High School Football Saturday Morning Rewind:Looking back at last night’s action/activities and on the lookout for Playoff Pairings

Let’s hit the rewind button on last night’s games for this Saturday morning, and we will be keeping an eye open for the NCHSAA Playoff Pairings, when they come out later on today…

To kick it off on this high school football Saturday Morning Rewind, let’s take off in our usual direction…

CLICK HERE for Joe Sirera at the News and Record/HSXtra, with a look back at Grimsley-Northern Guilford from Friday night…

We have been on this kid all season long, and last night, he had one of his best games of the season…From Philip Deutsch at the News and Record, on R.J./Rory Baker, from Dudley High School…
The junior standout for Dudley scored six touchdowns (12 carries, 195 yards, four TDs; three catches, 93 yards, two TDs), including a phenomenal grab in the corner of the end zone in the third quarter.
CLICK HERE for all on Dudley at Eastern Guilford…

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CLICK HERE for the FOX 8 Football Frenzy…Hot highlights running there now, on last night’s Grimsley-Northern Guilford game….You may want to rewind these right now…

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CLICK HERE to listen back to the Grimsley-Northern Guilford game, from GreensboroSports Radio…..Coaches interviews, game predictions, and more….

CLICK HERE for the most recent/current/latest High School Football Playoff Projections from J. Mike Blake, at WRALSportsFan.com/High School OT…Good stuff, prior to the real stuff coming out…

CLICK HERE for the report on the Northern Guilford-Grimsley game from Jacob Hancock at High School OT….

CLICK HERE for the East Forsyth-West Forsyth game, from Mark Pruitt, with the Winston-Salem Journal….

Just getting warmed up good, more on the way…


  1. Oh yes. The program that receives the most hype must still be improving, but somebody here will make sure to hype their unimpressive Qb. You so called coaches, quit taking athlete’s from their trained up position since lil league and forcing them to do what’s right for the team(coach). These coaches are plug & play, plug the right guy in and watch him play. Wide receivers/Tight ends catch, running backs run and Qb’s throw. These sideline models , have the look of high caliber coaches but honestly, look at the talent level across the board, kids ALWAYS standing and watching and you wonder why you only see a limited # of kids..I witnessed a group of seniors at one school who got in to play the 2nd half, they were headed to a shutout until these brave young men showed how much they had been coached, 4 years and gave up points, to the younger opponents. Parent’s find your kid the best trainer for his position and start early….6th grade, imo!!

  2. No development or forward thinking at all so yes you better put in that work outside of the hs. Coaches need to project and develop a kid where he will likely end up playing at college. Or give the kid the best chance to make it to college. For example, a 5 foot 4 to 5ft 8 hs qb or lb is not likely going to make it to a D1 or D2 college. So why play that kid at qb or lb? So Andy can write him up on his site? lol no offence Andy you are a good guy lol i am messing with you sir.

  3. Yea those mayor programs keep getting other schools kids. They will always be on top. Until this stops it will never be competitive. People say if they start winning the kids will stay. Well if you keep getting (taking) the best players the other schools will never catch up. Guilford county schools keep letting these kids move to other schools not in there district.

  4. Unless something changes real quick, the QB of 2021 is Alonza Barnett III, from Grimsley HS…The QB for 2022 will be Jack Mercer, from Northern Guilford HS….The QB for 2023 will be Tanner Ballou from Northwest Guilford HS….Ballou back on Friday night vs. Southwest Guilford was 18-36 for 356 yards and 5 TD passes…The RJ Baker(running back/slot back) kid from Dudley is going to be another fun kid to watch next year with all that he has done this year, he should be able to take it to another level next season…..Six TD’s from Baker, from Dudley, last Friday night vs. Eastern Guilford….Northern had a QB on the middle school team named Jaxson Kemp, and he is another kid that has a very bright future…I thought Kemp was from the Jack Kemp/Jeff Kemp lineage, but have still not been able to prove it….CJ Neeley a freshman WR from Smith, Jerron Blackwell, the freshman from Page, and Nasir Newkirk(Dudley HS) are other very solid up-and-coming freshmen we need to keep an eye on….Western Guilford has a sophomore RB/LB his last name is Moore(Bryson), he will be another in the future stars….Got to keep an eye on all of these kids I am telling you about….I see them and follow them from Middle School until they leave home….QB Andrew Attmore, RB Mitchell Summer, and RB James Tyler from Grimsley, are another loaded bunch for the Whirlies….
    I could give a whole bunch more, but I need to go do a pro football Sunday Report….Lee Reavis, the boys basketball coach at Northwest Guilford, has a son playing backup QB at NWG Middle, and I think he is a 7th grader, and he has promise for the future too….EG Middle has a 7th grader starting at a QB, and that kid has a great future….Need to stop, getting too far ahead of the curve….

