Friday Night Finish:We had one team win in OT, One of our teams lost by just a point, Another team has hit/found their playoff stride and another team finds a way to win at Home and now travels to Kernersville!!!!!

We had five teams going into tonight’s Second Round of the NCHHSAA football playoffs and now, as we head on to Round Three, we have just three Guilford County teams left in the hunt for a high school State Championship…
(We have three going into Round Three.)

Tonight Southeast Guilford over Eastern Guilford, 9-3, in OT….I have been calling these games for over 21 years and I think this was the first overtime game I have seen….Steady performances by the QB’s from both teams, Ryan Douglas from SEG and Kamell Smith, from EG…EG got that 41-yard FG from kicker Collin Smith to lead 3-0 just after the teams came back out after halftime, and then Jonathan Medlin hit a 34-yarder for SEG to tie the game with just 1:11 remaining, to send the game into OT…Southeast Guilford goes on a 84-yard game-tying drive, as the Falcons find the key field goal, and then send this game into overtime…

Excellent second half effort by Kamell Smith, the Eastern Guilford sophomore, and then on the game-tying drive Ryan Douglas come sup big with key passes for first-down yardage to his brother Adam Douglas and to Tyler Hoff…
Kamell Smith with the heart of a lion and Ryan Douglas, with the heart of a Champion and we speak well of both young men….

In overtime, Chad Stephens scored the game-winning touchdown from about three yards out, to give the Falcons the
win, and to set up a Third Round meeting with Dudley and Southeast Guilford, next Friday night at Bill Slayton Stadium…..
+++++Joe Sirera from the News and Record on the early part of the SEG-EG battle:
Halftime: @EGFootball_ 0, @segfalconfb 0. Somebody needs to get a runner on and bunt him over. #HSXtra

The Dudley Panthers seem to be the team that is hitting their stride in the playoffs, as the Panthers traveled to Wilmington tonight and came home a 42-21 winner/victor….How is Dudley getting it done??? We will get a chance to find out next Friday night and we should more on their win tonight/Friday coming around in just a few….

The Dudley Panthers seem to be the team that is hitting their stride in the playoffs, as the Panthers traveled to Wilmington tonight and came home a 42-21 winner/victor….How is Dudley getting it done??? We will get a chance to find out next Friday night and we should more on their win tonight/Friday coming around in just a few….

from Owen Hassell at the Wilmington Star News site:
^^^^^^^^^^In the first five and a half minutes, New Hanover football put up 14 points and forced two turnovers. All looked well against Dudley to get a step closer to back-to-back 3AA state championships.

Then the Wildcats reverted back to some of their early season miscues.

That gave the visiting Panthers life and 27 unanswered points, which powered the Greensboro school to a 42-21 victory in the second round of the 3AA state playoffs.

It was the second-straight year New Hanover (9-4), the No. 6 seed in the 3AA East, faced Dudley in the second round. Last year the Wildcats fended off a Panthers comeback but were unable to do the same Friday.^^^^^^^^^^
Read more on Dudley-New Hanover, when you CLICK HERE….

The Page loss to Porter Ridge just about kicks you in the gut….In a season overloaded with drama, Page finds more of that same drama hitting them upside the head tonight, as they end their season at (6-6) and a missed extra point reared up its ugly head at Marion Kirby Stadium this evening…Collin Smith missed a couple of FG’s for Eastern Guilford and I did not expect to see that, and with the FG misses, Collin’s punting was in the air tonight, with at least three of his punts going for 50 yards-plus for EG….

And who would have thought you would see Grimsley still in the playoffs and Page out, at this stage of the season?????

Grimsley took down Mooresville, 27-7, and we will have more on Mooresville and Grimsley coming up a little later on, from Wyatt Smith….Proud of them Whirlies, who will now head out to East Forsyth next Friday night…
CLICK HERE for Wyatt Smith’s report on Grimsley over Mooresville..
+++++Wyatt mentioned that Grimsley was now hitting on all cylinders and I was thinking the same thing about Dudley tonight, the Panthers are hitting on all cylinders and there I said, glad I remembered to get that in, and here is what Grimsley coach Daryl Brown was saying and telling’s Wyatt Smith, at the end of tonight’s game…
“This is great for our team, obviously, our school, and our community,” Brown said.

“I thought we played outstanding on defense. They are a really good football team that scored fifty points last week and averaged more than thirty points a game in the regular season. I thought defensively we played really sound. Our secondary did a really good job playing man-coverage on their receivers. We played really sound defense tonight.”

And in a quick nutshell, that covers all of our Guilford County teams….

Teams that were in going into Round Two Tonight:
Southeast Guilford
Eastern Guilford

Teams that are still in going on to Round Three next Friday night:
Southeast Guilford(12-1)

And I remember someone getting on my case early in the season, for having Southeast Guilford ranked so high in our Top Ten Poll…And how do you like me now???

I remember back in the day I jumped on the Northern Guilford bandwagon, then around 2011, I was on the Page bandwagon, then a for a while I rode the Dudley bandwagon and this season, I have been riding along with Southeast Guilford in the playoffs and let’s just what happens next…..It should be a ton of fun…..

