Former Falcon has Fallen:One of the top Southeast Guilford HS Athletes from “The Nest” in the past, has passed/left us

We just got word on this passing today, and we hope to have more details on this former Southeast Guilford Falcon athlete, over the next few days…Word coming in to us on the death of Scott Nelson, from Southeast Guilford High School….

This is what we have been able to learn so far….

Scott Nelson passed away March 21. Scott was a Southeast Falcon with the class of 1992, one of the best baseball and basketball players to come through Forest Oaks and “The Nest”, at Southeast Guilford High School.

Scott was a point guard in basketball and played the outfield for Coach Kevin Callahan in baseball…We are thinking that Scott Nelson held down the center field position…

We have heard about several of his teammates including Bo Kime, Todd Summers and Shane Taylor…

Going back to 1992, as the year he graduated from Southeast Guilford High School, that would put the age of Scott Nelson, right around 46-47 years old…

Looking to have more info on the passing of Scott Nelson, as the day moves along…..

For now on behalf of many of his former teammates, his family and his friends, RIP:Scott Nelson

++++++++++More baseball/basketball news on Scott Nelson:
Scott played first and some outfield. Lefty who could touch 90 mph with a nasty slider. He was right at (10-1) or (10-2) his senior year. He also batted over 400. On the court could shoot lights out averaging around 15 points a game.++++++++++