Greensboro College Women’s Basketball Coach Randy Tuggle(Northwest Guilford HS) is in a struggle/battle with Pancreatic Cancer, but he won’t let it bring him down

The Northwest Guilford-grad has had it bad, but Randy Tuggle intends to overcome his struggle with cancer, and the Greensboro College women’s basketball coach is fighting the battle and he has been winning the battle to stay alive, and to keep coaching his GC Pride team…..
(Coach Tuggle is in constant struggle with the cancer, but he refuses to let it define him/take over his life.)

from WGHP FOX 8 News/Sports/

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro College Women’s Basketball Coach Randy Tuggle is facing a really tough opponent: pancreatic cancer.
CLICK HERE and you can check out the video from MyFOX 8/WGHP on how Coach Tuggle is overcoming his struggle with pancreatic cancer….

However, since being diagnosed a year ago, Tuggle has not missed a single game or a practice. And he’s pushing on with a positive attitude.

“I don’t know how I can say this because I don’t want cancer, but it has been good because I feel like I have made an impact,” Tuggle said.

His daughter Lauren is always close by. She works as a nurse at Greensboro College and was one of the first to find out about the cancer.

“I know the battle is hard but I know my dad is strong,” Lauren said. “I know he’s stronger than any cancer and also know God is bigger than any cancer”.

(Randy Tuggle starred in both basketball and baseball, in his playing days/student days as an NWG Viking, at Northwest Guilford High School.)