Game Report on Smith-Southeast Guilford Boys Basketball:Partee and Waddell turn loose Isaac Bigelow and watch him roll to the tune of 43 points and 14 rebounds

Ben l Smith 100, Southeast 64

Southeast- 11(1st) 15(2nd) 16(3rd) 22(4th)
Smith-     18(1st) 26(2nd) 14(3rd) 40(4th)

Smith scorers
C. Hayes- 9 points
J. Crutchfield- 16 points
I. Bigelow- 43 points 14 rebounds
S. Mason- 6 points
T. Burris- 6 points
M. Puryear-8 points
J. Gamble- 6 points
C. McCormick- 2 points
J. Gainey- 4 points
N. Witherspoon- 2 points

Southeast scorers
K. Hinds-15 points
C. Fuller- 2 points
J. James-16 points
K. Baldwin- 4 points
D. Brown- 8 points
T. Boswell- 1 Point
L. McNeil-2 points
J. Dickerson- 9 points
G. Tyler- 3 points
T. Dancy-2 points
T. Leonard- 2 points

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  1. 43 and 14……..crazy! We were at that game and the Bigelow kid was draining three pointers, but I didn’t know it was like that. We left at the beginnning of the fourth quarter. Smith’s size and skill started to really assert itself in the second quarter though. SE has some talented kids, but not much size.

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