Metro 4-A All-Conference Summary for Women’s and Men’s Golf, Softball, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Tennis

Revised Metro 4-A All-Conference Football List…We add these names to the list that was originally posted last week…
1. Jordan Watkins….. Grimsley
2. JT Cochrane………. High Point Central
3. Linus Lingle………. Northwest Guilford
4. Adonis Payton……. Page
5. Elijah Ojeda……….. Ragsdale

Women’s Golf

All-Conference (11)
1. Caroline Witte Grimsley
2. Emma Niebauer High Point Central
3. Brooke Tyler Northwest Guilford
4. Catherine DeSiena Northwest Guilford
5. Kendall Tyler Northwest Guilford
6. Kaitlyn Guild Northwest Guilford
7. Danika Nelson Northwest Guilford
8. Harper Shephard Page
9. Kate Hunter Page
10. Meera Mheta Page
11. AP Eskridge Page

Player of the Year: Emma Niebauer

Coach of the Year: Ron Bare ~ Northwest Guilford


Men’s Golf

All-Conference (13)
1. Jack Burris Grimsley
2. Arman Azlan Grimsley
3. Carter Stainback Grimsley
4. Davis Delillie High Point Central
5. Evan Mendyk Northwest Guilford
6. Spencer Mann Northwest Guilford
7. Blaine Creed Northwest Guilford
8. Andrew Plate Page
9. Shuford Edwards Page
10. Charlie Plate Page
11. Drew Bartlett Page
12. Tanner Cadeaux Page
13. Jack Boyer Ragsdale

Player of the Year: Andrews Plate ~ Page

Coach of the Year: Josh McGehee ~ Page


All-Conference (22)
1. Sophia Kaplan Grimsley
2. Kyndall Brown Grimsley
3. Kori Lemon High Point Central
4. Callie Herdon High Point Central
5. Alexis Oxendine High Point Central
6. Kayla Richard High Point Central
7. Lea Kolbert High Point Central
8. Abbie Behe High Point Central
9. Cori McMillan Northwest Guilford
10. Emma Moeburg Northwest Guilford
11. Bailey Barrow Northwest Guilford
12. Abby Barrow Northwest Guilford
13. M’Kenize Davis Northwest Guilford
14. Bel Varadi Northwest Guilford
15. Addy Tucker Northwest Guilford
16. Aleyah Terrell Page
17. Rebekah Roy Page
18. Emily Gilchrist Page
19. Ashley Rivers Page
20. Jordon Goins Ragsdale
21. Angelina Martinez Ragsdale
22. Anderson Froysell Ragsdale

Player of the year: Cori McMillan ~ Northwest Guilford

Pitcher of the year: Emma Moeburg ~ Northwest Guilford

Coach of the year: Chalise Hammie ~ High Point Central


Women’s Soccer

All-Conference (24)

1. Sydney Smith Grimsley
2. Molly Rotunda Grimsley
3. Maddie Billings Grimsley
4. Casey Cox Grimsley
5. Spencer Barnwell Grimsley
6. Katie Harrison High Point Central
7. Ava Vaughan High Point Central
8. Sara Wommack Northwest Guilford
9. Evyn Dean Northwest Guilford
10. Bella Doganavsargil Northwest Guilford
11. Elizabeth Cake Northwest Guilford
12. Lauren Farrelly Northwest Guilford
13. Audrey Sumner Northwest Guilford
14. Emma Murray Northwest Guilford
15. Caroline Sumner Northwest Guilford
16. Caroline Hunt Page
17. Maria Vanore Page
18. Molly Adams Page
19. Janie Carpenter Page
20. Anna Schmedes Page
21. Sienna Coker Page
22. Aleesia Ambrosio Ragsdale
23. Kyli Switalski Ragsdale
24. Peyton Cornelison Ragsdale

Offensive Player of the Year: Bella Doganavsrgil ~ Northwest Guilford

Defensive Player of the Year: Sara Wommack ~ Northwest Guilford

Coach of the Year: Terrence Murphy ~ Northwest Guilford


Men’s Tennis

All-Conference (15)
1. Slade Howell High Point Central
2. Carl Gedlitschka Grimsley
3. Max Goetz Grimsley
4. Alex Wells Grimsley
5. Walt Wright Page
6. Ben Powell Page
7. Grant Connors Page
8. Jack Davis Page
9. Ben Votaw Page
10. Kyle Zhou Northwest Guilford
11. Owen Vescio Northwest Guilford
12. Garret Eichlin Northwest Guilford
13. Areen Dabagdhav Northwest Guilford
14. Anthony Orfaneded Ragsdale
15. Jay Patel Ragsdale

Player of the Year: Carl Gedlitschka ~ Grimsley

Coach of the Year: Robert Hogewood ~ Page