The New Summer Baseball League(NC3 Baseball) led by Greg Suire(HPT Hi-Toms) and endorsed by Jim Goard(Greensboro Red Wings) has a home

++++++++++This may be the only baseball we get in the Triad this Summer, but this new group/NC3 Baseball, has a plan in place to get it done…So far, we have not seen this plan from other baseball groups….Greg Suire and Jim Goard have stepped up and they are going for the fence, no matter how far back that fence may be….++++++++++

NC3 American League Baseball
Welcome to NC 3 American League Baseball! The newest league for Central North Carolina! This is the place for the all the information for this summer coming up! Stay Tuned for more information! We are very excited to enter the Twitter World! Follow Us!

**********The starting date decision will depend on current virus restrictions.**********
The potential game starting dates are as follows.
June 1 (decision by May 15)
June 15 (decision by June 1)
July 1 (decision by June 15

++++++++++Again to follow NC3 Baseball, their home plate is @NC3_baseball…..++++++++++
(This league will replace many of the American Legion leagues that are usually seen across North Carolina in the Summer months…The American Legion leagues has chosen to cease operations for the Summer of 2020.)

Greg Suire and Jim Goard are stepping up to make sure baseball will still be played this Summer……..