Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Our Next Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede goes to Western Guilford High School(Home of the Hornets)

**********This Western Guilford Senior Celebration is brought to you by Scott Holland, at the Holland Auto Care Center 3726 Spring Garden St, call (336) 540-9337….Scott Holland and Holland Auto Care Center, supporting Western Guilford HS Athletics, and the WG Senior Athletes…**********

Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Our Next Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede goes to Western Guilford High School(Home of the Hornets)

We are celebrating our Guilford County senior athletes, and we are looking to bring in all of the senior athletes from the county high schools and give them a good sendoff, and we do that with our Senior Take Over/Senior Stampede…

Today we begin our recognition of the Western Guilford Hornets, out on Friendway Drive, just off of West Friendly Avenue, on the west side of town…Some say the West side is the Best side of town, and that often comes from the eyes of the beholder….

We have senior athletes from Western Guilford and have our current list and we expect to be seeing more of these Senior Hornets and we plan on adding to our list…Today, we just want you to get a taste of what this Western Guilford Hornet list is looking like, since it is a quiet Memorial Day Weekend and you need some new content to study, while we are waiting for more of the action to pick back up again, later in this week…

We need to thank Western Guilford Athletic Director Chris Causey, for sending us the info to get this list of his Senior Athletes started, and we also thank the WG coaches that have already sent their information our way…Great to get this good news on the WG Celebrating Senior Athletes and we are going to be looking for more to add to this list…
(We are still building the list.)
**********We have added in the members(Senior Athletes) from the Western Guilford Cross Country team, coached by Dr. Marc Putnam….**********

We saw lot of the Hornet football players over the past few seasons, and we were there for a lot of the Hornet baseball games with Coach Wood leading the way…Made it to several Hornet hoops contests(Coach Harris and company) and even took in a WG wrestling match at Grimsley this past season, with Coach Melton at the Hornets’ Wrestling helm…We heard from Coach Jim Beck when these list of athletes were coming in, and we hadn’t heard from him since his days back at Oak Ridge…And yes, lest we forget, Torin Fury helped us with the baseball team roster and that got these list of Senior Athletes rolling…

Mr. Pete Kashubara is the outstanding leader of the Western Guilford High School, and as the principal, he works with Coach/AD Causey, to keep the Hornets challenged and hard-working on the fields and in the classroom…

Here is what Mr. Kashubara is playing in his office right now, as he looks back at his Class of 2020 senior students….
Click On and you can begin to call out all of the Hornets’ names and like we said above, we will be adding more Hornets names and colleges in here, as we get them this week…

As soon as the Pomp and Circumstance tune is complete, I’m sure the graduating Seniors will to begin the Celebration and this song will take them into the Celebratory Mood…It is time to play “Celebration”, from Kool and the Gang….
Click On below and this is your video…

*********And to get to the real meat and potatoes, here are the Hornet Seniors and where many of them will be going to college…We have some listed, and we will be adding their colleges, as they come in…For right now, here are your Hornet Seniors….**********

Nick Allred – GTCC
Robbie Boyd – Appalachian State University
Caleb Carden – Barton College (will play baseball)
Nathan Fury – Greensboro College (will play baseball)
Trevor Glisson – Wake Technical College (will play baseball)
Cooper Speight – Appalachian State University

Football and Boys Basketball
Keyun Mccullough is going to play football at St. Andrews

Women’s Tennis
Jordanne Arace – University of California at Irvine
Natalie Cortes – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Adlisa Kalac – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Macy Morgan – North Carolina Central University
Sarah Torres – North Carolina State University (manager)
Kasanna Veth – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Men’s Lacrosse
Collin Henry US Marine Corps
Bin-Adama Nikossi Guilford Technical Community College
James Holmes Greensboro College
Julian Long University of NC at Greensboro

Women’s Lacrosse
Pixie Hocker-Appalachian State
Macy Morgan NCCU
Sarah Hunt Furman
Aniecan Ofum
Lundyn Gray Harris
Oriana McIntosh
Niya Commodore

Women’s Soccer
Jenna Staton-Appalachian State
Nina Haviland-Appalachian State

Men’s Soccer
Dean Renic-Appalachian State
Osman Mustafic-UNC Chapel Hill
Yassine Wahbi-Appalachian State
Richard Hughes-Delayed Entry US Marine Corps
Anthony Bermudez-Melchor-Undecided (will play soccer)
Oscar Rivas-GTCC
Riley Griffin-UNC Charlotte
Rob Kobrin-NC State
Arbnor Sejdiu-Undecided
Abdul Mohamed-Undecided
Gavin Blakeney-Brigham Young
Jonah Smith-Appalachian State

Boys Track & Field
Simon Balauro – Randolph County Community College
Mamadou Demba – North Carolina Central University (will run Track – walk on)
Keyshaun Jackson – Deciding between 2 schools (will run Track)
Corey Ritter – North Carolina Central University (will run Track – walk on)
Christian Youngdahl – UNC Greensboro

Girls Track & Field
Harriet Ahu-Darkwah – UNC Charlotte
Briauna Catoe – UNC Charlotte
Sydney Clemens – Coastal Carolina (will run Track)
Amber Featherson – Decision coming soon (will run Track)
Katie Gilliland – UNC Wilmington
Makayla Watkins – Decision coming soon (will run Track)
Kailee Wright – Fayetteville State University

Trey Swiggett- Kings University in Bristol Tenn

Western Guilford Cross Country
Christian Youngdahl- UNCG
Corey Ritter
Keyshaun Jackson
Simon Balauro
Briauna Catoe
Katie Gilliland – UNCW
Makayla Watkins

More Hornet Senior Athletes from more of the WG Hornets sports teams….
Javon McCain
Robbie Boyd(Attending APP State University)
Dante Bovian
Jalen Williams
Kevin Boele
Semaj Staton
Ibrihim Hassan
Caleb Carden
Elysha Lockett
Julian Gomez
Patrick Sullivan

Boys Tennis
Brad Henley

Girls Basketball
Orianna Mcintosh
Kailee Wright
Jemoni Carter

Brooklyn Watlington
Jasmine Franco
Samaya Edmunson
Deanna Melvin

Hannah Nguyen
Lydia Thomas
Megan Mccraw
Jasmine Franco
Lauren Le’gette
Sydney Lash

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  1. Looking back at this list of male and female athletes makes me so proud to be a WG Hornet coach. These kids put a stamp on our hearts. Best of luck to each one of them. Go Hornets!

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