High School Basketball Tonight?????(12/14/18) Greensboro Day vs. High Point Christian

Not sure if the Guilford County Schools allowed permission for any of our high schools to play tonight, but there was a tournament set for Northwest Guilford High School with out-of-town teams coming in…..We will look and see if we see more…

Games we know about for tonight:
High Point Christian Academy at Greensboro Day School Girls at 5:30/Boys at 7pm….GDS boys are (9-1)….HPCA(7-2)


  1. So when Will Guilford County let us know if the games are still on or canceled for tonight ??

  2. As of right now, all games are cancelled for tonight, since there was NO Guilford County Schools today…

    Northwest would have needed to get special permission to play…

    Southwest Guilford at Smith has be re-scheduled for January 7….

    Southeast Guilford has received special permission to play their football game tonight…It is on…

  3. Northwest Guilford Holiday Shootout
    Today’s games are cancelled.

    They will play at Northwest on Saturday…..

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