Tennessee State Football Player Dismissed from team and Expelled from school, after hitting coach and knocking him to the ground on the sidelines, during the game

from The Tennessean at www.tennessean.com
Tennessee State defensive end Latrelle Lee was dismissed from the team and expelled from school Saturday night after he hit Tigers head strength coach T.J. Greenstone twice in the head and knocked him to the turf on the sideline.

Check out the video when you CLICK HERE for The Tennessean and this one is pretty crazy and you may want to watch it more than one time….The player, Latrelle Lee hits his coach in the head(twice), knocks his cap on backwards, off of the coach’s head and the coach hits the ground….Bad scene and the players around the scene did not seem to be too fazed by what was going on, but the president of the university, Tennessee State made the move on Monday and Latrelle Lee is gone….The head coach, Rod Reed, kicked Lee off of the team and the university’s president kicked him out of school…..

Again, to check out the video, CLICK HERE. When you get to the Tennessean site, click on the video link….


  1. Nothing shocks me anymore. JJ Watt raises close to 90 Million to help hurricane victims and Kaepernick is awarded citizen of the year !
    Someone is already working on a lawsuit or protest to say that Lee was treated unfairly I’m sure of that.

  2. So because a black player was totally in the wrong and punched a coach and was kicked off the team and expelled from school, which is what should have happened, the first thing you can do is bring up a protest and Colin Kaepernick? Way to try to turn this into a black/white thing when it’s really a right or wrong thing. I truly don’t think anyone will protest a player being expelled from school for violence against a coach. Let’s try to make more common sense statements instead of appearing to try to fan the flames or racism with such a lame statement. We as a country have got to do better and start trying to rise above this foolishness.

  3. That’s not fair – I agree. I am totally sick of the escalated racism that is occurring on both sides ( White and Black ). I really thought my kids were growing up in a new time, but we seem to be going backwards.

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