15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Thursday afternoon we visited Ragsdale High School, in Jamestown)

15 Guilford County High Schools in 15 Days or something like that, with Five Key Questions for the Coaches(Thursday afternoon we visited Ragsdale High School)

We are trying to get around to all of the Guilford County Schools over the next 15 days and we made the stop this afternoon at Ragsdale, and we have 5 Key Questions for the Tigers’ head coach Johnny Boykin….

1)Who is your Top Quarterback?
Devan Boykin and Trey Jackson
They will split time, most of the time and Devan is not going at QB, he will go WR or in the slot and he is also the top DB on the team and does punt returns….

2)Top Running back?
Willie Brown and Ryan Shaw

3)Top Receiver?
Tre Goode, one of the best in the county and he has committed to Charlotte and we have Jonah Handy, another very good receiver

4)Top Defensive Player?
Devante Lambert and Xzavian McIntyre…Devan Boykin(a Junior) at DB is a very strong cornerback and he is being recruited by the UNC Tar Heels….
***Top Offensive Linemen:Jacob Gates and Cameron Blizzard…***
Gates is one of the overall strongest players on the team and Blizzard is very sound on the O-line and is being recruited by the Air Force Academy and others…

5)What we must do and will do different from last year?
We have gotten better on the outsides with Goode and Handy and we have to be very selective on how we use the quarterback position…The key spot will one of the major difference-makers, how we use that spot on the football field….One of the key differences for the Ragsdale Tigers is how hard they work in the weight room and it is not just during the off-season Summer months…We are talking right now, today before practice and prior to the daily team meetings….These kids are in the weight room and they are pushing the iron and they are pushing it hard…They maintain the same pace and routine during the regular season….There is no slow down, there is no let down, the Tigers do not put the weights down and that is what makes them tougher in the late games on 3rd and 4th down, in tight game situations…Coach Boykin says the hard work is paying off and this is how they have to get the edge…Out-work others and keep on pumping that iron and it will build strong, well-conditioned bodies…You can see on the video below, the Ragsdale Tigers’ work ethic is for real and they are real serious, about how they conduct their business and do their work…Fun to hit the weight room and see how they get it done prior to practice each day…A great inside look provided to us by Coach Johnny Boykin….

One thing Ragsdale will not being different, is they will keep hitting those weights, and that has been a huge difference-maker for them thus far…

*****Click Below for the Tigers’ practice in progress, as they are going at it on Thursday afternoon, in the weight room Ragsdale High School….*****

+++++Click On Below to see the Videos….+++++

Lots of energy in this Ragsdale weight room…Sort of getting it done in the dungeon, but this is not like a dungeon, the guys are having fun and getting it done in here….

Jacob Gates looking to take that 225 pounds up-and-down five times…

The football buzz in the weight room can be felt at RHS…

Time to break it down..

Time to head out to team meetings…


  1. Coach Boykins is not Qualified to be head coach. He will upset the town of Jamestown with all the disappointments this coach will bring a proud Ragsdale program for the last 15 years.

  2. Coach Boykin guided Ragsdale to a record of (7-4) in his first season as head coach at Ragsdale last season…

    He was just named to the assistant coach for the West football team in next Summer’s East-West All Stars football game, after just a year as head coach at Ragsdale…

    Coach Boykin can GO and this man is going strong and I have seen it first hand….

    The toughest part for Ragsdale going into the new season will be replacing RB Malachi Maness, who is now off playing college football…

    Ragsdale is in good hands with Coach Boykin… They have two excellent quarterbacks and a super good receiver in Tre Goode…..

    You are wrong if you are selling Coach Boykin short….He is a great high school football coach…

    He will have his young men ready to play…Check out the video…

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