High School Football Games Tonight(9/13/19) in and around Guilford County:ACC/College Football on Friday Nights, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down???

**********Looking ahead toward TONIGHT’s games….**********

Southeast Guilford(2-1) at Grimsley(3-0)
On GreensboroSports Radio….6:45 pregame and Kickoff at 7:30pm…On GreensboroSports Radio….

Durham Hillside(1-1) at Dudley(2-1)
Dennis Williamson at this game for GreensboroSports.com…..

Page(0-3) at Eastern Guilford(2-1)
Wyatt Smith at this game for GreensboroSports.com…

Northwest Guilford(2-1) at Northern Guilford(2-1)
Megan Harkey at this game for GreensboroSports.com….

Ragsdale(1-2) at Southwest Guilford(2-1)
D.J. Wagner at this game for GreensboroSports.com

Smith(1-2) at Southern Guilford(1-2)

Wheatmore(2-1) at Western Guilford(2-1)

West Forsyth(3-0) at High Point Central(0-3) vs. at Simeon Stadium

Charlotte Country Day(3-0) at High Point Christian Academy(4-0) 7pm

Final:Walkertown 47, Bishop McGuinness 0
Walkertown(4-0)/Bishop McGuinness(0-4)….Walkertown coached by Rodney McCoy, the coach who took the High Point Andrews Red Raiders to the 2-AA State Championship, five years ago…..Lamar Raynard was his QB and Marquell Cartwright, his top RB and both went on to star, at N.C. A&T….

Northeast Guilford(2-1) OFF
High Point Andrews(2-1) OFF


  1. Coach Adrian Snow, head coach at West Forsyth High School:

    I hope that every College Football team that plays on Fridays – LOSE!!!! Sad that this is happening and it’s all about one thing, they are selling themselves for the almighty dollar
    Coach Snow
    West Forsyth

  2. from Earl Vaughn Jr., former Preps Writer for the Fayetteville Observer:

    Earl Vaughan Jr.

    Voice from the Wilderness here, again. I am sick that North Carolina and Wake Forest are playing football this Friday. It is the fault of ESPN and the NCAA. I’m saddened college coaches don’t have the courage to fight the disrespect of high school football and stop this.

  3. Coach Snow would probably prefer that the host college team loses the game this Friday…The host team scheduled the game, but the visiting team had to agree to play it…

    Then both teams will lose, if the high schools no longer send players to the said schools, in this case to Wake Forest and North Carolina..

    Boycott their programs and do not send recruits to these schools…The schools can go elsewhere for their talent and their attendance will begin to dry up and drop, because studies have shown that local fans want to see local/area players play….

    If the money was available we could pay local high school students to boycott these Friday Night College Football Games…

    Better yet, buy them a ticket and have them stand outside and do not enter the college game….

    Just a few thoughts for the subject, as we look at the issues….

    Something has to be done….The colleges are stealing from the high schools….

    They want the players and now they want to steal the Friday night fans and steal the high school revenue too…

  4. from Deana King at NCPreps.com:

    Deana King
    this isn’t right here for N.C. high school football fans, players, and coaches. It’s definitely not right for your programs as well!

  5. Don’t high school fans feel like this point of College Football being played on Friday nights, needs to be stopped???

    Time to put the brakes on John Curry, the new AD at Wake Forest….He must be stopped….

    If former Appalachian State University head football coach Jim Brakefield was still with us, he would put the brakes on this Friday Night College Football policy…

    I feel long-time APP coach Jerry Moore would not have been in favor of this Friday Night College Football…

    The colleges are doing nothing to help in their relations with the North Carolina High School Athletic Association by playing these Friday Night College Football Games…

    College Football was given Saturdays to play their games and now they are trying to hurt the high schools by playing College Football Games on Friday nights…

    It is going to hit very close to home this Friday night when North Carolina(2-0) visits Wake Forest(2-0) and fans will turn out for this game, and believe me, it will end up hurting the high school games in Forsyth County…

    I can see it filtering over to Guilford County and hurting us over here too….Ethan Albright, the AD at Grimsley is a Carolina man(North) and I wonder how he feels about this new practice of UNC playing Wake on a Friday night???

