Average Daily Memberships/ADM’s showing the attendance/enrollment for Guilford County Schools roll call coming in:They will use these numbers to set the Playoff Brackets

Who goes where, 4-AA, 4-A, 3-AA, 3-A, 2-AA, 2-A, 1-AA, or 1-A…They will use these 2109 Average Daily Membership numbers/attendance/enrollment numbers to break down the teams for the upcoming high school football playoffs….

Here are the Guilford County enrollment #’s and we have the link at the bottom of the list so you can see how every team/school in the state shows up for school, in the Fall of 2019…

Northwest Guilford-2,273 students
Southwest Guilford-1,774
High Point Central-1,473
Southeast Guilford-1,427
Northern Guilford-1,424
Western Guilford-1,381
Eastern Guilford-1,370
Southern Guilford-1,096
Northeast Guilford-1,079
High Point Andrews-827

**********Nearby East Forsyth, who Grimsley may see again in the playoffs, at 1,725 students…**********
NWG would for sure be 4-AA, Page on the border with 4-AA and 4-A, Grimsley most likely 4-A, SWG 3-AA, Ragsdale 4-A, Smith 3-AA, Dudley 3-AA, HP Central 4-A, SEG 3-AA, Northern 3-AA, WG 3-AA, EG 3-AA, SG 3-A, NEG 3-A, HP Andrews always leans toward 2-AA…East and West will be determined on Saturday morning…Several of our schools will not get in, but this gives you an idea of where they would be standing, going into the process….You get seeded based on your classification, if your 3-A numbers are above those of some of the 4-A schools, you are still safe at the 3-AA or 3-A level, and if your numbers are lower than your given classification, you still would play at the level at which you are currently aligned, and that is required….Begin with current classification and alignment….

CLICK HERE to see the list of every school/team in the state, and their attendance #’s….

Here is how some of the Playoff Projections were looking last week from WRALSportsFan.com and these are already almost outdated with the new numbers that we have on here today for the school’s enrollments and new projections should be floating around later on this week, prior to Saturday afternoon’s official release of the Playoff Pairings by the NCHSAA…

Here are/were those projections…..
As of last Thursday, here are some of the projections, and I think some of these got blown up, due to certain teams losing back on Friday night…

New projections due out later on this week, but here is what we have seen so far and this may all be changing very fast, now that the ADM’s are out….

4-A West Grimsley with a First Round Bye and facing either #8 Davie County or #9 Porter Ridge in Round Two…East Forsyth a #4 and Glenn a #5 in this same bracket….Ragsdale was a #2, but if Glenn beats West Forsyth this coming Friday night, you have to think Glenn is moving up somewhere near #2…Grimsley, Ragsdale, Glenn and East Forsyth makes for a good local 4-A bracket…

3-AA West had #13 Northern Guilford vs. #4 Mount Tabor, but that could be changing after the loss by Mount Tabor to Parkland last Friday night…Also we saw #14 Southwest Guilford at #3 Watauga, and then #6 Dudley hosting #11 AL Brown, but there may be a draw coming for #1 in Dudley’s conference..

3-AA East said, #6 Southeast Guilford hosting #11 Southern Alamance and #15 Eastern Guilford traveling to meet #2 Southern Durham…

3-A West was projecting #15 Southern Guilford at #2 Statesville, while 3-A East was showing #9 Jacksonville at #8 Northeast Guilford….

That is a look, but new projections are due out later on this week and we will try and post those…..

Nothing will be set in stone until the NCHSAA sends out their Final Playoff Seedings sometime early Saturday afternoon….We are sure hoping for early Saturday afternoon…..

3 thoughts on “Average Daily Memberships/ADM’s showing the attendance/enrollment for Guilford County Schools roll call coming in:They will use these numbers to set the Playoff Brackets

  1. It amazes me how Southwest isn’t 4A. Hpc is on pace to slid3 back into 3A next realignment.

  2. Some of the new playoff projections and I can remember when HP Central was playing on the 2-A level for about three or so years back in the late 90’s and they won a State 2-A Title at that level if I am not mistaken, and Central also won a Title at the 4-A level, back in the 70’s…

    Some of the new projections…
    #14 Northern Guilford at #3 AC Reynolds in Asheville on 3-AA West…Still #14 SWG at #3 Watauga..

    Now 3-AA East #9 West Brunswick at #8 Dudley…#16 Eastern Guilford at #1 Lee County…Lee County with DE Desmond Evans….Southern Alamance still at Southeast Guilford…

    3-A West with #5 Morganton Freedom at #12 Northeast Guilford…Still Southern Guilford at Statesville…

    Grimsley in 4-A West now looking at Davie County-Lake Norman winner in Round Two after Round One BYE…

    Ragsdale looking at Hickory Ridge-West Mecklenburg winner after Round One Bye for Ragsdale…

    And that is how most of our teams look right now going into Saturday and these new projections are done with the just-released ADM’s mixed in/added in…

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