High School Football Tonight for (3/26/2021):Southern Guilford at Southeast Guilford playing on GreensboroSports Radio

Varsity Football Final from Thursday night:
High Point Andrews 14, Providence Grove 7
High Point Andrews(2-3)/Providence Grove(2-3)
The High Point Andrews Red Raiders are telling High Point Central and Page, that we got the Simeon Stadium field/turf chopped up and ready for you guys…..

Friday:……All kickoffs set for 7pm, unless otherwise noted…..
Southern Guilford(3-0) at Southeast Guilford(3-1)
Strong running game for SEG with Fairley and McQuitty, plus if Cam Williams is up and ready for the Falcons, that gives them another offensive force…Can use both SEG QB’s, Fleming and Stephens…SEG “D” very stout/tough too…SEG is the hump that Southern Guilford has been trying to get over…Strong QB for SG, with Conway McCoury, and his backup is the freshman, Jamias Ferere…SG has a very big offensive line with the Ferere brothers, Jalen and Jamier, plus the have their big center, Octevian Burroughs at 5’5/305…Jalen Ferere checks in at 6’5/320…Going to be a major test for the Southeast Guilford defensive front and their linebackers, led by Vaughn Neal and Alex McCalop….Game will be playing on GreensboroSports Radio…Pregame is at 6:30, with the kickoff coming at 7pm, from Bill Slayton Stadium, on GreensboroSports Radio…We will have scores from other games, plus the full evening’s schedule and the coaches’ interviews, all on GreensboroSports Radio…You may have to go with Firefox for your broadcast delivery, but that setup will there for you our GreensboroSports Radio link….Your Greensboro and Guilford County Sports Connection, GreensboroSports Radio……

Ragsdale(2-2) at Northwest Guilford(3-1)
Northwest coming off of that loss to Grimsley, last Saturday night and Ragsdale coming into R.L. Billings Stadium, fresh off of a win over at Page High School and at the Marion Kirby Stadium, last Friday night….NWG must get back to Carson Cassetty on the ground, and the Vikings will also air it out, with NWG QB Micah Salmon looking upfield for Cam Carter, Trent Cloud, Jake Sowards, Dewayne Johnson, and Alex Sorrantos…Ragsdale must keep their QB on the move, and I think his last name is Taylor, and he was very mobile and effective vs. Page last week…

Dudley(3-1) at WS Parkland(0-3)
Lots of frustrations built up within Dudley, after last week’s 9-6 loss to Mount Tabor…Dudley will take it on the road, and they need a healthy Joncarlos Miller II, to help make this roadshow work for the Panthers….Another idea that I had this week was to line Mehki Wall up at RB, or at the slot back position and start giving him maybe 10 carries a game from the running back position….Just a wise idea that came to me, and if this plan became successful, you could line him up at running back full time next season, and just let him run wild and wide open back there…Just an idea and would not be meant as a means to decrease Milan Summers touches, it would just be a way for Wall to get his hands on the ball more often during the games…The kid is fast, the kid has some moves, and when you look up, pretty soon, he/the kid is gone…

Page(0-4) at High Point Central(1-3)…at Simeon Stadium
Most productive night of offense for Page this season came last week vs. Ragsdale, and it was just two TD’s for the Pirates, but it was a step in the right direction….I think they had Nick Williamson at QB last Friday, and that is the way they want to go for the future…Maybe Yakez Doggett back running the ball a few more times, and get some power play ball out of him..Power play running the football, that is….HP Central with QB McDuffie and RB Kennedy as their two main weapons….This game will be played on a field that has already seen a game this week, with High Point Andrews and Providence Grove chopping up the Simeon Stadium turf, in a monsoon back on Thursday night…This field should ready for slippery when wet/muddy running, this Friday evening…

Southwest Guilford(3-1) at Western Guilford(0-3)
Joey McGinnis IV is heating up at QB for SWG, but he is not killing it in the air, he was doing it with his feet last week, versus the Smith Golden Eagles…McGinnis had five touchdowns vs. Smith, and from what we were reading, he was getting it done, with the run…McGinnis is well-trained and he has a very solid football background and pedigree….Look for SWG to head back toward the 50’s again this week….WG was off last week, and the Hornets will be hungry, but I don’t see the Cowboys obliging…

Rockingham County(1-3) at Northern Guilford(2-1)
Northern Guilford was OFF last week, due their scheduled game against Person, being canceled….With many teams after they sit out for a week, you are not sure how ready they will be the next time out, but with Northern, I feel like they will be more than ready….Will Lenard, Manny Elliot and the rest of the ‘Hawks will be looking to make up for lost time, and their lack of playing time will be more than made up for, as Northern Guilford will wear out Rockingham County….Northern ready to respond vs. The ROCK…

Mount Tabor(4-0) at Smith(0-4)
For Smith, this might be more like facing Mount Everest than facing Mount Tabor….Smith has seen a long line of tough opponents already this season, with Northwest Guilford, Dudley and Southwest Guilford laying a major wiping on the Golden Eagles, and Burlington Cummings left their defense at home, but the BC Cavilers brought enough offense with them to finally put away Smith….Mount Tabor doesn’t have weapons that can just blow you away on offense, but the Spartans do have players that can run over you, and if let them get outside on the boundary, they can leave you standing in your tracks….Mount Tabor is more like a power team than an upstairs team, but those power teams wear you down, and they never let you catch your breath….

Northeast Guilford(0-4) at Western Alamance(4-0) 6:30pm
We were thinking that this game got moved to Thursday, but it looks like the only thing that moved was the game time, to 6:30….NEG may be wishing that this game was moved to a date some time this Summer, but with the reality setting in that this game will be played tonight, the Rams must get, and be ready….Going to be tough, because no matter who you put out there, we hear that Western Alamance may better than Eastern Alamance, and that is not good news, for our Guilford County team….

Eastern Guilford(2-1) at Southern Alamance(3-1) 1pm
Southern Alamance is picking up some steam, even though the SA Patriots have lost to Southeast Guilford…Southern Alamance played back on Monday of this week, and last week Eastern Guilford dropped a tough contest at home, vs. Southeast Guilford….The winner of this game could finish as high as 2nd in the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference, and the loser could end up at #4 in the conference…We will talk more about this game, on game day, on Saturday…

Grimsley(4-0) OPEN Date
Thinking half of the Grimsley coaching staff and players will be at the Ragsdale-NWG game tonight, and the other half will be over at the High Point Central-Page game tonight…Some would say of the OPEN Date, no place to go and nothing to do, but that statement could not be any further from the truth…Seeing upcoming opponents LIVE is a great bonus for your scouting process…..