Good Job by our Locals in last week’s N.C. A&T Aggies Spring Football Game

Saw some of the newspaper and video coverage on our locals at this past Sunday’s N.C. A&T Aggie Spring Football Game and our locals, including Darius Graves(Dudley HS) at running back, Ron Hunt(Southern Guilford HS), Mac McCain(Dudley HS) and of course, QB Lamar Raynard, from High Point Andrews HS, were all looking good….

Marquell Cartwright, from HP Andrews, the Aggies top RB from 2017 was sitting out due to injury, but all of those kids/young men mentioned above were doing great things and looking good and we are very proud of the job Graves(RB), Hunt(WR), McCain(DB) and Raynard(QB) are doing over there at A&T…..

To be totally honest with you, the kid that surprised and impressed me the most, was Darius Graves…That kid was running tough for his team in the scrimmage and he looked like he has taken his game up several notches since he left Dudley for UNC and now Darius is back at A&T…Keep it going and it will be good to see both Cartwright and Graves in that Aggie backfield come football season for 2018 at Aggie Stadium….


  1. You forgot to mention Kyin Howard who was second for the Gold Squad in tackles with 5. Balil Ali had a very good game for the Gold Offense at right tackle. Keifer Oates from NEG also had made some good defensive plays for the Gold defense as well.

  2. Thanks for bringing those guys up…The video coverage and newspaper coverage we saw did not mention them, but you got their names out there, and that is good…

  3. I read about Kyin and Keifer on the A&T FB site. I saw the game and watched Bilal as well as Kyin.

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