He’s done a great job at UNCG, but in the future, will Wes Miller be the next coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels???

from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer:

Did UNC fans see their next coach during NCAA tournament?

Langston Wertz Jr. at the Observer says after UNCG/UNC-Greensboro’s 68-64 loss to Gonzaga in Thursday’s NCAA Round One basketball game at Boise, Idaho, Wes Miller, the UNCG Spartans’ head men’s basketball coach began to get UNC-Chapel Hill/North Carolina Tar Heels fans talking and doing a whole lot of speculating about the possibilities of Wes Miller becoming the Tar Heels next coach, when Roy Williams decides to hang up his whistle…

*****Wertz Jr.:*****
Several UNC fans began speculating about Miller being a possible replacement for Tar Heels coach Roy Williams, whenever Williams decides to retire.
Williams, 67, is signed through 2020 at UNC.
Miller, 35, just finished his seventh season at UNCG.

Interesting thoughts by Wertz Jr., but just like in the case with Greg Olsen, the Carolina Panthers’ tight end, going for the job as the analyst on Monday Night Football, and if Olsen gets offered the job, the conventional thinking is he needs to go ahead and leave the Panthers and take the ESPN Monday Night Football job now…..So if Wes Miller gets feelers from North Carolina about replacing Roy Williams, when Roy is set to retire, should Wes Miller go ahead and let the Tar Heels know that he wants the job and why not go ahead and hire him NOW…….What do you think and here is what many on Twitter are thinking……

+++++Here is what the Twitter Nation is saying and how they reacted to the Question posed by Langston Wertz Jr., with the Charlotte Observer….+++++
Rick Lewis
Don’t know when, but Wes Miller will be coaching UNC one day https://twitter.com/BBallImmersion/status/973965564988313600 …

Wes Miller is our next head coach in chapel hill

Anthony Jones
Wes Miller should be the coach of UNC when Roy retires!

Coaching Changes
UNCC when they saw UNCG lose so they can get Wes Miller on campus ASAP

Does Wes Miller get a look from UNC when Roy retires?

Tar Heel Nation
Wes Miller is about to get $$$$$

Mike Schmitz
Gonzaga squeaked one out but 35-year-old UNCG head coach and former Tar Heel Wes Miller should be on every high major program’s radar. Excellent coach who took the Bulldogs to the brink.

Dick Weiss
will wes miller get a good look at the charlotte job after his unc grensboro team pushed Gonzaga to the limit?

Jason Jordan
Hope Wes Miller’s agent has an unlimited plan. #uncg #marchmadness

CLICK HERE for the post, photos and more on Wes Miller to Chapel Hill, from Greensboro, with Langston Wertz Jr., at the Charlotte Observer…

2 thoughts on “He’s done a great job at UNCG, but in the future, will Wes Miller be the next coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels???

  1. After the lack of match ups assignments that Roy couldn’t understand he put his team at a disadvantage against their bigs. Poor shooting led to leak outs or being out hustled on the boards. Bring on Wes, anything would be an improvement to our prerimeter defense against 3 point shooters.

  2. Unless Ol’ Roy decides to retire before the end of next season, Wes will be the next Wake Forest coach. His dad is a pretty prominent booster there, as well as at UNCG, and Danny Manning is an incompetent (54-72 at Wake, 20-52 in the ACC) jerk who is wearing out his welcome.

    If Wes had success at Wake, then he would be in a better position to succeed Williams at UNC. Just sayin’.

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