High School Football Stats and Numbers after Week #13 of the Season:Leaders Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) Fairley(SEG) and Thomas(NWG) in Passing, Rushing and Receiving/K. Smith(EG) tops in Total Yards

High School Football Stats and Numbers after Week #13 of the 2019 Season

**********Looking at these Stats and Numbers after Week #13 of the 2019 High School Football Season…..***********
(As always, we are looking to get more/new stats and numbers in here.)
++++++++++As we get those updated stats, we will be adding/posting/updating what we have here now.++++++++++
$$$$$$$$$$ Pretty much up-to-date, as we head toward Week #2 of the NCHSAA Football Playoffs $$$$$$$$$$

*****Rushers now with over 650 yards, and where Team Stats have been provided at MaxPreps…*****
Jalen Fairley(Southeast Guilford HS) with 1,706 yards on 214 carries, with 10 TD’s…8.0 yards per carry and 155.1 yards per game…11 Games…
Quan Nora(Grimsley High School) 1,577 yards on 214 carries with 21 TD’s…7.4 yards per carry and 157.7 yards per game….10 Games….
Trevon Hester(Northeast Guilford HS) with 1,482 yards on 228 carries with 17 TD’s….6.5 yards per carry and 123.5 yards per game…
Chris Zellous(Grimsley HS) with 1,330 yards on 144 carries, with 17 TD’s…9.2 yards per carry and 120.9 yards per game…
Dante Bovian(Western Guilford HS) with 1,212 yards on 166 carries with 13 TD’s…7.3 yards per carry and 110.2 yards per game
Nkosi Alston(Smith HS) with 1,002 yards rushing on 135 carries with 5 TD’s…7.4 yards per carry and 91.1 yards per game..
Hezekiah Newby(Eastern Guilford HS) with 878 yards on 135 carries with 9 TD’s….6.5 yards per carry and 87.8 yards per game…
Carson Cassetty(Northwest Guilford HS) with 838 yards rushing on 161 carries with 9 TD’s…5.2 yards per carry and 76.2 yards a game rushing….
Marlon Darby(Dudley HS) with 840 yards on 86 carries and 10 TD’s…9.8 yards per carry and 70.0 yards per game….
Derron McQuitty(Southeast Guilford HS) with 797 on 127 carries rushing yards and 7 TD’s…6.3 per carry and 72.5 yards per game…
Jordan Wilson(Southern Guilford HS) with 760 yards on 103 carries, with 5 TD’s…7.4 yards per carry and 76.0 yards per game…
Kobi Perez(Northeast Guilford HS) 758 yards on 84 carries with 10 TD’s…9.0 yards per carry and 63.2 yards per game….
Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS) with 694 yards on 103 carries and 4 TD’s…6.7 yards per carry and 63.1 yards per game….
Branson Adams(Dudley HS) with 650 yards on 57 carries, with 11 TD’s…11.4 yards per carry and 54.2 yards per game…

*****Passers with over 650 yards, where Team Stats are available…*****
Will Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) with 2,620 passing yards, going 202-326, 24 TD’s/9 INT’s/62.0% of passes completed, 218.3 yards per game…
Alston Hooker(Ragsdale HS) with 2,013 yds passing yds passing, going 132-208/63.5% passes completed, 28 TD’s/9 INT’s, 198.8 Yards per game…2,585 Total Yards and 29 TD’s…
Kamell Smith(Eastern Guilford HS) with 2,007 yards, going 146-283 passing, 22 TD’s/14 INT./51.6% passes completed and 167.3 yards per game..2,646 Total Yards and 30 TD’s…
Micah Salmon(Northwest Guilford HS) 107-221 for 1,676 yards with 17 TD’s/10 INT/48.4% passes completed and 152.4 yards per game…
Jahmier Slade(Dudley HS) with 1,447 yards going 80-156 passing for 13 TD’s/6 INT/51.3% passes completed and 131.5 yards per game…Slade at 2,141 Total Yards and 17 TD’s…
Javondre Paige(Page HS) with 1,257 yards, going 84-176, 9 TD’s/4 INT’s/48.1 % passes completed and 104.9 yards per game…Paige at 1,520 Total Yards and 10 TD’s….
Chris Zellous(Grimsley HS) with 1,215 yards, going 76-134 for 19 TD’s/6 INT./56.7% of passes completed and 110.5 yards per game…Zellous with 2,545 Total Yards….36 Total TD’s….
Luke Homol(High Point Christian Academy) going 70-122 for 1,180 yards for 19 TD’s/3 INT’s/57.4% of passes completed and 196.7 yards per game…
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 102-173 for 1,145 yards, with 3 TD’s/3 INT’s/59.0% of passes completed and 104.1 yards per game…
Robbie Boyd(Western Guilford HS) with 1,130 yards passing, going 97-200 passing, 6 TD’s/10 INT’s/48.5% passes completed and 102.7 yards per game…
Alonza Barnett(Page HS) with 944 yards, going 67-120 for 12 TD’s/6 INT./58.1% passes complete and 87.6 yards per game…
Myles Crisp(Southern Guilford HS) 47-97 for 906 yards, with 7 TD’s/2 INT’s/48.5% of passes completed and 100.7 yards per game
Conway McCoury(Southern Guilford HS) 42-82 for 864 yards passing…7 TD’s/1 INT/51.2% of passes completed and 86.4 yards per game
Keith McDuffie Jr.(High Point Central HS) 728 yards, going 43-72 passing for 3 TD’s/3 INT’s/59.7% of passes completed and 66.2 yards per game…

