Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Preview and our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists HS Football Game of the Week(9/16/22)

Time for another one of our Danny Pigge’s Pigskin Previews, coming in loud and clear, from Danny Pigge, at Ameriprise Financial…And you can contact Danny at:Danny Pigge LUTCF, AAMS®/Financial Advisor/Associate Vice President/336-819-5706/danny.pigge@ampf.com…

A look at our Friday night games, with all kickoffs coming in at around 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted…
Grimsley(3-0) at Southeast Guilford(3-0)
The team that makes the least mistakes will this contest…You can’t be successful, if you are turning the ball over, or if you are getting hit by multiple penalties…You have to keep it clean, if you are going to win these big ball games…SEG will be busy trying to contend with Grimsley’s two-headed monster at QB, in Ryan Stephens and Faizon Brandon…The two Whirlies will keep the SEG defensive front line, and the Falcon DB’s very busy…

Mitchell Summers is a very tough Grimsley runner, and the Whirlies have three capable receivers in Alex Taylor, Terrell Anderson, and Nolan Albright….SEG is going to have to come and get Grimsley…Got to put pressure on the Whirlie QB’s…

SEG with QB Bryson Serrano going to Cam Williams, and Mark Tillman, that has been a very good formula for success this season for the SEG Falcons…Tillman is excellent getting open upfield, and Williams makes for a great spot receiver, as Cam gets open out of the backfield, coming across the middle, or streaking up the sidelines…Tyshawn Wall has been the running man for the SEG Falcons this season, running hard and strong, and staying low, which makes him a hard man to bring down…

The story will be the same for both offenses, they will need time to throw in those passing situations, the team that can bring the most pressure, and that can turn up the heat, that team will be ready to turn the tide…

If one of these teams can start living in the other team’s backfield, that will force the issue, and that will be a big decider in this game…Bring the kitchen sink, and spend the night, in the quarterback’s face….
We will have this game for you, as our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week, and it will be right there for you, on GreensboroSports Radio….Don Tilley will join us for the call of the game, with our Sprinkle Oil pregame show at 6:45pm, and then the Shift_ed Kickoff coming at 7:30…..
(The SEG kicker, Aidan Bonde, might just become the “Difference-Maker” in this game…We will have to wait and see, but based upon what I have seen so far, this kid can do it. He has been doing for SEG, since back when he was just a freshman, and now he is senior, and almost a senior citizen/senior statesman for the Falcons.)

Page(1-2) at Southwest Guilford(2-1)
Page has that upset win over Reidsville, while SWG has topped High Point Central and WS Reynolds…This might make for a fairly even matchup going in…Page has been able to open things up a bit more, with Nick Williamson taking the reins over at QB, plus Paul/PJ Thompson has been giving Page several key carries at running back…Maurice Andrews has also been making key runs for the Pirates…Haven’t been hearing Jerron Blackwell’s name popping much this season, but I am sure we will…Page has a very good kicker in Tyler Elliot, and he may have to take over this game…Corbin Wilson appears the man that makes the Cowboys move…Wilson has been busy this season, and will be key for the ‘Boys vs. Page….Cale Lloyd and Wilson have been at the controls for SWG this year, and they both compliment each other really well, and they should be ready to attack the Page defense on this evening…In the end, it all goes back to the defenses, and which team can control, or try hard to control this game, on Defense…
Demetri Morrison, will there for you, with this game, on GreensboroSports Radio 2…..

Northwest Guilford(2-1) at Western Guilford(0-3)
This game will feature the 2022 Inductees for the Western Guilford Sports Hall of Fame, and the Hornets may want to suit up a few off the honorees…WG needs to put out an APB/All Points Bulletin requesting the need for Offense…Any kind of offense at all…Western has yet to score a point this season, and here we are in their fourth game of the season…This will have the Northwest Guilford Viking defenders, licking their chops…The WG QB will see pressure like he has never seen before…NWG will attack the Hornet backfield on defense, and then NWG will go to the air, and attack the WG defensive secondary on offense…Tanner Ballou should have a very big night, at the Doug Henderson Stadium, and will probably be dancing around back there at his QB spot, lighting up the Joe Robinson Field, like it is Christmas Eve/Evening…Watch out for Trent Cloud and Bristol Carter, in those receiving patterns for NWG, and you might find Prince Brown out there open too…NWG will likely try and establish their ground game with Mike Godette, and Ryan Debow, and that might not take too long, and then the Vikings will start going LONG, to Cloud, Carter, and Brown…Going to a very long night, I do feel that will be the case, on Friday night at Western Guilford….NWG going LONG GONE….

