High School Basketball Tonight(2/11/2020) Finals:Tyler Albright hits two Free Throws with just 6.9 seconds remaining and Grimsley boys over Page, 39-38/Kiser Middle boys top Jackson, 77-74/Huge win for the Dudley girls at Southwest Guilford/SWG boys over Dudley in OT/NG boys win in Triple OT/JMS Girls in OT/The Point boys now (19-1)/Landon Sutton with 42 points for HPCA

++++++++++++++++++++The Northern Guilford boys had a WILD game tonight too:Northern Guilford boys 90, Morehead 89…Triple Overtime
NG boys(13-8/11-2)….Leading Scorers:Carson Lomax-33, Nolan Hodge-21, Rashawn Pleasant-12…CLICK HERE for the Buzzer-Beater…

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	OT1	OT2	OT3	Final
NGHS	        18	16	16	14	6	10	10	90
Morehead	12	16	16	20	6	10	9	89

A wild day and a wild night for basketball, with the Grimsley boys topping Page, 39-38, as the Whirlies’ Tyler Albright canned/made two free throws with just 6.9 seconds left in the contest, and the Grimsley Whirlies slipped past the Page Pirates tonight at the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium, on the Grimsley High School campus….

Page had the ball, with 6.9 seconds remaining in regulation and the Pirates could not get off a shot and they coughed the ball up, and Grimsley got the loose ball in their own end of the court and with the one point lead, the Whirlies threw the ball up in the air toward the Whirlies’ basket, and watched the time run out and the game was over…

Yes it was a very close game, after Grimsley had gone over to Mac Morris Gym and cleaned the Pirates out by 22 points, but the game tonight was tight and very close throughout and in the end, Grimsley was able to slide out of their own home building, with a one-point victory…
(The Grimsley and Page fans and students were all very well-behaved tonight, and it was a great night for high school basketball, at the Bob Sawyer Gymnasium.)

Mark it down, Grimsley 39, Page 38 and Grimsley has the conference leader, Northwest Guilford HS, coming to “The Bob” on Friday, and that game will decide the Metro 4-A Conference Champion…

Like I was telling everyone earlier, that Grimsley-Page boys game was tight all night long…(from our game notes, “Tough Defensive Battle”….
End of 1st Q:Page 10, Grimsley 8…Halftime:Page 16, Grimsley 15…End of 3rd Q:Page 30, Grimsley 27…Final:Grimsley 39, Page 38…Page led most of the way in this game, but Grimsley would not close up shop…The door remained open, and Grimsley came through that door and locked it on the way out, at the end of the game…

Grimsley scoring: Daniel Cooper 12 points, Ahmil Flowers 11 points, Travis Shaw 6 points, Tyler Albright 3 points, Nathan Schoone 3 points, Jayden Watlington 2 points, Luke Jenkins 2 points…..Just three points for Tyler Albright and they were all Free Throws and boy, those last two Free Throws by TA/Tyler Albright were BIG…
Page scoring:Jaden Ellis 13 points, Jason Sellars 8 points, Tyren Farrow 6 points, Jonathan Campbell 3 points, Zion Connor 2 points, Mack Pearsall points 2, Whit Edwards points 2, Mike Maxwell 2 points…

Girls Final from the Bob Sawyer Gym:
Grimsley 41 Page 31
End of 1st Q:Grimsley 5, Page 4…Halftime:Grimsley 12, Page 10…End of 3rd Q:Grimsley 25, Page 14…Final:Grimsley 41, Page 31…

Second Half this girl’s game was Grimsley over Page, 29-21…In the second half for Grimsley, Destonie Tisdale took over the lane and made layups like they were going out of style…Tisdale must have had 6-7 made layups in the second half for Grimsley…Grimsle went up by nearly 20 points in half number two, but Page cut the lead to 8 late, but could get no closer, and Grimsley gets the win, by 10….At times this Grimsley-Page girls game looked like a ‘Train Wreck’, especially at several junctures of the first half…Game got better for Grimsley in the second half, as the Whirlies began to convert layups(Destonie Tisdale) and they got a big boost from the outside shooting of Saniya Arant and Tajamirah Russell….Big boost from those two off of the Whirlie bench…Kira Lineberry gave Page a bit of a spark, but there wasn’t enough spark to go around….

Grimsley Scoring:Destonie Tisdale 16 points, Tajamirah Russell 10 points, Saniya Arant 9 points, Jordan Holmes 4 points, Juju Gwynn 2 points….
Page Scoring: Kirah Lineberry 9 points, Reagan Maynard 9 points, Leila Hamoud 5 points, Sharmaine Agmata 3 points, Skylar Hitchins 3 points, Brooke Becker 2 points……

Grimsley JV boys 57, Page 39
Grimsley JV girls 40, Page 20

Middle School Final in what was a very high-scoring back-and-forth battle today, over at the Jackson Middle School:
Kiser Middle School boys 77, Jackson Middle 74
Game score courtesy of the game referee Mark Guenther….

