Penny Hardaway will remain the coach at Memphis, and 80 year-old Larry Brown will join him as his assistant coach

Penny Hardaway is staying at Memphis, and Larry Brown is joining his staff
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Penny Hardaway was in consideration for an NBA head-coaching job, but he is staying at Memphis. He is also making an addition to his staff.

Hardaway said on Tuesday that he will remain at Memphis to continue building the program.

Jeff Goodman also reported that Hardaway is hiring Larry Brown as an assistant coach.

Brown, 80, has extensive coaching experience in both college and the pros. He last served as a head coach at SMU from 2012-2016. Brown is a good coach but frequently has gotten into trouble with the NCAA, which is what happened at SMU.

Hardaway, 49, has been the head coach at Memphis for three seasons. His team went 20-8 last season and won the NIT.