    Like we are saying, it is hitting close to home, and will the Friday Football Fever still be at a fever pitch, for this Friday night, on the high school level??? Friday Football Fever on WFMY NEWS 2…

    And will the Frenzy still be the true high school Friday Night Frenzy on FOX 8???

    You have think WXII TV 12 will go overboard for Wake on their Friday Night Football Show, since Wake is right in their backyard, there in Winston-Salem…

    Maybe I am going overboard on this issue, but I feel the high schools will end up getting a raw deal..

    That’s how it is looking from our end to your end, and somebody is going to end getting their rear end busted, over this College Football on Friday Nights issue….

    This issue is just starting to hit the fan, football fans…..

    All opposed to College Football on Friday nights, say YEA, and those who are not opposed say nothing, and then we will know, you just don’t care…

  6. Brilliant observation by Adrian Snow. College Football teams want to make money ! Wow. Never thought of that. Bottom line is that North Carolina college will be front and center this coming Friday. And honestly, that’s cool. College fans will turn on their TV to watch Carolina football. That doesn’t usually happen. So Andy your response is ridiculous. Boycott the university Andy? Really ? Don’t send recruits ? How much moonshine do you drink before you put your nonsensical thoughts to words ?

  7. Let me get this straight…

    You have said or implied somewhere along the line that you are a high school football fan, or that you support high school football and you are going to sit at home on Friday night and watch the UNC-WAKE game???

    That is completely destroying the high school football Friday Night System…

    Your support has been throw over to the colleges and you have left the high schools hung out to dry…

    This hurts the high school revenue and the revenuers will never re-coop what they lost either…

    In your own way, you are helping to kill the high school system…And what difference does one Friday Night make? Well this is just the beginning…

    Let’s see how far this movement goes if nobody stands up and defends the high schools….

  8. How is destroying high school football ? Numerous higher institutions of learning from Florida,Texas,and California gladly choose to play on Friday. Those states seem to be doing well. North Carolina is known for basketball not football. Can we agree on that Andy? This Friday college football fans will be tuned watching Wake Vs UNC. And if Mack Brown keeps winning that’s the best thing that could happen to North Carolina football.

  9. Basketball is strong, but Football has made big strides over the past 10 years or so….

    High School fans will be at the high school games on Friday and the fans that are on the fence will be tuned into the ACC Network, I guess…

    We are probably looking at a much different level of interest if North Carolina is (0-2) instead of (2-0) to begin 2019 under Mack Brown…

    The true blue fans will be supporting the Dark Blue of the Grimsley Whirlies, as GHS takes on Southeast Guilford at home in Jamieson Stadium on Friday night…The blue of Ragsdale will shine vs. Southwest Guilford…The blue of Northeast Guilford is off on Friday night…..

    For some reason, college basketball on Friday night does not ruffle as many feathers…I think College Basketball has been playing on so many different nights over the years, that is doesn’t phase the high school basketball or football product…

    College basketball goes about its business, but the issue of College Football on Friday Nights is different….

    College Football has their day and that is primarily Saturday, with some Thursdays mixed in…

    But, Friday nights are meant for High School Football and I think the majority of North Carolinians that follow the sport, will agree with me…

    Now if the colleges want to start sending the high schools some money when the colleges steal the Friday nights, that would be an interesting proposal…But that will never happen….
    (The colleges are in it for the money, and they are taking all of the money.)

    The college football pigskin is out of the bag on Friday Nights, now can we get it back in the bag???

  10. I am not sure any one school is to blame for these games. I believe it is the ACC who wants the almighty $$ from ESPN who is to blame. I am guessing each institution really has no say so when it comes to scheduling especially if they are going to get a piece of the pie.

    Yeah you could boycott the Universities it was done back in the late 90s and early 2000s when they started these games and ECU played on Friday nights. HS Coaches boycotted the University and Steve Logan and his staff were kept out of NC HS for a period of time. Ofcourse fault of his but of the Conference they played in.