  5. The Qb for 2023 & 24 in Metro conference will be Grimsley’s Andrew Attmore, ll. This kid put in double duty and Varsity and Jv this past season, both undefeated. He is 2 x Metro JV 4A Conference Champ undefeated both 2 season’s (20(State Champ)&21). His team scored over 400 points during ’21 season, avg over 40 points a game. Yes, it’s Jv numbers….still impressive. Seldom used on Varsity and still lead offense to TD’s when given the opportunity. I’ll put him up against any QB in the area… ANY!! He has EARNED it!!!

  6. Not so fast in saying who will be the best ’23/24 Metro 4A Conference. I’m backing Grimsley’s Andrew Attmore, ll. Put him up against any QB in the area… ANY! The weapons at his disposal in ’23 & ’24…He is a pocket passing Qb that can run with vision and the touch for a tight squeeze and the cannon arm to get it down field…WITNESS…

  7. @ tellin the truth..I guess you haven’t watched Tanner Ballou from NW Guilford. over 2,000 yards this year and 24 TD’s as a true sophomore, not a reclassed or recruited kid from another school. True NW student/athlete, we back him..Unlike Grimsley, Northwest has true area kids..Page, Smith, Southwest Guilford programs are suffering from Grimsley recruiting, if you going to let them do it, open it up to the Whole District…Tellin the truth!!

  8. @NW FAN, nothing against him at all, I know who trained him(wink)!! So is, Andrew Attmore ll, a true 15yr old sophomore, Scholar/Athlete so you’re point?. I see you left off INT’S as well. My, it seems as if you don’t know the HISTORY or using alternative facts behind who started the recruiting, and it should have been done while NORTHERN started it concerning a certain “WR”…TELLIN THE TRUTH!!!

  9. @ Telling the truth. I do know the history of a certain “wr” in the NFL now. Northern was very much apart of it back in the day. My point is, if you open it up, open it up to everyone. Attimore will be good. Seem him as well, would be starting this year as well sophomore year if Grimsley QB graduated on time. How old is he? Int’s were left off for Tanner sorry, he had his share of drop balls and tip balls for picks. You don’t know the history of his year. Kid was trained right, has great sense for the game, arm strength and IQ. Things you cannot teach

  10. @NW Fan, that’s what I’m saying regarding this Qb talk…open it up as well. Don’t paint any QB as the “Golden Child”.. wait until this time next season. I hope that the Attmore kid gets the same press… save this article and let’s meet here 11/1/2022 and compare, simple enough!!

  11. For Ballou 14 interceptions this past season…19 TD’s strong too for a sophomore…He has good numbers and has a head start on the QB’s in his class with all of the varsity work he got in this season…All this should do is challenge the others to try and catch and surpass what he has been doing…We are projecting and all we have are the available numbers to go by….Nothing wrong with doing projecting, it happens at every level in sports, and nothing is ever set in stone…I saw Attmore at least four times this past Fall JV season…He put up good JV numbers, but he must convert those to Varsity numbers…Attmore has Terrell Anderson, Alex Taylor as WR’s he will be able to throw to, and Mitchell Summers and James Tyler coming up, out of the backfield….This whole discussion is just talk, and should be taken as that….Good fun talk…Also it gives us a chance to promote our younger and up-and-coming players….You go back and read my JV football reports from this past season….I gave Andrew Attmore and the Whirlies plenty of pub….
    Keep the talking going, and let’s make sure to keep it as good talk…Get excited about these young players…They are giving you a good reason to look forward to the football future in Guilford County….

  12. Appreciate all you do for Guilford County football Andy! Great coverage really on all HS sports here. Metro 4A has a lot of talent for the future. Thank you!

  13. Lol
    Qb no other kid in Guilford is on Barnett level regards to decision making, ability to make all the throws and actually reading a defense and progressions.
    Future stars and who can make the next level division 1 level
    Grimsley ..two wrs and the dl/ol
    Northern tight end
    Page Blackwell but I’d advise him do not get stuck in the QB position
    Southeast wr number 14
    Nw number 14
    Nw number 11 lb is a sleeper that nobody talks about. He can go far.
    Not knocking anyone else just my honest opinion.

  14. Great debate both are outstanding young men. Let’s keep opinions clean personally I like both.At this point right now it’s gonna come down to the outside weapons. We just seen what went down with the conference championship game saying that the Whirlies and Northern was a mirror offensively.What you guy’s think.

