High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Is it time to Rewind or time to Reload???(Let’s rewind first!!!)

Let’s get this Saturday Morning Rewind started and this has become the longest running Saturday Rewind program of its kind, in Guilford County sports history…Just got a call from the 421 South Curb Market Historical Museum the other day, and they we would be featured in their next major showcase exhibit….

Let’s go to a pro(Joe) to open the show/Rewind and go ahead and CLICK HERE and you can check Joe Sirera, from the News and Record and their HSXtra Sports section for the word on last night’s Dudley at Southeast Guilford game….One heck of a game at “The Slate”/Bill Slayton Stadium last night and you can put these highlight in you own personal museum….

CLICK HERE for last night’s Southeast Guilford-Dudley game it will take to our GreensboroSports.com post of the game and another piece of history right here with this post from our own AD and you may want to save this for the storm cellar and use it as protection, if Hurricane Helms ever comes around this way again…

CLICK HERE to listen to the SEG-Dudley game from Friday night/last night and it will be available on Replay, up until the kickoff of next Friday night’s SEG game vs. Cleveland….This Rewind replay coming to you from GreensboroSports Radio…..

CLICK HERE for Nick Stevens with the WRALSportsFan’s HighSchool OT and he has the news you need on the Cleveland Rams’ 36-6 victory over the Durham Hillside Hornets last night…QB Ocean, RB Drews and WR Williams are men the SEG Falcons should already be planning to mark/cover closely next Friday night, at “The Slate”….
A couple headline pieces with credit to Nick Stevens:www.wralsportsfan.com
CLAYTON, N.C. — For the first time since 2011, Cleveland’s football team will play for a regional championship. The Rams defeated Hillside 36-6 in the third round of the playoffs on Friday night.
Cleveland will travel to Southeast Guilford in the regional championship game next week. Kickoff is slated for Friday at 7:30 p.m. The winner will advance to the 3AA state championship.

More Rewind info on the way, after this brief break…..Thanks for reading at GreensboroSports.com.

CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy from the News and Record and his take on Grimsley at East Forsyth last night….Whirlies fall 41-7 and Grimsley ends its 2018 season, at (7-6)…Lots of great groundwork laid out by the Whirlies in 2018 and with juniors Chris Zellous and Quan Nora returning at QB and RB, Grimsley coach Darryl Brown has a been able to build a strong foundation for the future of Grimsley High School football….

Bring on the spyglass and check out Jay Spivey from the Winston-Salem Journal and his work on Grimsley-East Forsyth…CLICK HERE and you are right back in Kernersville, at last night’s game….And be sure to hit that Rewind button….

CLICK HERE and this will give a true sense of the “Rewind Experience” as we take you to Kyle Morton and he brings us news on the South View-Seventy-First game, with South View led by former Smith Golden Eagles head coach Rodney Brewington and Coach Brewington saw his South View team go in OT, with a final of 42-41….Coach Brewington had his son Donovan leading his team at QB, and South View went through quite a few comebacks in this game, but in the end, Seventy-First gets the “W”…..Interesting read and you need to add it to your ‘Rewind Collection’….