*****Receivers with over 600 yards, and where Team Stats are available…*****
Brandon Thomas(Northwest Guilford HS) 37 receptions for 917 yards and 11 TD’s…
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) with 43 receptions for 830 yards and 16 TD’s….
Michael Frogge(Northern Guilford HS) with 812 yards receiving on 59 receptions and 14 TD’s…
Mehki Wall(Dudley HS) with 39 receptions for 753 yards and 8 TD’s…
Damon Coleman(Eastern Guilford HS) with 48 receptions for 680 yards and 8 TD’s…
Elijah Kennedy(High Point Central HS) with 39 receptions for 654 yards and 2 TD’s…
Brycen Thomas(High Point Christian Academy) with 32 receptions for 631 yards and 9 TD’s…

Here is a list of the statewide leaders….
NCHSAA Football Statistical Leaders (according to MaxPreps.com)

                            C-Att   YD  TD
1) Jefferson Boaz (E.Surry) 171-232 3571 52
2) Dawson Cox (Ashe Co.)    255-433 3479 36
3) Chase Swartz (Mt. Airy)  189-313 3472 32
4) Timothy Davis (W-S Prep) 187-272 3403 39
5) Walker Harris (Heritage) 243-412 3194 35
6) Troy Hoilman (Avery Co.) 280-483 3163 38
7) Landin Sledge (Riv-Dur.) 178-296 3111 41
8) Nate Hampton (Davie)     242-401 3087 22
9) Eli Carr (A.C. Reynolds) 172-246 2950 37
10) Dustin Noller (Mall.Cr.)195-325 2912 29
11) Corey Motes (Dixon)     177-326 2903 27
12) Drake Maye (Myers Park) 169-225 2891 45


                                Att YD   TD
1) Quinton Cooley (S. Nash)     196 2250 34
2) Travone Robinson (Union)     299 2077 22
3) Omarion Hampton(Cleveland)   198 2067 29
4) Cannon Bridges (W.Lincoln    242 2053 30
5) Dylan Church (N. Wilkes)     352 2029 23
6) Amir Pittman (N. Nash)       257 2001 26
7) Marqueise Coleman(St. Pauls) 214 1984 28
8) Dorian Clark (T. Sanford)    273 1969 27
9) Cameron Smith (Olympic)      221 1952 8
10) Steven Montgomery (A. Cen)  192 1950 23
11) Elijah Burris(Mt. Island Ch)144 1912 34
12) William Lovick (New Bern)   257 1899 18


                                Rec YD  TD
1) Juwan Lyons (W-S Prep)       73 1445 15
2) Davis Clemmons (Broughton)   88 1411 10
3) Rodney McDay (T.C. Roberson) 98 1334 12
4) Tresean Stewart (W-S Prep)   65 1328 18
5) Jhari Patterson (A.C. Reyn.) 63 1211 17
6) Devin Smith (Riv. Durham)    61 1188 20
7) Dylan Abernethy (Maiden)     65 1135 17
8) Elijah Metcalf (Mall. Creek) 64 1125 16
9) Gavin Ellis (Topsail)        53 1116 8
10) Landon Stevens (E. Surry)   44 1111 17
11) Stephen Gosnell (E. Surry)  47 1109 17
12) Daniel Britt (Hobbton)      80 1107 9

We have six teams still in the playoff hunt and I was able to dig up some of their defensive stats from MaxPreps and if have another school or player request, let us know and we will try and dig that up tomorrow…..

Of the six and I will start with Northern Guilford since I was on their page already and getting Michael Frogge’s receiving numbers caught up….
Northern Defense: Tyler Anderson 174 Total Tackles with 98 solos and 76 assists….Amaah Achina with 70 Total Tackles with 28 solo and 42 assists..DJ Anderson with 49 Tackles with 24 solo and 25 assists…Top Sack man is Tyler Anderson with 8 and Jacob Barlow with 6 sacks…Other defensive stats pretty well spread out.

