Western Guilford’s Week Four Football Game vs. WS Parkland was Cancelled due to Stomach Virus

It’s getting tough to get a game in during these days of the Virus….The Coronavirus??? Not this time, this time it was the Stomach Virus…..

from Joe Sirera on Twitter:

@ParklandMustang’s football game against @WGHornetFB wasn’t played in Week 4 because of a stomach virus that affected some Parkland players and because the Mustangs didn’t believe it was safe to play both Monday and Friday (@DBoyzFootball) this week…..

3 thoughts on “Western Guilford’s Week Four Football Game vs. WS Parkland was Cancelled due to Stomach Virus

  1. Imagine being afraid to play Western Guilford. Parkland had Friday, Saturday, and Monday to play the game. Parkland did the same thing during Basketball season. Perhaps the AD should be called out. the Hornets were ready and willing to play whenever.

  2. Just a question for thought???
    Would you rather be sick and play Western Guilford, or would you rather miss or skip the Western Guilford game, so you could get well, and then play Dudley???
    Might have a better chance beating WG with the stomach virus, than you would beating Dudley at somewhere near 100% healthy…
    Anybody got any thoughts on this observation???
    Do you like your chances better facing Western sick, or facing Dudley well???
    By the time Dudley hits you, as the Panthers are coming off of a loss to Mount Tabor, you might have an upset stomach again, by the time Dudley gets finished with you….
    Just our way of thinking, and we may have a distorted view, not sure if we are off base with this observation, but this is how I saw it, when I first read about the WS Parkland stomach virus….
    Just me, and not necessarily the opinion of others….

  3. If nothing else, Western Guilford should be getting a “W” for this game…
    Western should win the WS Parkland game by forfeit, and WG should get the “W”…
    Parkland should be taking a forfeiture loss(“L”) for the Western Guilford game….
    Parkland forfeited the chance to play Western Guilford, so they could play Dudley…The Parkland-Dudley game is a home game for Parkland….Might be part of the Parkland thinking…They may have wanted that home game over the earlier away game…

    And I may still be overthinking this entire scenario, but hey, often times, the situations become clearer, when you take time to really break then down….

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