Remembering Another Football Player that has been called home:Mark Bryant from Western Guilford HS gone at age 59

Starting to see a lot of the former football players from Western Guilford High School and other high schools in the area, get the call to come home….

Have heard about John Morris, Mike Collins, Trip Ellington, Steve Jones, Doug Henderson, Bill Hollifield and many others off of those old Western Guilford teams from the past getting the call home and Do You Remember, We Do Remember them well….

Seems like John Morris, Mike Collins, Trip Ellington, Steve Jones, and Doug Henderson all gone within the last season/year…And there was Don Tatum a few years back and in the last year we have seen others such as Cessie Love, from over at Grimsley HS and Jesse Cocklereece, from Northeast Guilford High School gone in recent months….

There may have been more and I saw recently, where we almost lost Mike McDonald, who was another Guilford College community/Western Guilford football player from the past…

And now we get news today on Mark Bryant…Bryant had good hands and good deceptive speed, and he was part of that Western Guilford High School 3-A State Championship Football team, back in 1977, along with Aaron Stewart, Glen Morris, Rufus Webster, Wes Needham and others…..

Mark Bryant played college football at East Carolina University and he was one of those football players that got better as he got older…He came on a ton with ‘marked’ improvement on the field, after his sophomore season in high school…That is when he and Aaron Stewart, really got rolling, after their 10th grade seasons and then for them, it was all about success on the football field…..

Mark Bryant was a very determined and deceptive receiver and you would have to kill him to stop him on the football field, but he would not be stopped….He could also help you with defensive coverage in the secondary, and lend his services on special teams…..

Here is what we have been able to learn already about the death of Mark Bryant, the former Western Guilford Hornet….

Heartbreaking information/news that Mark Bryant had suddenly been called home by the Lord.

Mark Bryant was in perfect health at age 59 but something happened with his heart while rock climbing with his dear friends.

Tragedy has followed the Mark Bryant family in recent years with Mark’s death at just age 59, and it was over 10 years ago, six of his nine children were killed in a gas explosion in a house in Michigan.

Be in prayer for Mark’s wife Joyce and their four children Markita, Cameron Caleb,Sara and Mark’s dad, Joe.

The funeral Wednesday night. Hearts are now heavy and broken over this enormous loss.

These are the arrangements for Mark Bryant’s funeral service, in Blacksburg, Virginia…….
Wednesday Viewing – August 21 at Riverview Baptist Church from 5pm-7pm.
Funeral will be at 7pm.

The family will have a private burial Thursday morning.

One thought on “Remembering Another Football Player that has been called home:Mark Bryant from Western Guilford HS gone at age 59

  1. Add another former Western Guilford football player that has passed away recently…

    Former WG RB Ron Kimber…Big strong running back, back in the 80’s and he passed away in recent years…Thanks to Scott Holland, from the Holland Auto Care Center, and part of the family that brought you the Holland Gulf/BP Football Scoreboard for many seasons at Western Guilford, providing this info for us and again, thanks to Scott…

    Other runners named Ronnie that many might remember from WG and most of these are still with us, if our numbers are correct and that would be Ronnie Stein, Ronnie Shirley, Ronnie Bright and Ronnie Mobley and Mobley was more of a quick lineman, but he could run fast too……

    RIP Ron Kimber, the big strong back from the past, at Western Guilford High School…

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