Northeast Guilford Defense:Top Tacklers are Chantz James with 68 Total Tackles…James with 19 solos and 49 assists….Anthony Hairston and Zeke Nicholson with 64 Total Tackles each…Zeke with 41 solo and 23 assists, while Anthony has 29 solos and 35 assists…Top Sack man is Chantz James with 13.5 sacks and Anthony Hairston has 9.5 sacks…Jaydon Hall with 3 Interceptions and Kobi Perez with 3 Fumble Recoveries…

Southeast Guilford Defense: No Defensive Stats on MaxPreps…

Dudley Defense:Milan Summers with 82 Total Tackles with 50 solos and 32 assists…Jahrie Little with 73 Tackles with 41 solos and 32 assists..Drey Latta with 70 Tackles with 37 solo and 33 assists…Milan Summers with 20.5 Sacks for Dudley….Myles Murphy with 9.5 sacks…Dudley with 5 Interceptions for Jahree Braswell….Branson Adams, Sterling Brewer and Kyree Hamlett with 3 INT’s each for Dudley….Sterling Brewer with 16 and Zayvion Rush with 14 Pass Deflections for Dudley…

Ragsdale:No Defensive Stats on MaxPreps..

Grimsley Defense: Quentin Williamson with 110 Total Tackles with 77 solos and 33 assists…Travis Shaw with 93 Tackles, with 53 solos and 40 assists…Sincere Burnette with 77 Tackles, 51 solos and 26 assists..Tamorye Thompson and Travis Shaw both with 11 Sacks, while Sincere Burnette has 4 sacks…Sincere Burnette with 5 Fumble Recoveries and Cam Allison with 3 Fumble Recoveries and several players with 2 INT’s each….Jaquavion Mayo with 5 Pass Deflections…
MaxPreps did an update on Travis Shaw with his sacks and some other Grimsley numbers too….

By request coming with…
Northwest Guilford Defense:Xavier Simmons with 90 Total Tackles/39 solos and 51 assists…Freshman Jadyn Coleman with 67 Total Tackles/23 solo tackles and 44 assists…Ethan Smith with 60 Total Tackles/28 solos and 32 assists…Noah Edwards with 2.5 Sacks…Bristol Carter(Freshman) with 5 Interceptions and Dewayne Johnson with 4 INT’s…Jadyn Coleman with 4 Fumble Recoveries..

Western Guilford Defense:Aaron Berry with 81 Total Tackles/30 solo and 51 assists….Bryson Moore with 55 total tackles/25 solo and 30 assists…Darrien Dalton with 48 total tackles/24 solos and 24 assists…Jamyr Jeffries with 7 Sacks…Several players with 2 INT’s and 2 Fumble Recoveries….

Smith Defense:Emarion Lynch with 82 Total Tackles/49 solo and 33 assists…Malachi Winfield-McNeil with 41 Total Tackles/23 solo and 18 assists…Jarvis Maness with 36 total tackles/29 solo and 7 assists….Tazhaun Davis with 7 Tackles for a Loss/8 Sacks/6 QB Hurries/3 Interceptions…

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  1. Man every week i ask cmon dude. Sure u can get the defense stats from same source. Equal opportunity andy or talk to joe S. Sack totals tackles show them some love too

  2. Got busy studying the Northern running backs and overlooked Frogge..Didn’t mean to jump past him but now we have him hopping again and Frogge the receiver is caught up….

  3. Got some defensive totals added in and if you have a request for a certain school let us know..Our first run was to get in the teams that are still in the playoffs…


  4. MaxPreps did an update on Travis Shaw with his sacks and some other Grimsley numbers too….

    I thought I saw Shaw one time with 9.5 sacks, but the correct updated number is 11.0 sacks, from MaxPreps today…

    We got our updates in…


  5. @wow A lot of things factor into numbers. One of the top skill players in the nation, Will Shipley of Weddington, is featured in their offense and he isn’t on the list so………….and Weddington is billed as one of the best teams IN THE STATE no matter the class.

  6. @wow……true, we don’t have anyone in the top 10, but does that mean we are lacking? If it was about talent there would be more Charlotte players on the list. There are so many things that tie into numbers.

  7. Yes we are aware of many variables being unknown. Just taking a look face value out of curiosity is all. Rec passing yds as well as TDs not even in the same zip code literrally i guess lol. Rushing yds can compare maybe. End of the day our area schools make a run playoffs is all that matters. wish them all well.

  8. Yeah, those numbers are up there. Odd thing is the Boaz kid is going to NC State as a TE I believe……..Maye and Hampton are the only two in the top 12 that have D1 offers at QB. Maye committed to Alabama earlier this year.

  9. from East Surry High School, Boaz, WR Stephen Gosnell, and WR Landon Stevens have all committed to UNC/North Carolina…
    (Boaz will probably end up at TE for UNC.)

    from the Daily Tar Heel/DTH.com////
    Three-star WR Stephen Gosnell switched his allegiance from NC State to UNC, giving UNC yet another verbal commitment from the class of 2020.

    Three weeks after being offered by UNC, former N.C. State commit Stephen Gosnell announces he’s committed to UNC.

    His quarterback, Jefferson Boaz, committed to the Heels in June.

    That was followed by their teammate and Gosnell’s fellow wide receiver, Landon Stevens, who also committed last week as preferred walk-on.

    Gosnell will now follow his high school teammates to Chapel Hill, spurning the Wolfpack despite committing to them this past June.

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