High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Finishing up another season with a look at the Lincolns/Linkins/Links(and the coach/players said this)

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Here we go with our one game from last night to look back on, as we finished up our 2017 Guilford County high school football season and our last team standing, the Eastern Guilford Wildcats, fell 32-29, to the Wildcats from New Hanover High School in Wilmington, N.C.

Time to hit the links and not with a four iron, but with some of the connections that will take us back to last night’s game on The Rewind….

from New Hanover’s #7 Wiz Vaughn on the play that sealed Eastern Guilford’s fate late in the game with just under one minute left in the contest and New Hanover had the ball on 4th down and two at around the EG 44 yard line….And here is what Vaughn said:

“It was fourth-and-two and coach Earl Smith said, ‘We aren’t going to stress. We’re just going to punt it’”,” Vaughn said. “I looked at him and said, ‘No. Give me the ball.’

Vaughn go the ball and the New Hanover Wildcats got the first down and Eastern Guilford never got the ball back and the game was over….

It seems like that was the mentality that Vaughn played with all game long and all season long for New Hanover….

Read the full recap on the game from Tim Hower, at the Wilmington Star News when you CLICK HERE…..

Check out photos from the Eastern Guilford-New Hanover game when you CLICK HERE and since these come in from the Wilmington Star News site, there are a lot of New Hanover photos, but there are some good Eastern Guilford clips/photos too…Check them out and store the memories….

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Eastern Guilford Coach Doug Robertson talking with the News and Record’s Joe Sirera after the game:
“Credit New Hanover,” he said. “They stopped us and put us in a situation where on fourth down we felt like we needed to score there and at worst pin them deep. Newby’s right there. Not sure if he’s in or not — it’s close — but they called it at the foot line and that’s just kind of how the night went.”

EG QB Dominique Graves on the EG Wildcats’ offensive plays down near the goal line:
“I could’ve sworn we got in a couple of times down there,” Graves said, “but they said we didn’t. We just kept trying to pound it and pound it. The last time we tried to get outside and he tried to bulldoze it in, but they said he didn’t get in.”

EG coach Doug Robertson on the play of New Hanover’s Wiz Vaughn:
“Their running game honestly surprised me, how well they could run the ball against us,” Robertson said. “We had to man the perimeter to account for (Vaughn). They didn’t do much all year with him in the backfield, but credit them for a good game plan.”

Eastern Guilford QB Dominique Graves on the play of his teammate Zaccheus Milton, the #7 for the EG Wildcats:
“They were worried about other people, and he just came up big,” Graves said of Milton. “He’s always been the type of player where even if he doesn’t get the ball he always has his head up. I told him there would come a time when we would need him in the playoffs. He did everything he could tonight.”

CLICK HERE for the full post from Joe Sirera at the News and Record, as he made the trip down to Wilmington last night and got some great quotes and game notes….
Joe did a great job in coverage this season(N&R), hitting the road and hitting it hard, for the Guilford County teams…

It was a fun ride following the EG Wildcats in the playoffs for us here at GreensboroSports.com with me and Dennis White hitting the trails and tracking Eastern Guilford for the 2017 finish….

Good to see these kids growing and showing with Dominique Graves and we do think he should be the Guilford County Player of the Year….Plus the ‘Cats with Nic Cheeley, Adam Akins, Zaccheus Milton, Christian McMullen, Hezekiah Newby, Rufus Williams, Eric Walker, Kendyl Graves, Alex Gowda, Justin Matthews, Justin Spruill, Cameron Myers, Colin Smith, Darrell Roberts, Chris Goldston, Chrishon Goldston, Nathan White, Henderson, Alderson, Terrell Owens, Isaiah Wallace, Eliziah Oakes, Liles, DJ Evans, big D Man Josh Hayward(#25), you just keep going with names by the numbers with #1, #10, #7, #8, #5, #26, #16, #20, #76, #72, #42, #14, #12, #31, #6, #2, #4, #75 and on we go with Coach Doug Robertson, Coach Jones, Coach Glenn Goss and on we go…….If there are any names that we left out, we will add them in, in the future, but as for now……..

A very fun and satisfying season and best of luck to all of these kids and coaches down the road…..

+++++One of the message boards was saying this and it is a good point:+++++
Principal Lance Sockwell came into Eastern Guilford HS a couple of years ago and he changed that so that the football players could take the weight training classes every semester. This was a huge reason the program made it to the 3AA finals last year and hopefully again this year. So, let’s give credit where credit is due, and that belongs to Coach Doug Robertson and Principal Sockwell.
*****Lance Sockwell, an Eastern Guilford and Western Carolina University graduate.*****

$$$$$ Also THANKS to our technical leader Don Moore on another great season, Thank-you, Don Moore……$$$$$