Seeking/Searching for Dave Walters from Guilford College, we find the Quakers’ SID is missing/gone

Timeline July 10, 2020 and coming in from
After 24 years, going back to 1996, we find out this week, that the Guilford College Quakers’ Sports Information Director, Dave Walters, is gone
(Dave Walters came to Guilford College in June of 1996, and now he is gone, as of June 2020.)

The Dave Walters Sports Information page on the Guilford College Athletics page now reads:
Access denied

The only name remaining on the Staff Directory for Guilford College Athletics, when you look up Sports Information, is:
Nicolle Holcomb
Assistant Sports Information Director

Timeline April 3, 2020:
GREENSBORO — Its campus empty through the rest of the spring semester, Guilford College has furloughed 133 full-time and part-time staff employees for the next two months.

Slightly more than half of the college’s 250 non-faculty employees were notified Thursday (April 2) that they would have to take unpaid time off from work through at least June 1…

Timeline July 2, 2020:
GREENSBORO — Less than a week after Guilford College announced that its president(Jane Fernandes) would step down next year, the private Quaker college has announced it’s eliminating 45 staff positions and five visiting faculty roles.
(These first two reports from the News and Record, and from “A Friendly Letter”.)

Timeline from “The Guilfordian”, the Guilford College student newspaper with Trey Kawugule, Staff Writer from February 22, 2019:
Dave Walters has been at Guilford as the Sports Information Director since June 1996, and has been a pillar of Guilford athletics for nearly 23 years. He is currently the member of the athletics staff with the longest tenure. After Walters, the staff member with the next longest tenure is men’s basketball coach Tom Palombo, who trails him by seven years.

Walters may just have one title, but he has many responsibilities that go beyond that of an information director. He serves as a liaison to media, promoter for the athletics department, record keeper, reporter, event host, camera operator and occasionally a play-by-play announcer. He arrives at Guilford College each day at 9 a.m., and if there are games during the evening he can leave as late as 10 p.m.

“Dave truly is a one-man show,” said Katy Holt, a senior who is double majoring in exercise and sports sciences, and health sciences. “He has his assistants and we do a lot, but there is so much that Dave does that I don’t think many people realize.

“I’ve spent a lot of early mornings working with Dave and have seen first-hand how tolling the job can be, but he doesn’t complain. He just keeps looking ahead at what else needs to be done or what he can do to make someone else’s job easier.”

For his phenomenal work, Walters was awarded with the ODAC Sports Information Director of the Year award in 2005. The Old Dominion Athletic Conference gives one sports information director this honor each year.

“It really meant a lot because it was the first award given and was truly an award given by my peers,” Walters said at the time.

*********Now you might be asking, and maybe rightfully so, “What is all of this about?”….

It is about Dave Walters, gone from Guilford College after 24 years, and it looks like Dave got caught up in the job cuts at the Guilford College campus, on West Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road, here in Greensboro…

Dave is not only one of the good ones, he is one of the great ones…Could well be the top Sports Information Director in Guilford College history…Right up there with Johnny Moore and Ted Mallick, and Dave was at Guilford longer than both Johnny and Ted..

Dave Walters should be a first ballot entry into the Guilford College Sports Hall of Fame….Dave has a good shot to get into the Guilford County Sports Hall of Fame one day….

The work Dave and his dad turned in every year at the HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament was remarkable, and I hope they continue to help, their work is much appreciated…Dave was doing all of this outside of his work and duties, at Guilford College…

Guilford College was very fortunate/lucky to have Dave Walters all of these years, and I hope they end up making this only a furlough move, and that they can bring Dave Walters back…

I first got to know Dave Walters when he was the assistant SID to Ty Buckner, over at UNCG, back in the early 90’s…You had Dave Walters at UNCG, before his move to Guilford College, and you had Tom Walter, now the head baseball coach at Wake Forest University, and it was Dave at UNCG, and Tom Walter with the Greensboro Hornets/Bats, not as a coach, but as a Sales Representative back in those days…

Dave at UNCG, and on to Guilford, and Tom at the Hornets/Bats, and then on to Wake Forest, and both did quite well for themselves….

Dave Walters was one of the best, and we hate to see that he is gone…Hoping here, that they(Guilford College) find some way to bring Dave Walters back….

A final note from The Guilfordian:
Timeline February 22, 2019:
Dave Walters worked in the sports information office at his alma mater, Ithaca College. He attributes much of his attention to detail in his job to his mentor at Ithaca, Pete Moore.

“Working for Dave is amazing! He’s such a kind person and is willing to work with you … and he’s always excited to teach you new things,” Guilford College sophomore Emily Heck said.

Many of the students Walters supervised held work-study positions, and in that role, Dave takes every opportunity to mentor students in the field of sports information and create personal connections with his staff.

“Thank you so much Dave, for everything,” Katy Holt said. “I have truly enjoyed being your assistant for the past four years and I am genuinely saddened that our time is coming to an end. Please remember to take some time for yourself now and then. You do so much for everyone, but sometimes you need a break, too.”

++++++++++Thank-you Dave Walters, and we just want and seek the chance to see you back on the Guilford College campus in the future, and if your days are done at Guilford College, we wish you the best, no matter where your next road or job takes you.++++++++++