Preseason All-State High School Football Team:Guilford County gets SHUT OUT for 2018!!!

CLICK HERE for the 2018 Preseason All-State High School Football Team and this year, we/Guilford County got shut out….We did not make the team, but hey, we still have the regular season and our kids might just be shining come postseason time….

We shall see….The kicker from Eastern Guilford, Colin Smith I think it is, has a real strong foot, Javondre Paige, the QB over at Page is ready to put up some real big numbers this season and Paige is just a junior and sometimes, those juniors jump over the seniors, if the numbers are right..

Alex Angus at Page, as an LB will have to be looked at, as will DB Richard Monroe IV(Quad), over at Dudley HS….Devan Boykin, the DB from Ragsdale HS, night just pop up on the All-State radar and the lineman Erik Walker at Eastern Guilford HS is big enough to make some noise statewide, so you may be hearing from him….John Oxce, the tough lineman over at Southwest Guilford HS, may create some discussion by the time the last ball is snapped in 2018….By year’s end Chad Stephens at Southeast Guilford may put up some numbers that will get the statewide voters attention, Stephens from his LB position….The big lineman Johnny King, for SEG, might have a voice across the state as well….Who knows, we will see how it all goes and it just goes to show you, if you get left out, it makes you go to work, thinking on how to get in…..

We have some kids out here that may surprise you before this season is over……

One thought on “ Preseason All-State High School Football Team:Guilford County gets SHUT OUT for 2018!!!

  1. This kind of seems like a rebuilding year for a lot of schools in Guilford County. A lot of really good young players. That is not to say that they can’t get there, but……….

    In terms of getting an All-State nod at QB, that will be tough. One of the top QB’s in the country, and Florida State commit, is Sam Howell out of Sun Valley and the QB at AC Reynolds in Asheville (ECU commit) is right behind him. They both threw for a lot of yards and are traditional pocket passers, not to mention they both took their teams deep into the playoffs last year. You never know though.

    Either way, I think that we will see QUITE A FEW young guys, some underclassmen, make a name this season in the area.

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