Tonight/Friday High School Football Scrimmages and Jamborees(Thoughts on the Friday Night Games)

**********Friday Night/Friday Football**********
August 12
Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance – 7pm

Morehead Football Jamboree (Morehead HS) – 5pm Morehead vs Tunstall (VA)Northeast Guilford vs Walkertown
Page at Davie County 6pm
Dudley at Chambers(Charlotte) 8pm
Southeast Guilford at Chambers Jamboree 6pm

Southern Guilford and Northwest Guilford at Grimsley for DJ Reader Jamboree…..Begins at 6pm, inside Jamieson Stadium…
Southern Guilford vs. Asheboro 6pm…Northwest Guilford vs. North Forsyth 6pm…Southern Guilford vs. North Forsyth 7pm…Northwest Guilford vs. Asheboro 7pm…WS Reynolds at Grimsley 8pm…Providence Grove vs. Southern Alamance 8pm…Southern Alamance at Grimsley 9pm… Providence Grove vs. WS Reynolds 9pm…

Northern Guilford at Burlington Williams 7:30pm
Ragsdale at Raleigh Enloe

Yellow Jacket Jamboree (Carver HS)
Albemarle, Ben L. Smith, Lexington, WS Parkland, & WS Carver

++++++++++Mickey Truck Bodies Kickoff Classic+++++++++
At Simeon Stadium Friday August 12
High Point Central vs. Ledford 6pm
East Davidson vs. High Point Andrews 6pm
High Point Christian vs. Bishop McGuinness 7pm
Oak Grove vs. Thomasville 7pm
Wheatmore vs. High Point Central 8pm

6 thoughts on “Tonight/Friday High School Football Scrimmages and Jamborees(Thoughts on the Friday Night Games)

  1. Some are saying Dudley 10-7 over Chambers, and others are saying that Chambers won the scrimmage, 7-3…Did the TD run by the Dudley QB count, or was it ruled a no-touchdown due to a whistle that stopped the play???

    Any thoughts on that game, or the other games…Heard Northwest Guilford was missing Bristol Carter and Trent Cloud, but they still took care of North Forsyth and Asheboro…Heard NWG got good production from RB Mike Godette and from QB Tanner Ballou…Hearing that East Forsyth is working hard in prep for NWG next Friday night….East Forsyth will be tough to top in K’ville.

    Any thoughts or news on any of the other games…Saw a nice long TD pass from Southern Guilford QB Jamias Ferere…

    Got to think that Grimsley was on their game on Friday night….Going to be interested in hearing how Grimsley RB’s are doing…Page has been quiet, and that might be on purpose, to make sure nobody really knows what they are up to…

  2. The players and coaches from both teams know it was 10-7 Dudley but chambers ruled it 7-3. QB scrambled in at the goal line and they blew the whistle after he went in. At that point it was already 3-0 so it should’ve been 10-0 at half. Chambers didn’t cut the score board on until they finally scored in the second half off of 1 busted play. The announcer also started talking after that because for the most part they were real quiet after Dudley took the lead. They also kept the starting offense in to try and score again and run up the score even though Dudley took out the starters and still got stopped. Dudley moved the ball every possession with ease. The scrimmage meant a lot of Chambers because they weren’t even trying to throw flags for some of their penalties as if it were a real game.
    Also to add in, the Bartley kid looks like the best two way player not only in his class but in the area period.

  3. Hate to say but Page really didn’t look that good tonight. Seems like they are gonna platoon the QB spot. Rb’s look good at some moments but they could have been saving the playbook. Not sure what to say far as the defense but didn’t stop anyone. For the Whirlies the young Qb really looked poised with throws and running. Offense will struggle again with the play selection like last season getting play’s in.Scrap the playbook and use those M/M. Defense had some dominant stretches. A lot of work for both team’s. Really like the little running back from NWG. Besides him and the Turner kid didn’t see NWG being a threat in the conference even when they get back Wr’s they are not that explosive as recent years. Defense gonna take some lumps this year.( Maybe everyone didn’t want to show much) If that be the case quit hosting these Big jamborees/pre games. Go like the big boys and put first teams in first then blend in with everyone getting to showcase. Just some takes on those games not a stab at anyone. Great job GBO Sports.

  4. Excellent points by NFHS a savior, and maybe he was watching some of these games on the NFHS broadcasts…Would be a great way to see more than one game from different places, on the same night…

    Has always been my thought/contention, that there is no way that teams like Dudley, Grimsley, Page and other top teams will show you everything they have in a preseason scrimmage…

    I am sure that they are holding at least a third, maybe even half of their playbook back, and will spring it on us later on in the Fall…

    In these scrimmages they always will play teams that they will not see again in the regular season….

    I guess there has to be certain level of protocol in everything that we do with the scrimmages and the 7 on 7’s, but I would love to face one of these teams in the preseason, not see them at all in the regular season, but then see them again, in the postseason, and see how far my team has come over the course of the season…..

    My thought has always been, and I think outside of my own box here, but let’s just line them up and see if you can stop us…If my O-line up front is right, you are not going to stop us….And you might say, how can that be???

    If I have those primary blockers doing their job the right way, we will not be stopped….Blocking and carrying out your blocks is maybe the main key to the game..If our blocking schemes are right, then we are going to take that ball on down the field…And if we have the ball, and you don’t get or see the ball, it will be tough for you to beat us…

    That playbook has a lock on it for a reason, and the plays we are seeing in early August, will probably not be all of the same plays on offense, that we will be seeing in November…

    Goal number one going into the new season, is just to be playing in November….If we are not playing in November, we did not do our job as a coaching staff…Got to be making those kids get better, every day…..

    I was not there long last night….Just long enough to get my interview with Coach Bear Bradley from Southern Guilford, and then I had to get downtown to work the baseball game….

    I was waiting on the buses, and I saw Asheboro, then I saw Alamance County, and then thankfully, here comes the Southern Guilford bus rolling in….

    Looking to see and hear more on last night’s games….Dudley has a beef with Chambers, but Chambers is probably playing that, “We are the home team card”, and “we are playing by the home rules”…..

    But, I thought the refs set the rules up prior to the game, and they went over all of the ground rules, with the coaches, prior to the games….

    Go figure….I am not trying to get anything stirred up with Charlotte, but do you really want to be, in Greensboro, or in Charlotte???

  5. Dudley has the Qb Td run on tape that gave them 10-0 lead on their tweeter page. Chambers could not stop Dudley’s passing offense.

  6. I’m not sure where that information came from, but Page and Davie were evenly matched. Page doesn’t go into scrimmages trying to win them, they intentionally test things out to expose weaknesses and learn from it.

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