Steak n Shake on West Wendover still going/running strong:A True Cure for the ‘Shakes’, the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue, in Greensboro, N.C.

Was over by the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue yesterday, and the cars were lined up and waiting at the drive-thru and we are here to report, that all is good and Steak n Shake is serving the public, and the drive-thru business is good…

Good thing and great for Steak n Shake…The food as always, was good too…Once I got it home, the Double Steak Burger and fries were just right and the lemonade went down real smooth…They all disappeared, before I had time to take photos.

Double Steak Burger, the fries and the Lemonade….Outstanding meal and this was the first time I had a chance to dive into some great Steak n Shake food, since this Coronavirus/COVID-19 broke out…

I never made it home with the Oreo Shake, from Steak n Shake…It was consumed while I was parked over to the side, in the Steak n Shake parking lot, there on West Wendover…

It is hard to go to Steak n Shake and get the meal and then leave out the Shake….The Shake part of Steak n Shake, can make your day…Take away the Shake, and you feel like you are missing something…Gotta get the Shake, or you too, might get the ‘Shakes”….

Again, we are here to report that all is well, and you can tell, that they are ready to serve you today, at the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue in Greensboro….

Great stop at the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue on Wednesday, and even though I really do miss the old days of the Steak n Shake on Lawndale Drive, you still have to always find a way to get your Steak n Shake fix, and the fix is in….

Got the ‘Shakes’ and shook it all loose yesterday, and I found the cure for the ‘Shakes’, at the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue….


  1. My wife and I passed the Steak ‘n Shake on Wendover as we were walking in the neighborhood. The aroma wafting from the place smelled amazing, and the drive thru lane was wrapped around the corner. Will be going back soon!

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