Northeast Guilford(3-0) at Eastern Guilford(0-3)
NEG has not lost, and EG has not won, but I do not think that matters…All that matters is that Eastern Guilford is really hungry for a win, and the Wildcats have a very good chance to get that first win of 2022, right here in this Mid-State 3-A Conference game…This is one of those “Must Wins” for Eastern Guilford, but if the NEG Rams win this contest, I think that there is a good bet, that we will see NEG in the postseason playoffs…This game could really sway, which these two teams go for the rest of 2022…Braxton Veiga and Solomon Howell are two giant-type players on the EG defense, and they could be the ones that could control this game…Eldred Pitts, seems to be the defensive leader for the NEG Rams…Again, we feel the defense will decide this game…

Ragsdale(0-3) at Northern Guilford(2-1)
With this game being at Northern, we feel like Jack Mercer and his Nighthawk Mercenaries are going to roll in this game…The NG offense has been clicking all season long, and their defense has been tested, but they have been coming together, after they had to replace a load of starters, that are now missing from last year’s NG Defensive squad…Mercer will get his men going, and he knows the way to the end zone…Ragsdale is growing, but it has been slow going…The Tigers are getting stronger at QB, and they are seeing development, but it has been a slow-build process…NG is quite a bit ahead of Ragsdale overall, and tonight will show us just how far, both of these two teams have come this season…

Dudley(1-2) at High Point Central(0-3)
This will be a game of turn it loose for Dudley…This season has gone wrong for Dudley in several ways, and tonight, they will look to right some wrongs, and show that the real Dudley Panthers will still be a strong contender for the 3-A State Championship…Dudley will look to get back on the ground, but not with just straight right and left runs, but runs left and right, runs up the middle, and then with loads of jet sweeps…Get the jets running again, and then send the jets to the air…Dudley will be able to do a large purge tonight, and use this game to get the Panthers back to the Dudley of old…It is within them, and tonight they will bring it all out…Dudley has had some very good practice sessions this week, and they will be ready to put all of that practice work to good use come 7:30pm, at the Simeon Stadium, in High Point…

WS Atkins(1-1) at Smith(0-3)
Not really sure how to call this game…Smith has all of the talent you would want and need, but they have never been able to put it together this season, as a team…Will they be able to come together tonight??? I sure hope so, because we want to see Royster, Gilliam, Neely and the others put it all together, to the tune of a win…This might be one of those seasonal “make or break games”, for the Smith Golden Eagles…

Southern Guilford(1-2) at Rockingham County(1-2)
Huge road game for the SG Storm…Southern came together to top Western Guilford the week before the break, and if the Storm can just carry some of that momentum along with them into Rockingham County, then all could be good this week for the Storm…QB Jamias Ferere will still need to be the motor that makes this team run…Others like Conner Fields, and Rydell Herbin, must jump into the fire there with Ferere, and it will be like, “Jump with Jamias, into the Ferere”….Time for a big road win for Southern Guilford….

High Point Andrews(3-1) at Reidsville(3-1)
The prevailing feeling here is, if Reidsville plays like they did vs. Eastern Alamance, then it will be a very long night for the HP Andrews Red Raiders…Andrews’ Tim Ratley Jr. is fast, and TRJ is quick, but he has not faced a team this season, that is anything like the Reidsville Rams…Still not totally sure, how Reidsville lost to the Page Pirates, but Page got them…And now can HPA get the Rams??? Too many horses/Rams, and to make it even harder to knock off the Rams, the game is being played at Community Stadium, in Reidsville…Beating Reidsville at home, seems like a hard hill/ville to climb…

Bishop McGuinness(1-3) at Community School of Davidson(2-1) 7pm
Bishop took it on the chin last week vs. the North Raleigh Christian Academy, and after that loss, I am not sure which way to go with the Villains, from this point forward…I usually pick most all of our local teams to win, but that trend may be changing for me, and my house…The picks are coming up real quick here, so stay tuned…

High Point Christian Academy(3-1) OFF

Northwest Guilford
Eastern Guilford
Northern Guilford
Southern Guilford
Community School of Davidson

Top Ten for this Week:
2)Southeast Guilford(3-0)
3)Northwest Guilford(2-1)
4)Northern Guilford(2-1)
7)Northeast Guilford(3-0)
8)Southwest Guilford(2-1)
9)High Point Andrews(3-1)
10)TIE:High Point Christian Academy(3-1)/Southern Guilford(1-2)

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