Traditional Thanksgiving Day Football Game Postponed:Looking for a Future Date

What about our local Traditional Thanksgiving Day football game that has been going on for around 27 years now???

Well, I hated to have to do it, but this is the text message that I sent out this morning/Thanksgiving Day morning, at around 9:30am…..

“NO GAME TODAY, due to rain and wet fields”….

I drove around to some of the local fields and No Games going on at Guilford College, No Games going on at Guilford Middle School, No Games going on at the First Lutheran Church, but I did find a game going on at Jefferson School….

There must have been 10-15 cars out there in the front Jefferson School parking lot, there off of New Garden Road….They had a big game going on, there on the Jefferson School soccer field

I gave some thought about stopping in and joining in on the action, but decided to let it go, and let that group have their own game…..They must have got going around 9:30am, because they were done, by 11:30am…

It was a large group, and they were really going at it….

As far as our own local game goes, we are going to try and get it in sometime later on, maybe toward the end of 2020….

Today we hard several cards that were stacked against getting the game in…There was the rain and the wet fields, there was the fears that go along with the pandemic, there were injuries that were holding players back, and there were a few players that had to work today….

So, with all that being said, that is our Thanksgiving Day Football Report for 2020…..Again hoping to get a game in before 2020 leaves us behind….

From the NFL:
Houston Texans 41, Detroit Lions 25

Halftime:Washington Football Team 17, Dallas Cowboys 13
FINAL:Washington Football Team 41, Dallas Cowboys 16