Looking over our Top Ten Baseball Poll as we hit past the mid-way point of 2018 High School Season

*****If the police call, tell them I did my community service, this ought to be enough info to last everyone for the weekend….*****

Let’s go with this Top Ten for Baseball this week and any way you slice it, we had to do deep digging to come up with this Top Ten….HS baseball overall, is off this year in Guilford County…There is some good talent, but not enough to make it as competitive as it should be and you can say the same for softball too…We don’t have the powerhouse teams in baseball or softball, but we do have some good young talent, so the cycle may trend upwards again, in a few more years….This year we just have too many teams, with losing records…..

Baseball Top Ten
1)Southeast Guilford(14-2)
2)Southwest Guilford(14-3)
4)Northwest Guilford(11-6)
5)Northern Guilford(11-7)
6)Western Guilford(8-8)
9)TIE:Ragsdale(7-9)/Eastern Guilford(7-9)

*****For all intents and purposes, High Point Central is not a bad (5-12) team….They have beaten several teams in the Top Ten and they took SEG to extra innings back on Thursday night, but the Bison have to work on that (5-12) mark…..Southern Guilford has shown many signs of improvement at (4-12) and they just beat Western Guilford 6-5 earlier in this week…Smith is on the way up and that is the only way they can go and they are still doing just as much teaching as they are doing coaching at Smith(4-9), but they have shown us positive signs under head coach Joey Gladson and I am very proud of the work he has turned in over at Smith….Northeast Guilford is just young and if they can keep the group of kids that they have now together, Coach White and Coach Suggs will bring this team back…..I hate to say because the coach works hard and has a great approach and attitude, but I don’t see much hope this season for High Point Andrews and as for the future, I do not see it getting any better, unless they find kids that are willing to play baseball together over the Summer months and not just one Summer, but every Summer, the entire time they are in Middle School and High School….Some kind of developmental program must be put into place at Andrews….*****

+++++I will look to be adding the Softball Poll Top Ten Poll next and our Top Teams at this time are, Southwest Guilford(11-2), Northern Guilford(10-2) and Northwest Guilford at (11-4)…..After those teams we may have one more Guilford County team with a winning record and that would be Ragdale at (9-5)…Most of the rest of our teams are right now below .500, but we will work on a Top Ten for next week and look to add some of our Private Schools for baseball too, with Wesleyan Christian Academy, being the top baseball team in Guilford County for 2018 overall and other privates that are very good include Caldwell Academy, High Point Christian Academy and the Triad Math and Science Academy….

More come in the next week and for now I will leave you with a few key baseball numbers for this season, up to this point…..
(Posting top numbers from each team for the ones that were available at MaxPreps…Some teams post, some do not and in the end it does benefit the teams that post.)

Devin Bartley from Southeast Guilford with at least 4 HR’s and 20-plus RBI on the season…..Braxton King from SEG with at least 2 HR’s, as ‘The King’ had 2 last night…
Caleb Cozart(Wesleyan Christian Academy) batting .514 with 4 HR’s and 20 RBI…..
C.J. Neese(Grimsley HS) batting .479 with 2 HR’s and 13 RBI…
Jake Knapp(Page HS) batting .478 with 13 RBI…
Larry McMillan(Dudley HS) batting .441 with 18 RBI…
Gavin Mortenson(Northwest Guilford HS) batting .422 with 11 RBI…
Isaiah Hairston(Southwest Guilford HS) batting .408 with 2 HR’s and 29 RBI….
Troy Langmeyer, Caldwell Academy batting .396 with 1 HR and 13 RBI…
Kaamill Tyson(Smith HS) batting .324 with 10 RBI…
Brandon Bledsoe, from Northern Guilford batting .319 with 7 RBI….


  1. We are hearing the Western Guilford JV Baseball team is the top JV team in our county with a (9-1) record….

    Can anybody vouch for that, are they our top JV Baseball team in the county???

  2. NW’s JV team is 13-2-1, and just beat Page, who was 13-1 coming in, 10-0. The game was closer than the final score indicated….I believe it was 2-0 after 4 innings. Both of those teams looked like pretty good JV teams to me.

  3. Bill Ahrens is the Western Guilford man….We need to get him on here talking more about that team….Teams like Western Guilford may be on their way back, they have been way down for many years….Bill Ahrens may have a word on the ride….

    Sounds like NWG and Page both are in the hunt….I heard Page had been playing pretty with their catcher Joseph Weathersbee having a good year behind the plate and pitching pretty well too…Page, I think it was them, won the JV Tournament at Southern Guilford, back over Easter…

    Northern has been rebuilding after last year’s 3-A State Title game win…I have heard that Northern has had a strong Middle School program in recent years…

    Western Guilford has been dead, but it looks like they may be coming back to life…

    I hope the JV teams are going to be good feeder programs at all of the schools…Sometimes the JV Baseball is nothing more than Pee Wee Baseball and a delay to get the varsity game started on time at 7pm…

    Hopefully these JV teams are now starting to do something…..

  4. Yes WG varsity is young, but still able to compete this year. With this year’s JV team at 9-1, next year’s varsity will be full of talent. Here’s what the winning percentages are for area JV teams.

    Western 9-1 .900

    Page 13-2 .867

    Northwest 13-2-1 .813

    Northern 11-1-2 .786

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