High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:A look at Week Two Totals and a Glance at Lance

This kind of reminds me of the old days…A remind on ‘The Rewind”, and it takes me back to the old days when you would pick up the paper on Saturday mornings and read over all of the high school football numbers and details, from the games the night before…Back before we had a “Friday Night Finish” like we have now here at the site…Back when the Saturday morning paper had scores, names and numbers from high school football games from all over the county and across the region….
(At times you can still catch some footballs and football scores in the morning papers, but today the web is way too convenient and the papers are becoming more of a thing of the past…You surf web NOW, and go back and check out the paper two or three days later on.)

Sometimes I would have to do my reading on Saturday afternoons, since Saturday mornings in high school were spent busing/cleaning off tables at the Tex and Shirley’s Pancake House at the Friendly Shopping Center….If you told a kid these days that they would be up on Saturday morning and going to work at 7am, they would probably tell you that you were crazy and I was there from 7am till 3pm cleaning those tables for a buck sixty-five an hour and doing that after playing a full high school football game the night before….I probably should have been telling myself that I was crazy for working those shifts back then, but that was back then, and the food was good and food was FREE, so I maybe ate 10-15 dollars worth of food on those Saturdays, back in the day at Tex and Shirley’s and that was a good perk, that went along with the work…And in the grand scheme of things, that food might have been a big boost to my football career….The total evaluation of the situation lets me know now, maybe I wasn’t out of my mind in my hard-working state-of-mind, back in those days..

I always try and tell a little story to set the table, so I can now get us to the main course and we were talking about the fact that the newspapers have gone away from the way they cover the high school football and even the college football games these days and how much attention now needs to be laid out for readers, as they make their computers, I-pads and cell phones/Smart phones their primary source for sports and football information/info….The road runs the same way on Sundays after the Saturday afternoon and evening college football games…I used to read that Sunday morning paper over five or six times, just to make sure I didn’t miss any college scores or news from the weekend games….The paper had the scores from the East, the South, the Midwest and the West coast scores back then, and I would always make sure I hit the South, the East, the West and then the Midwest in that order, in tracking those Sunday morning college scores from the Saturday games…I thought I knew those scores better than anyone around and maybe I was the best in my neighborhood, for keeping up with the college and high school games…

But after our travels in today’s time machine it is now time to go modern-day/current times and give some of the news from the Friday night games making the rounds on the net this morning…We make it easier for you, by bringing all of these games into one Central location….We use the word Central to give you that Time Zone feeling…So how you feeling, as we start dealing and I want to begin with the games that came our way last night from our team here at GreensboroSports.com…I read their work and was pleased and impressed, with the work turned in by Wyatt Smith and D.J. Wagner from last night’s games…I assigned Wyatt and D.J. to the games that they covered, and they ended up with two super contests/games last night…

CLICK HERE for Wyatt Smith at Northwest Guilford for the Western Guilford Hornets vs. the Northwest Guilford Vikings….Excellent work coming from Wyatt Smith last night…Lots of names, stats and numbers to chew on this morning and when you dive in to Wyatt’s work and it is sort of like chewing on those pancakes, Canadian bacon, eggs and other assorted breakfast items from Tex and Shirley’s back in the day….Hey Tex, throw me down a Waffle and a side of hash browns…Thanks Harry Heaton, Jim Legion, Mark Gosselin, Larry Wosniak, George Perkins, George Waugh, Chuck Durham and Spinner Stutts, you guys are doing a great job back in the kitchen today….

Next up from our team members here at GreensboroSports.com we have D.J. Wagner with the news on last night’s Northern Guilford at Page game…
CLICK HERE for the Nighthawks huge win at Marion Kirby stadium and when you dig into this one, it is like me going for my lunch at Tex and Shirley’s with a Cheeseburger, hash browns, a salad and maybe a French Dip sandwich or Chicken Salad sandwich on the side…This game with Pirates and Nighthawks coming in from D.J. Wagner and Mr. Wagner has found the tail that’s wagging the dog, as he was on the money with his trip to “The Kirb” and that’s Marion Kirby Stadium, not to be confused with “The Krib”….

Let’s hit our “Free Form” and take the plunge outside the World of GreensboroSports.com and bring in more from other sources around our coverage area…

CLICK HERE for Phillip Deutsch at the News and Record and HSXtra and he covers Southwest Guilford at East Forsyth…

CLICK HERE for Tim Nash at the N&R/HSXtra desk for Dudley at Ragsdale…

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera, the leader of the HSXtra at the News and Record for Joe’s take on last night’s Northern Guilford at Page game….

Here is a roundup of several of our area games from last night, from the HSXtra section, at the News and Record….

CLICK HERE for Jason Gaertner from the News and Record’s HSXtra on Western Guilford at Northwest Guilford…

CLICK HERE for photos from the News and Record taken by Bernadine Hernandez at the Dudley-Ragsdale game….

CLICK HERE for Dennis Garcia at the Asheboro Courier-Tribune for Grimsley vs. the Asheboro Blue Comets….
Asheboro coach Kevin Gillespie on Grimsley:“We couldn’t muster a whole lot of offense against that defense,” Gillespie said. “They beat us up front. They did exactly what we prepared for. We had an injury to a lineman and when that happens, it gets a little tougher. I knew they were a good football team.”

In that same Click above you can read about Southern Guilford over Providence Grove….It was a large win for the Southern Guilford Storm….Three interceptions, one which was returned for a touchdown, and a fumble in the first half helped Southern Guilford into a 22-0 lead at the end of the first quarter and a 36-0 lead at halftime.
Again, CLICK HERE for Southern Guilford-Providence Grove…(Dennis Garcia)

CLICK HERE for Southwest Guilford at East Forsyth from Jay Spivey with the Winston-Salem Journal…..

We could sure alway use more clicks and I wonder how the numbers on that Eastern Guilford-Trinity game settled out, and boy did High Point Andrews win big over WS Carver…Andrews off to a very good start…And as for Eastern Guilford, how about a “Glance at Lance”….Lance Sockwell, the Eastern Guilford principal now having assembled quite a staff down in Gibsonville, with Lance as the “Top Cat”, and Lance being a former Eastern Guilford and Western Carolina Catamount football player and he has Randall Hackett as his Athletic Director, and new football coach Tony Aguilar, who has started off 2019 at (2-0), plus he has that brand new assistant principal John Hughes, as Lance’s sidekick….”Lance at a Glance” doing a dance, like he just got back from France and is there a chance, that Lance might wear out the seat of his pants, watching his EG Wildcats winning games this season…Maybe???

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  1. Nw made this tougher than it should have been bad turnovers.
    Nw #9 and #6 these guys doing the work on both sides of the ball and unsung heroes. Both would contribute more if given the chance.

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