    Friday nights are for HS Football and I don’t think EF and UNC playing this Friday will hurt anyone’s gate. If anything it hurts the University because they can’t have recruits in for the weekend.

    It all comes down to the all mighty dollar for these Conferences and Institutions which are fueled by fans that want success year in and year out. It isn’t going away.

    I know where I will be Friday night, Johnny Roscoe Stadium watching great HS football. Besides who cares about the Tarholes!!!

  11. @Spencer Dixon. You just wrote a whole lotta nothing man. North Carolina football is buried on Saturdays in the fall. Last time anyone cared about college football in North Carolina Phillip Rivers was throwing to guy named Tory Holt. Coincidentally Carolina football is coalesced by Phillip Rivers(see Keenan Allen). Before that North Carolina football was last relevant when a guy by the name of Lawrence Julius Taylor was stalking the sidelines in Chapel Hill. If people really cared about watching a good game on Friday between Wake and UNC then tape it. Get the second VCR from your kids room, two blank tapes and tape the game. I feel that people want to complain about something and just going to watch games as an excuse to drink. It’s a social event.

  12. Friday nights are for high school football. Let the colleges play on Saturday nights if they want to play at night and that way they have all day to get ready for their big games. Play on Saturday nights, but let the high schools have their Friday night games. Mack Brown and Dave Clawson can do better than what they are showing here.

  13. Here’s a comment from CPC4Life over at NCPreps.com:

    I saw this on Twitter and I 100% agree with Coach Snow….the dumb part, it hurts Wake Forest as much as anybody! They were giving away Tickets vs Utah St. game. Forsyth parents of Band members, Dance teams, student fans & Cheerleaders plus the football players are going to see their family at HIgh Schools. However, this Friday may be different because these 2 are undefeated. UNC vs Wake still should be Saturday.

  14. from Chris Hughes over at CarolinaPreps.com:

    Big mistake! While I’m a huge ACC fan, and like UNC as well as Wake, I for one won’t be there, nor will I follow this game. Football on Friday’s is too important for high schools. The ACC needs to re-evaluate having games on Friday’s, but of course to make that happen, the established coaches like Mack Brown, Dabo Swinney, Dave Doeren, David Cutcliffe, etc, will have to fight back against ESPN.

  15. Lol funny where were you UNC football fiend at during the Larry Fedora, Butch David era. Exactly….. You can’t hold Mack Browns jock strap through the tv. Either go to the game or support your local youth, Mack will be recruiting them. If you knew football or were real fan you would’ve known he seen too much talent in state than to not make push

  16. Mr Durham thank you for all you do to cover the HS sports in Guilford County. Don’t let the ignorance of people who aren’t relevant in what you do. Your points are valid Friday’s could feature more HS games locally & nationally televised. Keep up the great work.

  17. Well said, Footballfan. So many of us truly appreciate Andy and those that support High School sports.

  18. from Dave Diamont, head coach at South Stokes High School:

    David H. Diamont
    Friday’s are for HIGH SCHOOL football !!!! ACC has chosen TV money over their feeder system. This really hurts the small rural high schools who have only 5-6 home games to fund non revenue producing sports.

  19. Here is the story of the Friday night college football games from Patrick Ferlise at the Winston-Salem Journal….

    Wake Forest and North Carolina play Friday night. The effect of that will be felt at the high school level — and not just football.

    By Patrick Ferlise Winston-Salem Journal 4 hrs ago

    Coach Adrian Snow of West Forsyth noticed a thin crowd during a road game earlier this season and believes the turnout was diminished because a Wake Forest home football game was scheduled that same night.

    The West Forsyth football team hit the road Aug. 30 for its drive to southern Iredell County to play its first away game of the season.

    The Titans defeated the Mooresville Blue Devils 49-7 that night. But Coach Adrian Snow noticed the atmosphere was not the same for a typical Titans road game.

