Four Touchdowns for #5 back on Saturday as APP State freshman Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS) makes his bid for Rookie of the Year

He makes his bid for Sun Belt Conference Rookie of the Year and he might just be college football’s Rookie of the Year/Top Freshman in 2017….

Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford High School) with four touchdowns led the Appalachian State Mountaineers to victory and on to a bowl game bid this past Saturday, in APP State’s win at ‘The Rock’….

Thomas(#5 for the Appalachian State Mountaineers) had been quiet for a few weeks and then he comes back and goes crazy in the final APP State home football game for 2017….Now it is on to the Dollar General Bowl vs. Toledo(11-2) and who knows, Thomas Hennigan may not be done yet, he may have more heroics up his sleeves…

Four TD’s in one game and he had a fifth one called back and that is just crazy, but crazy-good for APP State and APP State might be going ‘APPE Crazy’, with Thomas Hennigan on the scene for three more years after this one…..

Thomas Hennigan, the young man who never looks tired in his post-game photos and he always has a big smile on his face…

We have to get more people talking about Thomas Hennigan, just like we got people talking about Barry Windham back in the day…..

Thomas Hennigan might be becoming a Guilford County folk hero and he sure is getting the job done, but I would like to see more of our county people picking up the name of Thomas Hennigan and running with it….Lots of good high school talent has come out of our county, but this kid is proving he is certainly one of the best ever….

Thomas might be ready to take over the pro helm, about the time Keenan Allen is slowing down and we might have another big timer on our hands, and K. Allen is sure getting it done for the L.A. Chargers this season…Three straight 100-yard receiving games with TD in all three games and now over 1,000 yards for the season for Allen(Northern Guilford High School)…..Got one getting it done from Northern and another one, from Northwest Guilford, getting it done too….

Great to see these young men doing great things and we just need to get more people talking about it…It slips past many fans, because everybody seems to just be focused on their team or their certain player….Got to spread the word around, Thomas Hennigan is the “Real Deal” and Keenan Allen carries that title too, the “Real Deal”….

If you see on here that we aren’t saying or getting the word out there, some of the rest of you need to get the word going too…..

We are still working out the car lag from our journey with the Eastern Guilford Wildcats during this year’s NCHSAA playoffs and the weird thing is, Keenan Allen nor Thomas Hennigan never went deep at all in the NCHSAA football playoffs….

But here is the gospel truth on Thomas Hennigan’s game from Saturday in Boone, N.C., at “The Rock” and we will have more on Keenan Allen later here at the site tonight….If David Jackson was still on the call up at APP, I bet he would be crazy over/about Thomas Hennigan….

from the APP football site:
BOONE, N.C. — The exercise became so repetitive, true freshman Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford High School) began raising fingers to signify how many times he had scored.

It was the ultimate Ring Game at The Rock, complete with record-setting performances and a stage on which to celebrate.

Appalachian State clinched a share of a second straight Sun Belt Conference championship by winning 63-14 against Louisiana on Senior Day at Kidd Brewer Stadium. The Mountaineers (8-4, 7-1) will share the title with Troy (10-2, 7-1), as the Trojans scored a last-minute touchdown to claim a 32-25 victory at Arkansas State (7-4, 6-2) on Saturday night.

After the win in Boone, with fans flooding the field, Sun Belt deputy commissioner Kathy Keene delivered a championship trophy to head coach Scott Satterfield, who handed the hardware off to his seniors.

Hennigan tied a school record by catching four touchdown passes from senior quarterback Taylor Lamb, App State’s run game accounted for a season-high 357 of the team’s 608 total yards and the defense helped the Mountaineers build a 56-7 lead after the Ragin’ Cajuns (5-7, 4-4) scored a touchdown in the opening minute.

With nine touchdowns in 11 possessions, the 63 points set a program record for a Sun Belt game and were the most in any App State game since the Mountaineers won 70-24 against Wofford in 2008.

Hennigan finished with 99 receiving yards on his five catches, Jalin Moore added two touchdowns while rushing for 110 yards and another true freshman, Daetrich Harrington, reached the end zone once while rushing for a career-high 118 yards.

Hennigan nearly had five touchdowns, but his 82-yard punt return in the third quarter was wiped out because he fielded the ball after waving his arms side-to-side to stop anyone from touching it.

