High School Baseball Tonight for 6/8/2021, plus Monday Finals

Final Scores from Monday:
Grimsley 14, Page 4
Eastern Guilford 3, Southern Guilford 1
Southeast Guilford 11, Southwestern Randolph 3
Eastern Alamance(5-6) at Northeast Guilford(1-11)…No Score Reported…

Today’s Games/Tuesday games:
Ragsdale(9-3) at Northwest Guilford(10-2) 7pm
Northern Guilford(11-0) at McMichael(7-4) 7pm
Mount Tabor(8-3) at Southwest Guilford(11-0) 7pm
Dudley(4-6) at Western Guilford(6-6) 6pm
Smith(0-9) at WS Parkland(2-9-1) 6pm
Millennium Charter Academy(2-10) vs. Cornerstone Charter School(9-1) 6pm…Stoner-White Stadium

High Point Central(1-11) OFF..Page(2-10) at High Point Central(1-11) 6pm Wednesday
High Point Andrews(0-12) OFF

Girls Varsity Tennis
Grimsley High School: 7, Ragsdale High School: 2

2 thoughts on “High School Baseball Tonight for 6/8/2021, plus Monday Finals

  1. Remember when Eastern Guilford and Southern Guilford were good? It wasn’t that long ago. This year they’re a combined 4-22. WTH happened to those programs?

  2. Remember those days when they both were good and remember them well….Eastern had all of the Robinson brothers, Caleb, Andrew, and Luke, and the current coach at Southern Guilford, Adam Gunn, he was at Eastern and a very good high school baseball player…

    Southern had tons of talent, they had a couple of the Brandenburgs, Noah Carter, one of the SG kids ended up at N.C. State(Evan Edwards) and was taken in the MLB draft….There was also Ethan Edwards, Ryan Caveness, Nick Goard and others at Southern….

    It looks like both schools, Eastern and Southern, are now all the way back at Stage One, and they are starting over from scratch….

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