High School Football Friday and Saturday Scoreboard

Tonight/Saturday Night Finals:
Final:Randleman 34, High Point Andrews 12

Final:Mount Tabor 9, at Dudley 6

WS Parkland at Western Guilford…..We need this score…Not available at MaxPreps.com, or on Twitter….

Grimsley 48, Northwest Guilford 12
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Scoring Tally from the Grimsley-Northwest Guilford game…
19-yard Touchdown pass from Grimsley’s Alonza Barnett to Tyson Resper and then the Jake Henry kick is good at the 5:32 mark of the First Quarter, and Grimsley leads NWG, 7-0….Barnett hit Anthony Dunkins with a 31-yard pass from near mid-field, to set up the score…Grimsley 7, NWG 0

Grimsley blocks a Northwest Guilford punt and the Whirlies Tamorye Thompson recovered the loose football and ran the blocked punt back 23 yards for a Grimsley TD…The Jake Henry PAT kick was good, and Grimsley leads NWG, 14-0, with 3:04 to go in the First Quarter…Grimsley 14, NWG 0

Grimsley’s Tamorye Thompson gets in on the act again, when he recovers a Micah Salmon fumble, and Thompson takes his scoop and score back to the house for a Whirlies’ touchdown and after the Jake Henry PAT kick fails, Grimsley is now up 20-0 over NWG, with 2:45 remaining in the First Quarter…Grimsley 20, NWG 0

Grimsley QB Alonza Barnett III hooks up with the Whirlies Christian Tutuh, for a 7-yard pass play that results in another Grimsley Whirlies’ touchdown, and with the Jake Henry PAT kick conversion, Grimsley has now grabbed a lead of 27-0 over NWG, and with 10:38 to go in the Second Quarter, your score is Grimsley 27, Northwest Guilford 0…..

Northwest Guilford finally gets on the scoreboard after NWG QB Micah Salmon connects with WR Dewayne Johnson, on a 31-yard touchdown pass, and then the NWG muddle mass pass play fails on the NWG attempt for two, on the PAT, and with 8:06 left to play in the Second Quarter, Grimsley leads Northwest Guilford, 27-6…

With just 29.6 seconds left on the First Half scoreboard, Grimsley finds the end zone for the fifth time tonight/Saturday, and with the Jake Henry PAT kick being successful, Grimsley has a First Half lead, of 34-6…..Halftime:Grimsley 34, Northwest Guilford 6

As we head into the Second Half of our ball game, Grimsley goes for a little trickery, as the Whirlies use a 26-yard halfback pass by Caleb Curtain to Anthony Dunkins, to get back into the end zone again, the Point After Touchdown kick by Grimsley senior Jake Henry is good, and Grimsley has their lead for good, with our score now settling in at Grimsley 41, Northwest Guilford 6, and we have 10:14 to play in the Third Quarter…Grimsley 41, Northwest Guilford 6…..

Grimsley’s Jeiel Melton races across the goal line on a 4-yard Whirlie TD, run and 6:32 remaining to be played in the Third Quarter, Grimsley gets the PAT kick going through from Jake Henry, and now Grimsley leads NWG, 48-6…Grimsley 48, Northwest Guilford 6…

Northwest’s Isaiah Simmons jumps on a Grimsley fumble that has found its way into the end zone, and although he took a bit of a beating, by landing on top of the loose pigskin, Simmons still was able to get six points for his NWG Viking teammates…Simmons, #6 for NWG, gets six, on his fumble recovery just inside the promised land….The NWG PAT kick by Cameron Tippett is blocked and with just 2:54 remaining in the Third Quarter, the score says Grimsley 48, NWG 12….Grimsley 48, Northwest Guilford 12….

And that is how this game would end, Grimsley 48, Northwest Guilford 12
**********Looking Back:The turning point of the game could well have been on the opening offensive drive of the game for Northwest Guilford…The Vikings had possession of the football at the Grimsley 8-yard line…NWG gained possession after a bad snap on a Grimsley punt from the Whirlies’ Myles Gowens, and after the ball sailed over Gowen’s head, Gowens ran down the loose football and covered it up at the Grimsley 8…

NWG had possession early in the First Quarter, first-and-goal at the Grimsley 8 and NWG came away from this possession with no points….NWG faced 4th down from right around the Grimsley 9-yard line, and NWG was in the process of lining up for a 26-yard field goal, but there was a penalty on Grimsley that moved the ball near the five-yard line, and NWG decided to pass up on the FG and go for the TD….

NWG QB Micah Salmon was forced to his right by the Grimsley Whirlie defense and with Salmon under the gun, and feeling the pressure, he uncorked a pass on fourth down, and the soft pass was picked off by Grimsley’s Travis Shaw….Shaw got the ball, and Grimsley now had the football back and it was possession Whirlies…

NWG passed up the points from the potential field goal, and the Vikings decided to go for the touchdown, but they were turned away by Travis Shaw, and the Grimsley “D”….Like we were saying, maybe better to for the three points, Grimsley was tough to run on all night long, and given the force of the Grimsley Defense, taking and hopefully making that field goal could have been a turning point for the NWG Vikings….

I wish anyone out there on the Grimsley schedule all the luck in the world, trying run the ball against that Grimsley Defense, and especially that Grimsley front defensive three, this season….Again, that is a look back, at our “Turning Point of the Game”….Northwest, or any other team for that matter can’t afford to throw away the points, when they have a chance to score, versus Grimsley, this Spring Season…..**********

Finals from Friday Night:

Final:Southern Guilford 40, Asheboro 0
Southern Guilford(3-0)/ASHE(0-4)

Final:Southeast Guilford 32, Eastern Guilford 14

Final:Ragsdale 24, Page 12

Final:Southern Alamance 53, High Point Central 12
SA(2-2)/HP Central(1-3)

Final:Reidsville 49, Carrboro 0

Final:Western Alamance 59, McMichael 7