Middle School Basketball Today(2/7/2022) in Guilford County:Monday in the Middle:Allen goes to Swann and comes out of there with Two Victories(C.J. Jones and Kalacia DeBerry lead Allen)/Kernodle Cougars take Two from Western Guilford Tigers/Welborn girls still Winning, now(9-0)

Finals from Swann Middle School:
Allen Middle boys 46, Swann 44
End of First Quarter:Allen 14, Swann 9…Halftime:Allen 28, Swann 25…End of Third Quarter:Swann 38, Allen 38…Final:Allen 46, Swann 44
Allen scoring:CJ Jones 35 points, Bailey 4, Barnes 3, Smith 2, Pitts 2
Swann scoring:DJ Howerton 23 points, JC Springs 8, Lee 4, Hillman 4, JR Springs 4, Nicholson 1
**********CJ Jones had his Basketball Jones going full force today…He could not be stopped, but was slowed down during timeouts..16 made free throws for Jones today, and his last eight points of the game came from the foul line…He wasn’t missing much today…We were running out of space on our scoresheet, as Jones kept popping for more points….**********

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Allen Middle girls 32, Swann 13
End of First Quarter:Swann 7, Allen 5…Halftime:Allen 19, Swann 5…End of Third Quarter:Allen 28, Swann 7…Final:Allen 32, Swann 13
Allen scoring:Kalacia DeBerry 17 points, Lanayah DeBerry 11 points, McEachin 2, Alcantara 2
Swann scoring:James 7, Thompson 3, Peters 3
**********Kalacia DeBerry is one of the top Middle School girls basketball players that we have seen this season…She brought her A-game over to Swann today…**********

$$$$$ Swann Middle at Allen Middle School in the Rematch, this Wednesday/the day after tomorrow………$$$$$

Kernodle Middle girls 27, Western Guilford 11
Kernodle Middle boys 42, Western Guilford 39

Welborn Girls over Penn Griffin 40 -2
Welborn girls still undefeated 9-0

Mendenhall Middle at Eastern Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Kiser Middle at Northeast Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6:05pm
Northern Guilford Middle at Jamestown girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Allen Jay Prep at Southern Guilford Middle girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm
Southeast Guilford Middle at Southwest Guilford girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm…Southeast Guilford boys Undefeated
Hairston Middle at The Academy at Lincoln girls at 4:45/boys at 6pm

Northwest Guilford-OFF
Ferndale Middle-OFF
Jackson Middle-OFF