High School Basketball Final Scores from Friday Night

Southwest Guilford boys 77, Ragsdale 62…SWG(3-0)
Ragsdale girls 85, SWG 45….SWG boys have a powerhouse, Ragsdale girls building their own powerhouse…..
Grimsley boys 67, Western Guilford 35
Grimsley girls 64, Western Guilford 29
South Granville boys 50, Page 49…First loss of the season for the Page boys….
Page girls 67, South Granville 39….First win of the season for the Page girls…
Eastern Guilford girls 49, Western Alamance 29
High Point Andrews boys 69, High Point Central 48
High Point Central girls 65, HP Central 48
Greensboro Day School boys 67, Cannon School 57…GDS boys off to a (6-1) start this season…..
Cannon School girls 53, Greensboro Day 49
Westchester Country Day boys 87, Caldwell Academy 62
Caldwell Academy girls 33, WCD 23
High Point Christian boys 82, Grace Christian 57
Sheets Memorial girls 50, Vandalia Christian 31
Grace Christian 46, High Point Christian 44


  1. Wonder how SW Guilford girls felt having to play against their old teammate? Kudos to SW Guilford for still playing this game after one of their best players made their way to the pseudo AAU program that is building at Ragsdale.

  2. Way off base Cowgirl. Do you mean like the programs at Northwest or Northern? Because that is what is happening and you are nothing but jealous. Have you talked to the parents of the kids who moved? I know you haven’t, so you don’t know what you are talking about. I live in the SW district and rooted for all of Coach Bryan’s girl’s SW teams, but since then, it has dropped off terribly. If you can’t figure out why, you don’t understand basketball, so stop running your mouth like you do.

    Watching a program get resurrected after being absolutely terrible, like Ragsdale and High Point Central, is an incredible phenomenon. If parents believe in a coach SO MUCH that they are willing to buy a home in the district that coach works in, kudos to the parents for making it happen. Ragsdale’s coach has out coached SW (and almost everybody else) for three years now. He is one of the best I’ve seen. 16 wins year one, after only winning 6 in the two previous years combined!, 22 wins last year. I remember before Bradford got there, kids leaving Ragsdale to play at Andrews, Central, and numerous private schools. Bet you didn’t care about those programs then, right? Now the Ragsdale gym has college coaches watching, I saw four there last night. So which program and coach gets the most out of the players they have? That is the true mark of an outstanding coach and program. Both Northwest and
    Northern rode players coached by Bradford in the summer to state championships. Read the article in the News and Record.

    You are just jealous #1 that your butt got kicked, (and will probably keep getting it kicked for the next 4 to 6 years) #2 that you didn’t hire Bradford… So grow up and stop being a crybaby.

    The REAL problem is that Guilford County still has these ridiculous district rules. Guilford schools are forced to compete with Forsyth and Wake and Charlotte schools that have open enrollment, you send your student to the school you want, period. That is the REAL issue. It is totally unfair. Get with the times Guilford County and make the change that makes competing with other big schools fair!!!

  3. Hoops Junkie are you admitting to Ben Bradford recruiting kids from his travel team? Having parents rent homes in the district? What about the kids that played at jamestown and wanted to play ragsdale? What about them? Its all about winning correct? What about integrity and fair play? What are the parents, administration, and Ben teaching at ragsdale? Win by any means even if it means selling your soul. It is very obvious which ragsdale parent you are.

  4. Wrong again, cowgirl. Spare me the condescending “honesty and fair play” song and dance. You don’t know me and you really don’t know basketball. My kids went to SW years ago, but a fool like yourself just lives in the moment.

    It is obvious that your jealousy of the success Ragsdale is having after hiring Bradford is affecting your ability to think. Bradford DOES NOT recruit players. He knows the perils of that. What I admire and respect about him is that HE DOES NOT HAVE TO!!! It IS obvious is he demands excellence from his kids. What Bradford’s parent’s tell me, (Northwest parents, dipstick) is that he is about being the best basketball player you can be. That means learning life lessons you can’t understand unless you have played a true team sport. Winning is a result of getting enough of his players to believe in that. Being the best player you can be means getting college paid for. That is such a major driver behind why parents want their kids to play for him. I would. So would you if you are honest with yourself. But no, it is easier to trash success then evaluate, adjust, and be better than the day before. Your “loser” mentality means it is easier for you to trash people and situations you no NOTHING about, then to look at what your program needs to do the change to become better.

    I’m done responding to your immature jealousy. Grow up and wise up.

  5. Everyone who follows GCS girls basketball know that there are 3 girls that play for Ragsdale and Ben Bradford’s AAU team that are not truly living in the Ragsdale district and used the reassignment system to enter into the program. You may think you are smart and getting away with “living” in the Ragsdale district but keep talking Hoops Junkie you telling on yourself! Play with integrity! The program will be exposed!