More on tonight’s game coming later…It is time for my evening meal….Back in a few and how many other places do you get the guy broadcasting the game for you on the radio, and then he comes home and writes the game up for you too….We got some lucky souls in this 336 area code brother…….

$$$$$ A couple of key losses in the 4-AA West bracket that might get your attention this evening…..
Myers Park 33, Matthews Butler 8
Hough 19, Mallard Creek 7

And who would have thought we would see both Mallard Creek and Butler going out in Round Two of the NCHSAA football playoffs….$$$$$

I know this is a lot of information to absorb, but a few more key points on Eastern Guilford-Southeast Guilford and we have to be “mountain movers”, and you can see the little mountains above us, but both of those defenses played “Lights Out” football last night at the Bill Slayton Stadium, in Forest Oaks on the SEG campus and what a “whale of a game” by Chad Stephens on defense for SEG and then he comes up with the game-winning touchdown for the SEG Falcons in OT, and it was Stephens, Quantez Mansfield, Jake Rapp, Johnny King, Brett Shreve, Justin Fleming, Kyree Burns, Jalen Stockham and so many more Falcons standing out on defense….

I thought that was one of the best goal line defensive stands we have seen this season when SEG stopped Eastern Guilford on 4th and goal from the two yard-line with Eastern Guilford in front 3-0, and if EG goes for the field goal in that situation, and let’s say Collin Smith hits, and it would have been right at a 19-yard FG, with Smith kicking into a slight wind, then if EG hits the field goal, they lead 6-0 and there’s a pretty good chance that EG goes on to win the game 6-3 in regulation…..

Again, that stop right there was huge, but if EG goes in for the TD score on the 4th and two, the Wildcats could have pretty much put the game out of reach, right there….This will be a game we will remember and talk about for a long time…

Alex Gowda, from Eastern Guilford, played some exceptional football on defense last night for Eastern and the Motley kid was around almost every tackle for the ‘Cats, while Nic Cheeley and Adam Akins were locking down the SEG receivers on defense, and big Erik Walker got knocked down, but the “Big Cat” got back up after some injury time, and he was right back in that game and ready to go again….EG played their hearts out and no one should really have to go out like they did last night, but even in a loss, this can be seen as a teaching and learning situation….Much to take with you after a game like this one, and EG will learn and grow from what they experienced in the way that high school football game ended last night…

Some might say it was the cold air that kept the score down last night, but I would like to think it was the outstanding defense we saw from both ball clubs….Dudley posted 42 points, Grimsley scored 27 and Page scored 27 points last night, so I have to believe that points were at a premium inside the Bill Slayton Stadium, due to both defensive units playing that Jim Ross, “Slobberknocker Type Defense”…..

What a game it was and what an interesting game it might have been if Eastern Guilford would have came out on top and ended up hosting the Dudley Panthers next Friday night…I don’t ever remember Dudley going to Eastern Guilford for a high school football game and I don’t ever even remember Eastern Guilford and Dudley playing each other in a high school football game……Maybe I am missing something, but if Eastern and Dudley have played each other in football, I don’t remember when that game was….

I do remember Dudley and Southeast Guilford facing many times in the past and they will do it again this Friday night, as SEG heads right back out onto the Bill Slayton Field…..SEG topped Dudley, 22-12, back on September 12, in what was a Wednesday night game at Dudley, and that was the first win for SEG over Dudley, in something like 30 years….

This has been the season where Southeast Guilford has reached that level where they can win the BIG GAMES….I spoke with SEG head coach Kennedy Tinsley, back in early August, on a Friday afternoon where it was pouring down rain outside and Southeast was practicing inside and we talked about the fact that this would be the season where SEG needed to learn how to win those BIG GAMES…The Falcons needed to begin finishing, and with a strong finish, they could climb that mountain and reach the top, and take those BIG GAMES and get those BIG WINS….

And that has happened this year, SEG has found a way to get the BIG WINS, in the BIG GAMES…

You have that 22-12 victory over Dudley and Chad Stephens salted that game away with a TD run late in the fourth quarter…Otherwise it was running SEG over Dudley, 15-12 as the time ran down at Tarpley Stadium….Fans will have to remember how close and tight that game actually was, 15-12 SEG, until late in the 4th period…

Then SEG followed up their BIG GAME win over Dudley by beating Southern Alamance at SEG, 27-8, on October 5 and this game started out SA 8, SEG 0 and SEG took over and went on a 27-0 run to win the BIG GAME…

The next BIG GAME win for SEG was the following week at Eastern Guilford, where SEG carved out an early 30-0 advantage over the EG Wildcats and then held on tight to finish off that BIG GAME win, 37-23, over EG….

And then you add in SEG’s BIG GAME win last night over Eastern, 9-3 in OT, and there you see, SEG has found a way to the BIG GAMES this season…That’s a four-game run through “Murder’s Row”, right there for you….

Now the Dudley Panthers are looming and due in at Bill Slayton Stadium next Friday night….SEG defeated Dudley at Dudley back in September, but now we are getting late in November and here come the Panthers into the forest, set to face the Falcons inside the “Falcons Nest”, at Forest Oaks, with a BIG oak tree, starring you right in the face…..

The most recent trip for the Dudley Panthers, to Forest Oaks, resulted in a 21-13 Panthers’ victory at Southeast Guilford back on November 10, of 2016 in Round One of the 2017 NCHSAA Football Playoffs, and now here we are in 2018 and the two combatants are ready to do battle again and this time SEG knows they can beat Dudley and to be honest with you, back last year in 2017, not many people gave SEG a chance to knock off the Dudley Panthers…..

But a lot has changed over the past year and now fans know that SEG has the capability to win the BIG GAMES, and how big is this upcoming game for Friday November 30, at SEG?????

So BIG, fans can not stop thinking about it and our guess is they will be doing a lot of talking about it too, between now and next Friday….We are looking forward to this very important playoff meeting between the Dudley Panthers and the Southeast Guilford Falcons….It is going to be BIG and am I correct, or do you think I am just blowing smoke????

It is no joke my friends this one will be BIG, real BIG……