    According to Snow, whose team is 3-0 ahead of tonight’s nonconference game against High Point Central, fewer West Forsyth fans were in the stands at Coach Joe Popp Stadium than what the team normally saw at road games.

    College football kicked off in Forsyth County that night. Wake Forest played host to Utah State — a last-minute 38-35 win for the Deacons — in the season opener at BB&T Field.

    And Snow saw a correlation.

    “West Forsyth, we travel really well. We really do,” Snow said. “… But when we went to Mooresville, our attendance — there’s no doubt we did not travel. Because (Wake Forest) had a home football game that night.”

    A night held sacred for high school football will be encroached upon yet again tonight. Wake Forest faces North Carolina — two undefeated ACC teams playing for the first time since 2015, resuming a 131-year-old rivalry.

    The game, which will be broadcast at 6 p.m. on ESPN, has captured plenty of attention this week.

    It’s a concern for Snow and other high school coaches and athletics directors in the area. High school football has held a claim to Friday nights with a nearly multi-generational understanding. And, naturally, a college game — especially one with amount of the regional significance as Wake Forest vs. North Carolina — will encroach upon that.

    The growing trend in Friday night college matchups, mostly driven by TV networks, could slash funding desperately needed by high schools to fund all sports. And football is a primary revenue-generator.

    “I mean, it’s a big circle — financially,” Snow said. “Every bit of money we have, for the most part, the revenue comes from football gates.”

    The money generated from games is vital to the life of every sport — not just football — according to Joe McCormick, the athletics director at Glenn.

    McCormick said the yearly cost for the Bobcats to recondition helmets and pads alone is roughly $9,000. That doesn’t include equipment no longer suitable for use, leading football teams to replace it with new versions.

    McCormick said the money from football goes toward the purchase of items used by other programs. For example, McCormick said part of the money generated by Glenn’s football team was used to purchase helmets, which cost roughly $200 per helmet, for the varsity lacrosse team. The school owns 30 lacrosse helmets, and they age out after a few seasons.

    Money from football is also used to buy balls for JV and varsity sports, which costs hundreds of dollars over the course of a season, McCormick said.

    “Football costs a lot to fund to begin with, and then you’re trying to recoup that money,” McCormick said. “And then, on top of that, you’re trying to pay for other sports.”

    Wake Forest and UNC were originally slated to play Thursday night. A slot on ESPN was available, and a battle set in the Tarheel State was moved back a day. The change was announced in May.

    The Deacons also moved up last week’s game against Rice, which was scheduled for Saturday, to “accommodate Conference USA’s television package,” according to a Wake Forest news release in April. The Deacons won the game 41-21.

    A nationally televised game such as Wake Forest vs. North Carolina is likely an ideal draw for college prospects.

    Coach Tiesuan Brown of Mount Tabor, whose Spartans face nonconference rival Reynolds tonight at Deaton-Thompson Stadium, said Friday night college games make it impossible for players to visit Division I programs and attend a game.

    Last week, Jamarien Dalton, a junior wide receiver at North Davidson, posted a photo on Twitter while attending Duke’s win over N.C. A&T. Junior Micah Crowell, a standout wide receiver at East Forsyth, attended North Carolina’s electrifying 28-25 victory against Miami.

    “We had a couple guys that wanted to go to that Wake-Carolina game that, we feel like, have a chance to play at that level,” Brown said.

    Along with the effects on recruiting, attendance and the finances of high school athletic programs, high school football is a way for people in a community to come together.

    According to Coach David Diamont of South Stokes, who is going on 38 years of coaching between East Surry, Mount Airy and South Stokes, playing college football games on Friday nights is a threat to high school sports participation in rural areas.

    “If you think about all the games across the state — once it starts, they’re going to continue to take the TV money,” Diamont said. “This is just the beginning.”

  20. College Football on Friday nights is absolutely disrespectful to High School Football. This would end if the NCHSAA and the NCHS Football Coach’s Association got together and created a united front. I know Swofford would cave as he has no backbone as shown “for example” his allowing Notre Dame Athletics to remain in the ACC without fully committing with football.

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