Brandon Wiggins out as head football coach at Ben L. Smith High School

Brandon Wiggins is out as the head football coach at Ben L. Smith High School…He will stay on at Ben L. Smith HS as a teacher, and he will coach the track team in the Spring of 2020…

Spoke with Coach Wiggins earlier this evening and he said the school/administration has decided to go in a different direction, and he will no longer be coaching football in any capacity, at Ben L. Smith High School…

The school thanked him for his efforts over the past four years/seasons, but felt like it was the right time to make a change in the leadership of their football program at Ben L. Smith High School…Time for the Smith Golden Eagles to go in a different direction..

No regrets on the part of Coach Wiggins, he said he did his best and has no hard feelings toward Smith High School, in the decision that they have made..He loved coaching football at Ben L. Smith, but that chapter in his life has come to a close…

Coach Wiggins also played his high school football for Ben L. Smith HS, and he attended and played college football at Elon University….

Smith finished (1-10) in 2019 and (3-8) in 2018….(5-7) in 2017 and (3-8) in 2016….Overall Record over the Four Seasons:(12-33)/Overall Conference Record(5-17)

Coach Wiggins a sharp young man and he will do fine in his future endeavors…

Farewell Statement from Coach Brandon Wiggins at Smith High School:
I would first like to thank the Administration, Athletic Director, Staff, Parents, Alumni, Community Supporters and most of all, Student-Athletes that I have worked with over my last 8 years during my tenure here at Smith.

I have been let go as the Head Coach of the Football Program.

After a challenging season and the school currently transitioning with a new leadership at the helm, I understand why the Administration felt that it was best to move in another direction.

Ben L. Smith has matured me as a student, mentor, teacher, coach, and most of all man, and I will always cherish the life lessons and relationships that I have developed here. I will also always be grateful for the opportunity to coach at my Alma Mater and watch young men from my neighborhood succeed on and off the field.

I will continue to serve at Smith as a Teacher and a Track coach in support of the new Administration until God leads me to my next assignment.

Thanks again for all of your love and support, my heart will forever bleed Green and Gold.


  1. Smith is a very challenging school and i hope the next coach is given the support Brandon never received. From the first year of traveling on the road all games to the 2nd season of making the playoffs with a stadium that was still under construction. Smith will never turn things around without support and time

  2. Worked with Coach Wiggins at Ben L. for a few years. He is a great guy and had to work under some challenging circumstances at Smith. I think Smith made a bad decision in letting him go as he is someone who was dedicated to making Smith a better place for students. I wish him good luck and hope he gets a chance at another school that will be lucky to have him.

  3. I am a Smith follower religiously. I like Coach Wiggins but this change had to be made. No other fan base would have been OK with the way this season went. Smith needs to make changes from the very top. I know School should be about education first but care a little about sports and give the kids a little school pride. Kids that are suppose to go to Smith going across town because of this. Period

  4. Just saw this today over on Twitter:

    Golden Eagle FB
    Thank you
    for all that you’ve done for this program. You’ve spent countless hours pouring into the young men of Ben L. Smith, over the past eight years. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

  5. No matter who the coach is Smith football team just is not successful. I have always wonder what Smith lacks, I would think they would get talent like Dudley but that’s not the case. Smith last successful season was with Ebron and they still lost in the 1st round I believe. Smith needs more school spirit that band has shrunk and athletics besides men’s basketball just is not good

  6. TO Eagles :

    Parents are going to send their kids wherever. Smith has just now got the programs that other schools have to transfer kids into the school ( New CTE program) . Mind you the kids who attend Smith Academy ( unless they live in Smith District) don’t play sports at Smith.

    Wiggins lost games but he got kids into college , kept his team out of trouble and maintained a team GPA of 3.3. No coach in Guilford County has been thru what Coach Wiggins has been thru. 2 years no weightroom due to construction. all road games because of stadium construction. 4 years , none of his coaches were teachers on campus. He had a lot of roadblocks but he never complained and made due. And for that , he has my upmost respect.

    Smith has a new principal so we will see how this will be fixed moving forward. But it don’t matter if you hire Bill Belichick , if you don’t put the tools around the coach to succeed , He won’t

  7. To Eagle Alum,
    agree Wiggins was a great male figure, coach, and mentor to those young men. Hate they let him go, some times wins and loses just do not show how much of a positive impact a coach has made. All the outside world see is the W-L record though.

  8. I think Smith is suffering from all angles. Only sport being successful is basketball…maybe the new principle will changing up the athletics department….

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