Jamestown Middle girls defeat Kernodle girls in OT 44-41
Nail biter that went down to the wire….
JMS Tigers:
|| Rogers 24
|| Haith 12
|| Shamberger 4
|| Boddie 2
|| Diggs 2

The Point girls fall to Winston Salem Christian. The Point Boys win 56-37 to advance to 19-1. Last regular season game tomorrow, Wednesday at Phoenix Academy in High Point attempting to avenge their only loss of the season. Girls 4:30/Boys 5:30
Boys scoring –

WSC.         3, 13, 12, 9  = 37
Thé Point   16, 18, 11, 11 = 56

The Point Scoring:
Wise 10
Harris 8
Dockery 7
Knotts 6
Page 6
Roberts 5
Sheppard 5
Westray 4
Carson 3
Mathew 2

More on the Grimsley and Page games and more scores are on the way….
More scores and we have a very Big One here:
Dudley girls 70, Southwest Guilford 59
This should give the Dudley girls the Piedmont Triad 3-A Regular Season Title….Congrats to Coach Frank McNeil and his Lady Panthers from Dudley High School, on this BIG WIN….
Marissa Wooten with 22 points to lead the Lady Panthers…
Southest Guilford boys 68, Dudley 65…Overtime

SEG girls win on their Senior Night at Southeast Guilford High School:
Southeast Guilford girls 64, Southwestern Randolph 45
SEG(22-1/11-0)…SEG girls the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Girls Regular Season Champion for the second straight season…
Southwestern Randolph boys 67, Southeast Guilford 55

Ragsdale girls 75, High Point Central 29

Smith boys 68, Western Guilford 21

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Western Guilford	7	6	2	6	21
Ben L. Smith	       26	24	15	3	68

Western Guilford girls 61, Smith 30
WG girls(10-10/3-6)

                        Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
Western Guilford	9	14	22	16	61
Ben L. Smith	        6	7	8	9	30

Northern Guilford girls 63, Morehead 20

High Point Andrews girls 75, Trinity 30
HP Andrews scoring:Ashley Bowman with 17pts, Sequoyah Johnson 16, Jeriel Nesbitt 13, Alex Belton 11, Anaya Cureton 8, Jahnia Butler 4, Zaria Scott 3 Journey Flower 2, & Delicate Shivers 1.
HP Andrews(17-3/9-2)

Trinity boys 56, High Point Andrews 44
HP Andrews(12-9/7-4)

Eastern Guilford boys 58, Southern Guilford 45

Eastern Guilford 50, Southern Guilford 37

McMichael boys 67, Northeast Guilford 63
NEG boys(7-14/4-8)

                Q1	Q2	Q3	Q4	Final
McMichael	18	18	13	18	67
NGHS	        17	14	15	17	63

High Point Christian Academy boys 77, Cary Christian 75Overtime
Landon Sutton with 42 points for HPCA and he 26 of them in the second half….

Davie County boys 62, East Forsyth 54
North Davidson boys 70, Salisbury 68
Salisbury girls 61, North Davidson 43
Western Alamance boys 49, Eastern Alamance 45


  1. Andy, do you have anymore information on that Girls game between Dudley and Southwest Guilford? I was planning to see that game after work, but didn’t make it. I was following the score on Maxprep and for the first 3 quarters the scoring was low 12 to 10, 12 to 10, 17 to 16 the first 3 quarters with Southwest winning all three. Then the updates stopped for the forth. When I checked Southwest Twitter Page, I was shocked by the final score. Dudley exploded in the 4th with what 35 pts while holding S.W. to 18. What did Dudley Girls do, put on the afterburners AND FULL COURT PRESS or SOMETHING? I know Dudley Girls have done it before, and it was against S.W. earlier at Dudley. Dudley was down 34-12 at the Half and in the game they came back and won 52-46. I have been following that team. The start of the season I really thought those Ladies were going to have a long sad season, after getting blown out by Southeast, Northern, Ragsdale, and Salisbury. I couldn’t figure it out why they had a slow start with the bulk of their 23-5 team from a season ago back {only losing 3 Seniors}. But they seem to be focus now, winning 9 of the last 10 games. Should be 10 in a row {They should have beaten Mt. Tabor at home. Dudley is better and more athletic}. But if you have any info about that 4th quarter and what happen, I would like to know.

  2. Looks like the score was 36-36 going into the fourth and final quarter and Dudley proceeded to out-score SWG, 34-18 in that fourth and decisive period….Hope this clears up some of it for you…

    24-20 SWG at halftime…


    Dudley - 1st     2nd     3rd     4th     Final
             10      10       16      34       70

    Marissa Wooten – 22
    Iysis Whitfield – 16
    Quinzia Fulmore – 11
    Taneij’a Baldwin – 9
    Kyra Rhymer – 7
    Zahara Howie – 3
    Taneij’a Baldwin – 2

    Southwest - 1st     2nd     3rd     4th     Final
                12       12     12       18       59

    T. Nyok – 18
    J. Foust – 13
    G. Slade – 7
    A. Hairston – 6
    K. Shaw – 5
    S. McCullough – 3
    G. Marriman – 3
    J. Slade – 2
    C. Taylor – 2

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