaches in the county. Just my take

  4. How did Cameron Hayes have 24 and 7 as I saw your other post giving the stats. That is huge for a high school sophmore, a young one at that, to have those kind of numbers and not be mentioned. Wow

  5. Not impressed by Smith at all. If GHS knock down those free throws we have a different ball game. Oh by the way there is a picture forth coming of the posterization.

  6. I was at the Smith/Grimsley game. That dunk brought the house down! Smith needs a little more movement on offense, but the talent is there and the size.

  7. Yes we did mention Hayes in the write-up beside Crutchfield and Puryear and we will get to know him better and I think he was wearing #1 and Cameron Hayes was #1 in scoring for the Golden Eagles last night….

    Good ball game and good for Smith to get an early test and to see what they have and Grimsley can beat some people this year.

  8. I came into the game thinkin smith should blow out Grimsley, after all they d have 7 or 8 college committed kids, Grimsley played hard and honestly should’ve won. Do yall not realize a key player from Grimsley senior guard, Nathan Urquhart got injured in the firs quarter, Overall I believe Grimsley should’ve won, but can somebody please give me #14 Instagram.He’s only a sophomore posterizing a college committed player. That’s beyond outstanding . THAT DUNK BETTER BE A TOP 10 PLAY OF THE YEAR. Anyways, it was all around an exciting game to watch and probably the game of the year.

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