Governor Roy Cooper says All North Carolina Public Schools will be CLOSED until at least May 15:High School Basketball Gone, Baseball still on Deck, but fading fast!!!(Continuation Date on High School Sports no sooner than May 18)

++++++++++The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has announced spring sports will be suspended until at least May 18.++++++++++

**********Governor Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina and this announcement made this afternoon on Twitter and Live on 680 AM/WPTF out of Raleigh….**********
:Therefore, today I will sign an executive order that closes public K-12 schools across North Carolina for in-person instruction until May 15.

The way this comes across from the governor today, you have to feel that high school basketball is Gone for the rest of this school year, and you have to think high school baseball is just about a Done Deal…
(It would take weeks for the players to get ready to play in Real Time again, and by that time it would be the Fourth of July.)

Going to be hard to even think about finishing the basketball season and for baseball and all Spring Sports for that matter, it looks like it is the bottom of the ninth inning and the home team is down/trailing with the bases empty, there’s two outs and the count is 0-and-2…We are about OUT of time…Barely hanging on by a thread and that thread is bare…