“Countdown To Kickoff Continues”, as Southeast Guilford goes for 3-AA Football Championship TONIGHT in Chapel Hill:Murphy Wanier Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week and High School Football Tonight

TONIGHT in Kenan Stadium, in Chapel Hill, N.C. with a set Kickoff of 7:30pm:
**********Tickets ON SALE for the State Championship Football Game tonight at Keenan Stadium, Coach Shawyn Newton will be selling tickets today at SE Guilford through 1 pm…..**********

The #2 Seed from the East vs. #5 Seed from the West, with the Southeast Guilford Falcons(14-1) facing the Weddington Warriors(14-1), and to the Winner, goes the NCHSAA 3-AA Championship Trophy….

The Falcons and the Warriors and you can catch the game LIVE on GreensboroSports Radio
We will have Don Tilley, Kris Walser and our crew in Chapel Hill for the game tonight and one of the keys to the game will be SEG needs to protect their quarterback, Ryan Douglas…Have been watching Douglas for five straight weeks now and he knows where to put the football, just like Philip Rivers last night for the LA Chargers….They know where to put the football, just give them the time to get it there….Rivers put on quite a show last night vs. the Chiefs and now it is Ryan Douglas and SEG Falcons turn to get it done tonight….You have to believe in your QB, they are your team leaders and with that SEG O-line standing tall, they should be able to keep the ball in the hands for the right “Orange Army” men tonight…

Another wake-up call for Shreve, Stephens, Stockham, the Kings, Mansfield, Rapp, Smith, Burns, Williams, Fleming, Graham and others on the SEG Defense…You have been in BIG games before this season and you have won those BIG games, and now here comes the “biggest game of all”….

Need the “Hands Man/Men” to step up again, with Hoff, A. Douglas, Benton, Stockham and others needing to find ways to get open and like we said up top, Ryan Douglas knows where to put the football…If you can get there, the ball will be there…

So there, we are here, and if SEG can give the QB the time he needs and if those holes open up so Braxton King, Chad Stephens, Jalen Fairley and the QB Douglas can hit those holes, SEG should be able pull it off tonight, by 3-6 points….

But there has been some much hype and excitement surrounding this game, this week, and the most important thing for the Falcons is, “Don’t Forget to Bring Home that Trophy”…You work this hard to get there and you hear all of the talk and hype and just remember what we are telling you, Keep your eyes on the Prize and don’t forget to bring home that trophy….

In the end, that is what you are going to Chapel Hill for, to bring home The Trophy/3-AA State Championship Plaque…..

Some good advice for a group of good young men and some good advice, be sure to listen to the game tonight on your official Southeast Guilford Football Station, GreensboroSports Radio…..

Just Click Us On, on your cell phone or WiFi device at www.greensborosportsradio.com and you can try and catch the game inside the stadium on low frequency FM 97.7 FM…..Your best bet, as always, is get us on GreensboroSports Radio and many of the Falcon Followers have found it very Falcon Fan Friendly to listen back to games on Saturday mornings and the football fans and football followers do love the Replay of the Games…We have one playing right now in fact, last week’s SEG-Cleveland game is playing up until game time tonight at GreensboroSports Radio…..

Let’s hit that play button one more time Herman, the official station of the Southeast Guilford Falcons is GreensboroSports Radio….

You have to remember, a lot of us used to work for WKRP in Cincinnati and we just back in town and it is good to back in Durham, I mean Greensboro…

We we are losing it again, but let us leave you with this….How many SEG Falcons Fans do we really have out there????? We need to hear from you and see if you are going to the game tonight and what your predictions are on the game tonight…..

This will be our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week and we also thank Johnny Tart’s McDonald’s/JT Enterprises, The Carroll Companies, the Southeast Guilford Football Alumni on Facebook and Dr. Hatcher’s Dental Office with Dr. Santiago-Coiro for being on board and supporting the broadcast tonight, along with all of our regular season sponsors…..

Need to be hearing from some of those Falcon Fans as The Countdown to Kickoff Continues…….

$$$$$$$$$$ Don Moore will have our scoreboard cranking out some scores tonight.$$$$$$$$$$

One other game tonight on the NCHSAA docket:
4AA – Wake Forest(13-0) vs. Vance(14-1)
Duke University – Wallace Wade Stadium 7:30 pm

Games for Saturday:
1A Championship Brackets /1AA Championship Brackets
1A – Pamlico(13-1) vs. Murphy(12-1)
Duke University – Wallace Wade Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 3:00 pm

1AA – Tarboro(14-0) vs. East Surry(11-3)
NC State University – Carter Finley Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 6:00 pm

2A Championship Brackets/2AA Championship Brackets
2A – Northeastern(14-0) vs. Reidsville(15-0)
NC State University – Carter Finley Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 11:00 am

2AA – North Davidson(13-2) vs. Shelby(12-3)
NC State University – Carter Finley Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 2:30 pm

3A Championship Brackets/3AA Championship Brackets
3A – Jacksonville(11-1) vs. Charlotte Catholic(14-1)
University of North Carolina – Kenan Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 11:00 am

4A Championship Brackets/4AA Championship Brackets
4A – Scotland(9-5) vs. East Forsyth(14-0)
Duke University – Wallace Wade Stadium
Saturday, December 15 @ 7:00 pm

Our picks for the games:
Southeast Guilford
Wake Forest
North Davidson
Charlotte Catholic
East Forsyth
Picks for the Season(143-36) Last Week Picks(4-1)

This Week’s Top Ten Poll:
1)Southeast Guilford(14-1)
4)Eastern Guilford(10-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(8-4)
7)Northern Guilford(8-4)
9)Northeast Guilford(6-6)
10)Northwest Guilford(4-8)