*****”I had a couple five-touchdown games in high school, but I never dreamed of doing it in college like this, especially as a freshman,” Hennigan said. “I’m just blessed to have a quarterback and a team and an offense like we have this year.”*****

+++++That four touchdowns in one game reminds of crazy stuff like Ted Brown(High Point Andrews HS/N.C. State) crazy, Kelvin Bryant(Tarboro/UNC) crazy, Tony Dorsett(Pitt) crazy, Herschel Walker(Georgia) crazy, Billy Sims(Oklahoma) crazy, Earl Campbell(Texas) crazy and most of those guys were running backs, slot back wide receivers crazy???? Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS/Appalachian State) crazy…….+++++


  1. Andy, Come one. Your statement is ridiculous. You are comparing his performance to Herschel Walker, Billy Simms, Tony Dorsett ? Ae you out of you F**** mind ?

  2. Andy, Come one. Your statement is ridiculous. You are comparing his performance to Herschel Walker, Billy Simms, Tony Dorsett ? Are you out of you F**** mind ?

  3. Hennigan has become a real fan favorite at App. The kid catches anything thrown his way. Congratulations on a great season!

  4. Yes, I am out of my mind(for about 15-20 years now), but the comparison is set up to match what Walker, Dorsett, Sims, Bryant, Brown and guys like that did when they scored 4 TD’s in a game…

    The 4 TD game is where we have set the bar here, and I brought on names that our readers might be familiar with when it comes to scoring at least 4 touchdowns in a game and I hope I am correct with all of the guys I mentioned scoring at least 4 TD’s in at least one of their college games….

    Hard to roll off a list of receivers that have went out and set a standard of scoring 4 TD’s in a game, and those WR names that might have scored four in a game just don’t roll off of your tongue….

    Thomas and his APP State Mountaineers play at a different level than most of the guys I mentioned do, but by mentioning those 4 TD-type RB’s that would have the runs to score 4 TD’s in a game in college, by dropping in their names, I think we were able to make our point about how exclusive scoring the 4 TD’s in a game is…

    Maybe receivers that could have done it might be names like Randy Moss at Marshall and maybe someone like Joey Galloway at Ohio State, and if you folks know of others that might make that list, throw the names out there….

    We have to dig and it sure is a dig, but maybe the kid that played WR at Elon when Scott Riddle(Eastern Randolph HS) was QB there and the kid’s name might have been Terrell Hudgins, maybe he did it, but like I say, there are not names from the wideout spot scoring 4 TD’s in a game that jump off the page at you….

    Wonder if guy like Torry Holt at N.C. State did it or maybe Clarkston Hines at Duke did it and probably not but Rich McGeorge at Elon, but he caught quite a few…

    Wonder if Keenan Allen at Cal ever had a four TD game receiving in college???

    It would take some digging and for making a point’s sake, I think those RB’s names that would score 4 TD’s in a game got everyone’s attention in a hurry and it does not happen every week and for Thomas Hennigan this is some kind of story….

    Sure is a good topic and I know what I am talking about and plan on doing some more later….

    Good job Thomas Hennigan I’m sure glad I picked up some of these details on Twitter and if you don’t know Thomas, he is a big Twitter man and does a good job on there with his posts too…

    Good evening and I look forward to seeing more comments on this topic….

    One of the TD scoring machines I remember from high school was this kid James McDougal and he did some kind of TD scoring in high school from the RB spot and he did pretty good in college at Wake Forest too, but nothing like high school….And all of those Streater brothers up at Sylva Webster HS, they could score a few TD’s in a hurry too, with Eric, Steve, James/Jimmy and there might have been one more….

    Good topic on TD Tallies…..

  5. I have been to a couple of games this year at App and Hennigan is the real deal. Unbelievable hands, great route runner, punt and kick off returner as a true freshman. He is only going to get better. Good to see a Guilford county kid doing so well.

  6. I’m at all the app games and yes Hennigan is the real deal! Congrats to him on a great season…his stats would be better…App just doesn’t throw the ball much. Also congrats to App for winning the conference 2x in a row…and remember Andy..Scotts not so hot!!

  7. Sure do miss Coach Moore and in my dreams I can see him back on the sidelines up there in Boone any day now…

    APP has persevered and with their perseverance they have become a better program in the long haul and wish they would have taken a bit of a different route, but what’s done is done and the day is rising and APP is rising up and they have come up with a very good recruit in the QB Stephon Brown from over at Glenn HS in Kernersville…

    Best of luck and continued success for Thomas Hennigan, the kid has a good approach and a great work ethic….

    APP seemed to be throwing more with Lamb early in the year/season and maybe they are getting back to that now with T. Hennigan wide-open on those pass routes…

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