  6. What’s being “exposed” is your ignorance. “Everyone knows???” So you know these parents and students? You know their needs? Thought so. In your self imposed esteemed point of view, it is “unfair” for parents who want their kid’s college to be paid for by athletic scholarship, to buy or rent a home and live in the district of the school where they think the best high school coach is? The travesty is that they have to, moron. Guilford County needs to change their policy so it is fair to compete with Forsyth and Charlotte schools.

    Go expose the recruiting that the “private” high schools do if you really need a hobby. Your accusations are ignorant and desperately pathetic. Better yet, go find a tiddly wink convention, it would suit you much better.

  7. Let’ don’t be bouncing our basketball coaches….The AD’s have this all sorted out and if somebody wants to move and change districts there is no rule against that and if the students/players get approved to enter a specialized academic program at a certain school, that is within the rules of the Guilford County Schools…

    There is no loyalty at all to a certain school, or schools any more and parents will move and they will transfer their kids where they want them to go to school…

    You may be a school where the students/athletes start coming to your school and then all of the sudden something changes and they start leaving your school and the transfer trend ends up someplace else….

    Transfers and family moves are going to happen and won’t be able to stop that….You just have to make sure your school is one that the players will never want to leave…

    You may need to get one of your assistant coaches or team volunteers to start up an off-season AAU Travel team so all of the kids on your school team can play together and stay together during the school team Off-Season…Keep the girls and boys together so they will want to stay together at your school..

    Make it so all the kids on your school team will never want to leave your school or your team…If you do that, there is a good chance they will want to stay, but you can take nothing for granted any more these days and you are going to lose some of your players no matter what…

    If Coach Ben had all of his AAU players he would have most of the kids on the Northwest Guilford team on his school team too and he would have had a lot of former Northern Guilford girls too….Most of the top girl basketball players in Guilford County have played or are still playing AAU ball for Coach Ben…At least in that 14-17 age group….

    Be glad you are not in Forsyth County, where they have Open Enrollment…The kid might be playing a Fall sport for WS Parkland, then in the Winter if they leave mom’s house and move in with dad, they can play for Mount Tabor and come Spring, if they don’t like Mount Tabor, they can go to East Forsyth…Most of the time you don’t have to move, you can go to school, where you want to…

    Again let’s don’t go bouncing our coaches or bashing our coaches, if you start doing that again, we will have to stop the comments on this post…

    If you feel like you have a good case and just cause, be sure to attend the next meeting of the Guilford County Board of Education, and let them know what you have to say…

    But let’s don’t go bashing our coaches, their job is tough enough already….

  8. Ok, so let me get this right, Ben Bradford doesn’t work at Ragsdale other coaching girls basketball but also coaches AAU. So when the athletic director of Northern, Northwest or Ragsdale has their coaches fill out the paperwork asking if they coach something outside of school and promise not to use it as a recruiting tool they might be endorsing a lie. It’s an interesting thought as to how many Gaters players weren’t in Ragsdale’s district or school until Bradford got there. Please don’t justify cheating because you are one of the parents who moved your child just for basketball. But hey, let’s show our kids just really how hard work and commitment really produce character but let’s just make it easier for them. Maybe it’s not the coach that’s the problem but the parent who chooses to continually send the wrong message to their child. Maybe just maybe the system is broken so let’s just make it easy for everyone to just do what they want.

  9. Have to disagree with you Andy. Open enrollment should be the rule for ALL NC schools or none. It is not fair that Guilford County teams have to compete with others that have it. It makes the crazy conspiracy theorists come out of the wood work thinking some school and coach is “cheating”. Idiots like the last poster don’t know the rules or the paperwork, but want to pass judgement on a school like Ragsdale or Northwest, who are NOT cheating or breaking the rules. Truth is, Guilford County is forcing parents to make very difficult financial decisions trying to get their student athlete the best coaching, and best opportunity for a college scholarship, they can. That is not fair when compared to other large counties Guilford teams have to compete with.

  10. Hoops junkie you are funny. I believe you were the same guy who predicted the 2016 coming out party for Ragsdale girls at the HAECO where they finished 7th out of 8 teams. No one is saying that Bradford is not a good coach. He is a good coach. He is also smart enough to know that he can’t win without good players. If you are trying to say that he is not using his position as an AAU coach to attract players to move to his district then you are naive or just do not want to admit to the facts.Players having a valid address in the district is legit but the reassignment process when the player lives in another district needs to be looked at a little tougher.
    It is sad that high school athletics have come to this and if you think open enrollment is a great thing then you are missing the point of what high school athletics should be about. AAU basketball and all year round sports like club soccer, volleyball etc… have ruined high school athletics.Have you not read the recent news about the scandals with AAU basketball and shoe companies that have made headlines recently? Not saying that girls basketball is at that level BUT it is sad to see kids bounce around schools just to play basketball.
    While you may not think it is a problem it was not that long ago that people were defending Kowvaleski or whatever his name is in much the same manner that you are defending the Ragsdale girls program now. Not saying that what happened at Northern will happen at Ragsdale. And why are you accusing NW and Northern girl’s programs of going this route? I believe that Coach Joyner and Coach Furlough both were with their programs as Guilford County employees and coaches for many years before they experienced the great success that they are having now. I may be mistaken but I do not believe that either of them have ever been accused of enticing players into their district.
    It would be nice to have a civil discussion on this with words like “moron” being thrown around as that is childish and immature.

