Is Jim Ross losing it??? “WWE Dynamite” comment has people talking

Professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross is not as young as he used to be, and sometimes ‘Good Ole J.R.’ will slip up during his his wrestling play-by-play and on his commentary, and certain things will come out of J.R.’s mouth, that don’t necessarily correspond with what should be going through his head/mind….On last night’s AEW/All Elite Wrestling Dynamite television show, Jim Ross referred to the Wednesday Night AEW Dynamite Show as the “WWE Dynamite” show, as J.R. was closing out the broadcast for the night…Ross let one slip, and is his mind slipping here in his later years, and is it time to send ‘Good Ole J.R.’ back to the mudhole in Oklahoma?????

Here is what is being said, and what was being said on Wednesday night, coming in today from Wrestling Inc.

AEW announcer Jim Ross is receiving negative feedback from some fans tonight after another major botch on AEW Dynamite commentary.

JR was wrapping up tonight’s Dynamite broadcast, and plugging next Wednesday’s show, when he referred to the show as “WWE Dynamite” while still on the air on TNT.

“Tickets available at Folks, there’s nothing in your life that will top seeing a live WWE Dynamite,” Ross said.

AEW fans immediately responded with criticism on social media.

Ross addressed the botch in a tweet and admitted the error.

“Yep I apparently made an untimely error tonight at shows end. No excuses. And I’m not quitting. [cowboy hat face emoji],” he tweeted.

Busted Open Radio’s David LaGreca tweeted a “mistakes happen” post and praised JR as the greatest of all-time. JR re-tweeted those comments and added, “Thx Dave. It’s all on me. No excuses.”

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AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks have changed their Twitter bio to take a friendly jab at Jim Ross for his “WWE Dynamite” botch.

As noted, JR referred to AEW Dynamite as “WWE Dynamite” when wrapping up last night’s Dynamite broadcast on TNT.

The Bucks changed their Twitter bio to promote next Wednesday’s title defense against Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo.

“Eddie & Penta, let’s see if you can beat us next week when it counts, on WWE Dynamite,” their Twitter bio now reads.

We noted before how JR received instant criticism from fans on Twitter, and that has continued overnight.

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Is It Time Ross Moves Onto Something Else?
These mistakes are going to happen. When you’re Ross and you worked at WWE as long as J.R. did, it’s actually a bit surprising the slip up hasn’t happened more often. All it really takes is for something to cross your mind and out it comes. That said, does there come a point when AEW needs to do something about this?

As AEW fills the roster with more former WWE talent, it’s likely to happen again. And yes, he’ll take heat for it. At the end of the day, does it really hurt anything? It’s not ideal, but the video clip has gone viral. There’s always a silver lining.

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Is It Time For AEW To Reposition Good Ol’ JR?
Due to his insane tenure in the professional wrestling industry, people are more keen to give someone like JR as a pass, but at the same time these types of mistakes impact how people view AEW as a product. Jim Ross hasn’t been the legendary voice he once was in recent years, and often finds himself lost in the three to four man both in AEW. He’s gone on odd tangents during matches, and previously called Kenny Omega the WWE Champion as well.

While firing him would be a mistake as the man is a living encyclopedia on both professional wrestling history and how to run a company, having worked under countless hats in his career, commentary might not be for him any longer. Where JR has shined the most in recent years is in backstage interview segments, most recently with Andrade El Idolo. Those are when he’s able to both bring his classic voice and personality, while having a safety net of editing and a script to help him along.

Fans generally don’t want Jim Ross off their TV’s. He’s a familiar face to generations of fans. But do you feel he isn’t reliable on commentary any longer?