High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:What really happened on Friday September 24???

What really happened on our Friday football fields, back one day ago/on September 24, 2021???

There is only one way to find out, and that is we must take a trip back, go back one day to yesterday, that is going back to Friday night, and we need to hit the football fields again, and hit them hard, and make a lasting impression, and there is only one way to accomplish this feat, we have to Rewind the Tape….Bring back our video controls man, who works only for us, and he is Mr. George Michael and he has contact with all of the key components that make this Saturday Morning Rewind the event it has become over the years….

George are you ready? I said George are you ready?? Hey, George are you ready??? I think he heard me that third time, and so here we go, I will step away and let George take over the controls, and we/he will bring you today, The Saturday Morning Rewind, coming to us today from The George Michael Sports Machine studios at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., one of NBC’s owned and operated stations….

George it is all yours….

Good then here we go bro……

We want you to CLICK HERE for Joe bro, that’s Joe Sirera at the News and Record and from their HSXtra section, with his account of Northern Guilford-Southeast Guilford on Friday night…Defensive linemen Jack Gooch, Connor Lachesky and Jay Underwood, plus Benjamin Bluitt and Ishmael Atkins all BIG on defense for NG last night….

Next up CLICK HERE for J.P. Mundy from the N&R on Grimsley-Northwest Guilford…Big night for Grimsley running back Jeiel Melton, who had four rushing touchdowns. Melton with 283 rushing yards, plus an 84-yard reception…

Time to share some video with you, so now you can CLICK HERE for Friday Football Fever, from WFMY News 2 Sports, with Luke Lyddon and Amanda Ferguson…

Let’s hit the Friday Football Frenzy, from WGHP FOX 8 Sports, with Danny Harden, Kevin Connoley, and Clare Goodman…CLICK HERE for their football highlights….

Now over into Forsyth County, where we find the WXII High School Playbook, with Lauren Walsh and John Johnson….CLICK HERE and you are there….

Now with our resources and at times they might be limited, we head back to GreensboroSports.com and if you CLICK HERE you can check out Andy Durham’s post called the Friday Night Finish….Not really a Bob Woodward work, but it will have to do in a pinch….

To listen back to last night’s Northern Guilford-Southeast Guilford football game, CLICK HERE now for GreensboroSports Radio….Excellent work from the coaches, Erik Westberg(Northern Guilford HS) and Earl Bates(Southeast Guilford HS), in the pregame interviews, and not sure about the game announcer, but the stats man and analyst Don Tilley was no Don Pardo, but he had some great info, and the Don Moore scoreboard reports were right on time….

Still within the area, and doing our best to give you more coverage, CLICK HERE for East Forsyth at Davie County, on Friday night….Dan Kibler, from the WS Journal on the call….

The Glenn Bobcats topped the WS Reagan Raiders on Friday night, and one week ago, Reagan was taking down East Forsyth…Anybody’s game right now in Forsyth County, I guess…CLICK HERE for the game info, from Mark Pruitt, with the WS Journal….

Interesting game down in Charlotte last night from Steve Lyttle, with the Charlotte Observer…

Charlotte Latin appeared to have lost its game with Charlotte Christian when a field goal in the final minute went wide left.

But that play didn’t count.

Then the Hawks won the game on a touchdown run, but that also didn’t count.

Then Latin won on a field goal, but that one didn’t count either.

Finally, on the final play of the game Friday night, Dave Mosrie kicked a 37-yard field goal that did count, and the Hawks knocked off rival and defending state private school champion Charlotte Christian 24-22.

“They showed a lot of grit, to keep coming back,” said Hawks head coach Justin Hardin, whose team is off to a 5-0 start (1-0 in the Big South 4A). “That’s the kind of team this is.”
Read more on this game from Steve Lyttle when you CLICK HERE

Also from down Charlotte way last night, #2 Hough upset #1 Chambers, and J. Mike Blake has his take on this game, coming from HighSchoolOT.com…CLICK HERE and it will take you there…

We will add more, if we receive more, from other outlets…If you have more send it a shore…

**********Our boat is still in the water, but our correspondent George Michael must now head on back out to sea…**********
For our/your information:The very last episode of the George Michael’s Sports Machine aired on March 25, 2007. After thanking his co-host, sponsors, syndicators and staff, Michael said this at the end of the show:

I close every show every Sunday/Saturday Morning Rewind by saying, “Thank you for letting us be a part of your weekend.” Well, tonight, for the final time, we say, “thank you.” Thank you for letting us be a part of your life. From everyone at the Sports Machine, have a great weekend, everybody. We hope to see you somewhere down the road of life. Thank you.

Michael then walked off camera, and was heard to say “Last one out, turn out the lights!” as the show closed for the final time.

RIP George Michael:March 24, 1939-December 24, 2009

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  1. This week’s edition of the Saturday Morning Rewind is one of those where the Saturday Morning Rewind, becomes the Saturday Evening/Afternoon Post….

  2. The home crowd at Northern Guilford HS on Friday night was one of the largest and most outgoing group of fans that I have seen so far this high school football season….

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