  11. Hoops Junkie look who is calling people names and trying to insult people to cover up cheating. This is what I am talking about. For a random person you sure are defending Ben’s actions with a lot of passion. You have to be a woman. A man would not type all of this to defend another man.

  12. Come on Fair Play I am on your side but there is no need for derogatory comments like that.
    That is degrading to women to say something like that.
    If others choose to insult through these posts be the bigger person and let them discredit themselves through rants and uncalled for remarks.

  13. And as for the boys/young men look at all of the changes there have been since last season…

    Jeremiah Dickinson from SEG to Dudley
    Camren Hayes from Smith to Greensboro Day School
    Khalid Hinds from SEG to Smith
    Nic McMullen from Eastern Guilford to Smith
    Trent McIntyre from Page to Piedmont Classical
    Jammari Thomas from Page to High Point Christian
    Langley Twins from WES back to SWG
    Jackson Noble from Kiser to Greensboro Day
    And there is bound to be a few more we are missing…
    That’s right at 10 individual moves there…

    I am surprised that there has never been an All-Sports Academy with the emphasis on Football, Basketball and Baseball set up and running strong in Guilford County..

    We had that Central Carolina Sports Academy concept going about 5-10 years ago, but that flopped….It would take some bucks, but a concept like that connected to Ricky Proehl’s Proehlific Park might work…

    Would have to be an Elite Academy with emphasis on getting the kids into college and helping them earn college scholarships…Kids on the high school level would to be schooled in strong fundamental academics…

    It really could work with Football, Boys and Girls Basketball and Baseball…Add more sports as the school gets bigger and grows…

    Don’t disguise it, make it a Sports Academy the top athletes want to attend, and there would be NO School Districts…

    Need top-notch coaches and teachers that are there to teach and work with the student-athletes…

    Would take some money to get an All-Sports Academy like this up and running, but if it were run correctly, you could even expand it into a college program one day, but you need teachers, coaches and leaders that are there for the students growth and development and ones that are able to take the growing pains that would go with an All-Sports Academy like this one….

    Begin with grades 9-12 and maybe day expand and build a college….

    Do it right and it would be something that would set the standard for all sports and academic institutions….

    This is the answer and if students are failing on the academic end, I am not necessarily up to kicking them off of the teams, I say just give more academic work and get them back on course, in their courses…Need that after school off-time where the teachers can provide some extra tutoring for the students that are struggling….

    In my opinion, a student should be at their high school, Monday-Friday from 8am until 9pm….All Weekends should be OFF time and downtime if available for the kids/students….

    The Guilford County All-Sports Academy should be a thing of the future….

    We could train future coaches, athletic directors, athletic trainers, broadcasters, internet sports writers, ad sales people, sports agents, sports attorneys, sports team owners and sports team managers and more….Even some of our colleges are not doing a great job of this today….

    The Guilford County All-Sports Academy, could be coming soon….

  14. The shame of all of this is there are sour grapes coming from some,not all,SW fans after getting beat badly. To top it off you are using two or three girls , who I actually know, as pawns in your argument. These girls are very good people who go to school and get good grades, not aweful people. Guilford County approved them and they don’t need to be attacked for doing what the rules say they can do. Shame on you for attacking teenagers because your rear is still sore from that defensive gem that happened the other night. Maybe you are jealous. Coach Bradford is an honorable person following the rules Guilord County has set into place. The biggest problem is it’s not about the kids it’s about you. It’s not about Bradford it’s about you. Maybe you should spend more time outside teaching your kid how to shoot a jump shot.

  15. Hoops do you have to be so nasty and confrontational? Can you not have a civil discussion without having to try and insult? No one has “attacked” any of the players you are speaking of and the only person attacking anyone is you.
    You are the one who attacked the programs at NW and Northern with your accusations.
    As far as kids going to private schools it gives them access to a way better education than they could ever get at a public school and in a much better environment.
    Private schools prepare students for college way better than public schools can.
    Not the public schools fault as it is a broken system.
    The reassignment route is supposed to be for ACADEMIC reasons only.
    I am pretty sure students can get just as good of an education at Eastern, SW Guilford or Dudley as they can at Ragsdale being that all these schools pretty much offer the same classes.

  16. Time to go ahead and shut this one down before something else is said that we might be ashamed of when we go to church on Sunday….

    Tried to get to it sooner, but the site got jammed and I couldn’t get in here…

    This post closed and if you have any questions you can contact me at andy@greensborosports.com

    How did you like my idea for the Guilford County Sports Academy???

    Post Closed and Teams back in action on Tuesday night….

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