Top Ten Teams for the Guilford County Schools and we’ll start getting the Private Schools in here next week

This may not be the ultimate ranking of our local public school basketball teams, but it does give us something to look at and to talk about for the next few days….Enjoy….

Public School Boys
1)Northern Guilford(6-0)
2)Eastern Guilford(3-0)
6)Southwest Guilford(4-2)
7)Northwest Guilford(3-1)
10)Southern Guilford(3-2)

Public School Girls
2)Northwest Guilford(6-0)
3)TIE:Northern Guilford(5-1)/Ragsdale(5-1)
5)Southwest Guilford(4-1)
6)Southeast Guilford(2-1)
9)High Point Andrews(3-1)
10)We are holding out on our #10 spot for this week…Hope to have it filled in for next week….

Private School teams(local boys) have to have Greensboro Day School(16-5) and Piedmont Classical School(16-8) at the top…
GDS at #1 and PCS at #2…The Burlington School might rank ahead of both of them, if we included them…

The High Point Christian Academy girls would be our pick for top spot for the Private School girls…HPCA at (14-0) for the season, and we would put the (9-3) GDS Bengals in the #2 slot for the girls….

Panthers(5-0) and on the go…NWG(5-0), NG(4-1), SEG(3-1), and on you go…


  1. Should be a good matchup on Tuesday with Ragsdale and NW Guilford girls in Metro 4A.
    From what I have heard and seen Dudley is by far the best in the county if not the state.

  2. We will be there to broadcast the game on Tuesday, with Ragsdale(5-1) at Northwest Guilford(6-0)…I have seen NWG three times this season and Dudley three times…Ragsdale having a very successful start to their season in 2021…

    Last year Ragsdale came over to NWG and knocked off the Vikings….

    Game on GreensboroSports Radio……..6pm on Tuesday with Ragsdale girls(5-1) at Northwest(6-0)…No boys game on Tuesday….

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