  15. Grimsley has another future receiver and he was #9 on the JV team, and I think his name is Bumpass…Trent Cloud(WR) at NWG has the hands now, and he should be even better in the future…Page has a future RB that should be solid in Maurice Andrews….And we all know there are many more out there…The freshman QB at Dudley has a bright future too…

  16. Agree on Dudley freshman. Although I swore he was heading the baseball route.
    Andy you are correct to project because guess what ever college recruiting staff is projecting on class of 24s and even some 25s as we speak.
    Again I am not dissing any kid or knocking anyone. Best of luck to every young warrior out there on a Friday night. Enjoy these times and have some fun with it.

  17. Barnett should have great numbers and yes great ability, D1 Qb. He is a senior. All I am saying is, Tanner Ballou has put up great numbers as a Sophomore QB as Andy alluded too . 16th in the State(all classes) in passing yards, Barnett is 7th. Trent Cloud is 13th in the state in receptions. Grimsley and all Metro 4A looks good for the future!

  18. Get your class rankings and meet me here on 11/1/2022..then we’ll look at the numbers and go from there. Numbers don’t lie, people do!!

  19. I am looking at the numbers now, that don’t lie. Who is lying? What are you trying to say? we cannot look at the numbers for 2024’s now? Who knows what next year holds for stats, we are talking about right now, and they are impressive for our state for our local 2024’s. Not really sure your intentions, I said Metro 4A looks great for the future, but give props for our 2024’s having great years as starting Sophomores

  20. Curious the debate is the nw start and the grimsley backup? Who is the backup to the best QB this area has seen in years?
    I have no dog in the fight ..Going on a limb here won’t the starter have better numbers?

  21. Lol Dads gone wild. Please stop with the comparison. Stay positive and support all kids. It’s gonna be Grimsley vs Northwest not Qb vs Qb.

  22. Hold up NW yes we do have the Best Qb in the state. If Barnett was at NW he would be a starter as a freshman so stop holding he’s only a sophomore on this. (Football Players)And please don’t bring the Wr’s in this Grimsley is loaded. We did play y’all this year.

  23. Geez..All I am saying as Andy D alluded too is keep getting excited for Metro 4A for our future kids. Stay positive and support all kids like “has been” said. This is a great conference, lets keep it that way! Go Vikings

  24. Lol dad’s do go wild. Always entertaining to watch. Never going to change. Been that way forever and will always be this way.

  25. Nw fan next beer on me bro. Agree with you. Young men doing positive things. Lord knows it can get negative out here really quick. Blessing to them all.

  26. The freshman QB at Dudley is on the baseball route, but I think he will still keep on with football the rest of the way at Dudley…Never know when things might end up with a changeup…You just never know….

  27. NWG has a pretty good young receiver/back on the middle school team in Council #12…Council #12 and Jackson number 21 for NWG are two good future prospects for the Vikings’ varsity football team….Muse and Akers, two very good ones for Northern in the future…Both are backs on NG middle school team, and they have some good skills, for young prospects…….

  28. Remember the name Jayden “jb” brown freshman running back. He will be a household name soon mark my words. All those kids you named know about him y’all just haven’t caught on yet.

  29. @andy durham Western which is a losing program so didn’t get much recognition but Jayden split carries with Bryson the senior on varsity early on but saved his quarters and played with the jv. A lot goes into a running backs success and when you have penalties, sloppy play and bad blocking it can make a great player look not so great. He has played travel football with all of those kids you named up until highschool and split reps in the summer with dudleys varsity running back on their 7on7 team earlier this year. Just be on the look out next year.

  30. J brown
    What school??
    Height and weight???
    Hope he pops off and goes far I really do.
    Players and parents need to disregard stats and quite frankly state title and focus on getting to the next level and that free education. Get bigger if you can. Faster and stronger. Do that work outside of school.
    Lot of cats on top of MaxPreps stats who pay for college now. Just saying.

  31. Hey Andy don’t let someone use my Gfan name. I have owned it for years. I do happen to agree with fake Gfan above however.

  32. I remember the J Brown young man from the WG-SG game, and maybe from some of the JV games too…Jaden Brown from Western Guilford, and I think Southern Guilford had a backup RB Jaden White…Brown from Western Guilford needs to hang in there with the Hornets…Should get a bundle of carries in the future years with WG…WG had a pretty solid JV QB this past season….Get all of the carries you can and keep that name out there….If he played any ball with RJ Baker, from Dudley, he was in some good company…

    I can remember back when GFan was the old FalconFan from days back at the old SEG baseball field, now the Kevin Callahan Field….Grimsley has built a pretty large fan these days…

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